Product review of Nearpod


Nearpod is a beneficial student engagement platform. It is too much easy to use and as well as a helpful tool also. By using nearpod, teachers can create interactive PowerPoint presentations and various interactive learning resources that allow all the students to engage and quickly learn from their devices and a single screen in their rooms. It has creative qualities like polls, quizzes, drawing activities, collaborative boards, and many more. 3D illustrations can be added to your lessons to engage more students. Get instant responses on your device for questions you include for your students.

What is Nearpod?

Nearpod is award-winning instructional software. It is an online tool that allows teachers to use slide-based teaching in the classroom and remotely, thanks to a combination design. In addition, Nearpod is learning guidance software that helps educational organizations to introduce interactive lessons with collaborative activities such as simulations, quizzes, virtual reality, and more.

Reasons why users love to use the nearpod app

“Nearpod is a good teacher digital platform used in direct, remote, and composite learning contexts. They provide lessons offering interactive slides, games, and collaborative activities to motivate active learning and engagement for all of the students.”

“Nearpod has been a champion this year. I love this nearpod app because each student can log in to Nearpod personally, and yet still work on the content together as a class. In addition, I love having the option of appointing the tasks that students can work at their own pace at their homes or with the pace of the class during a live lesson.”

“Nearpod is a high-quality, user-friendly, authentic presentation program that could be a valuable benefit in every teacher’s classroom. There is a fee, but it’s surely worth the investment personally or at the education-wide level. For beginners, it is very easy to create slide decks, but what’s amazing is that these presentations can be sent to student devices or phones instantly and with ease.”

“Nearpod is a necessary tool for teachers. It is engaging and has students interacting with their education. Nearpod has a free version that contains many features but also has a paid version. This is because Nearpod has so many various ways to make lessons interactive.”

“I like the performance of nearpod in allowing the creation and sharing of a lesson in a fun format. With Nearpod, I can import a lesson that I have already created in Google slides or PowerPoint, or I can create them through nearpod.”

“I love that I can search for lessons connected to the units we are studying in class. The lessons are fun and engaging for my 4th-grade students. We recently used a live lesson about Thanksgiving which included videos and activities. My students can easily join the lesson using the code. It is a quick and easy way to formative assess.”

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What users dislike about the nearpod app

“Nearpod does not make it easy for me to see what my students are doing all at the same time. It does not let me see the notes that they took. It is not satisfying.”

“I found Nearpod very demanding to use. While there are many examples and used cases, this nearpod tool simply does not have the Return on investment for me to continue using.”

“It is so hard to grade the results of the students’ feedback because the software does not inform you when a student has submitted an assignment nor does it upload to learning management systems. When a student submits an assignment late, I do not know to judge their performance and post their results in the electronic grade book.”

The one point that I do not like is Nearpod’s own Flocabulary even though you have to pay for it as an add-on if you want to use more than three of their videos. This was not satisfying to learn.”

“I am facing some issues with saving from time to time. Nearpod does not seem well functioning if you have more than one presentation in edit mode. Sometimes I like to work side by side to double-check both presentations follow the same format. Unfortunately, this means that Nearpod does not always save my work.”

It would be a good idea if they could add some kind of homework feature for students who may not have access to Wi-Fi or internet services. I know they are exploring different potentials here, and they will figure out a solution, but this would be helpful for flipping the classroom in Title One situations.

“This tool is excessive and unneeded. It doesn’t help students and is frustrating and not easy for you. It is inconsistent and doesn’t save some students’ answers.”

“Terrible platform. Difficult to use and has fewer benefits than Peardeck does. Not great at all; I would not recommend it compared to what is out there. Use for master’s program. Students dislike it, so they have since switched to Peardeck, which they like infinitely better.