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Raz kids

Raz kids is a website developed to help teachers easily track their learner’s progress in leveled book reading tests that consists of 29 interactive levels and quiz comprehension tests that follow more than 400 eBooks. The number of books is increasing every month. Reading A-Z vocabulary and Writing A-Z are trademarks of LAZEL, Inc. Other registered trademarks, logos, and service marks used in this site are the property of LAZEL, Inc. or third parties.

Main services of the Raz kids app

Raz kids is an award-winning teaching product that offers comprehensive leveled reading resources for students. It is an online guided reading program with interactive ebooks, reading quizzes, and downloadable books. Online Raz kids digital app is only available for androids phones.

Raz kids plus mobile app offers free access to the students to get its best benefits free of cost. Students can be digitally valued via the online running records created by the Raz kids website after the students take an equalizer. Raz kid’s app aims to strengthen the association between home and online classrooms by connecting students to learning resources anytime, anywhere.

What users like about the Raz kids app

“Teacher’s time is very priceless and fearful at times, so because of this using Raz kids is good for the time to set up for your classroom. When everything is set up, the program
run itself without much teacher time in supervising it.”

“Using the Raz kids app is an easy way to help my students start using Raz kids technology to increase their learning and helps me give to my 21st-century learners! I have the best experience with them and I highly recommend this site!”

“This website is an intensely useful tool in my classroom. The students were able to listen well to the spoken reading and practice leveled reading without the help of the teacher with them. Students were continuously receiving awards in articulate reading.”

“As a first-grade teacher in a 100% language immersion school(Spanish, we also have French and Chinese) , I believe Raz kids are an excellent choice. You can also find translations into Spanish, and French. Excellent, everybody wins here including teachers, students, and parents.”

“In general, RAZ kids work for me in terms of getting a quick assessment from students. I appreciate that I can get a running record from every student with 5-10 minutes of effort (on their end). It’s also nice that I can assign individual students/groups books/stories at their levels.”

“The power to differentiate the materials was extremely priceless. My special requirements are students were able to listen to stories on a very basic level (AA) meanwhile my more advanced students were also able to move on to texts on levels S-T, all in the same room during the same time.”

Above are some reviews about the Raz kids app and website and hope these are very helpful for you and your students.

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What users dislike about the Raz kids app

Some of the dislikes of the Raz kid’s app were introduced by the users in the comment section and are given below:

“The Raz kids website is very horrible! My 7-year-old kid is not able to find the books she needs to read. Then I have to search for the book on Google and then log in to find the books on your website. The options for these books are not correct. So if children are using this website it needs to be more user-friendly and easy to use!”

“Giving the work can be tricky, as there is a lot of clicking around to be done (you choose the sequence, which can be time-wasting if you individualize the instructions as we do). And at about $80 per year, this is too expensive.”

“Raz kids are ok but also need some enhancement. For regular base stories, all students should be required to listen to that story first. Furthermore, for flight checks, there is not even an option to listen to the story. There is no feedback given to the students.”

“The grading for repeat should be tailored better to each story. Often when there is no choice for the things that should be graded. When you click on a word that is pronounced wrong or substituted, etc… (while marking their readings), it goes back almost to a complete sentence when you are done. It should just pick up where you leave.”

“My teachers make me use this and it sucks so much, they have the most boring books EVER! If you’re a teacher reading this please don’t make your students suffer and don’t freak download this piece of garbage. I hope the people who made this read my review and actually put real books on this.”

“Raz kids has a consumer rating of 1.92 stars from 24 reviews suggesting that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. In addition, Raz kids rank 85th among Kids Educational Resources sites.”

“I am a parent of a child who was assigned this program by the teacher. Books are so-so. Like the audio function of students being able to have a sentence read to them to aid with pronouncing words. But you can’t turn off or modify the reading audio so that you only have the word read if you scroll over the single word.

It just reads the whole page or sentence to you. The program seems to encourage listening comprehension, not reading comprehension. Like the fact, there is a quiz. But I am mortified that the program for emerging young readers admits to deleting all correct quiz answers and forcing students to do work again after following the prompt in the program to correct answers.

If you try to correct an answer more than one time all the right answers are deleted, and you have to repeat the book and take the test all again. There is no warning about deleting the correct answer. This is sure to create testing anxiety and it is a disincentive to trying to correct quizzes.”