Tunnel rush

Tunnel rush

Tunnel Rush online is the most excellent 3D single-player experience. Make your way through caves and tunnels. Every Tunnel Rush level takes you into a rotating kaleidoscope of hazards and 3D tunnels. Play Tunnel Rush to dodge barriers using just your wits and keyboard.

Tunnel Rush was a Macromedia Flash Toonami game developed for the second Toonami Mobile Game Unit tour in 2003. So let’s join the breathtaking adventures in the tunnel rush.

Some basic information about the tunnel rush

Tunnel rush is an amazingly high-speed game. Tunnel rush gameplay is simple but challenging. You have to complete all the challenges and adventures of the tunnel rush. Try to continuously explore more experiences with facing hazards and obstacles in ever-changing tunnels without losing your high speed and energy. Break down all the barriers with your power of capability and using the keyboard. The tunnel will constantly keep changing, and you must face new obstacles in front of you while playing the tunnel rush.

All you need is to control yourself to pass the tunnel safely by avoiding the shapes. However, you need to be very alert in making all your decisions! This is just because if you have passed so many levels by playing hard and once you crash, you will have to play that level again from the start, regardless of the obstacles and hazards you have passed before hitting, you have to face it again.

Tunnel Rush comes to us from Deer Cat Studios, a small, relatively new independent outfit based in the United Kingdom. This is an attractive and charming game and is loved by many players worldwide.

This high-speed game has intensely beautiful and bright graphic designs and top-notch sounds that give you a heroic experience. While playing tunnel rush, you can slide and move within the charming and bright-colored maze. Meanwhile, in some areas, or you can say in some levels, it will be black and white and so-called dull, but in the other second, it will amaze you with the mesmerizing colorful spectacle of all the rainbow colors. However, regardless of all the pleasant beauty, the tunnel rush is full of dangers and obstacles.

Moreover, the two-player mode in the game allows you to challenge your friends and siblings to join a race where only the last survivor who survives all the obstacles and hazards in the game is the winner. So let’s take on the challenge and test your reaction speed! Get the tunnel rush free online and show your skills and power. How long can you survive? Can you control the speed?

Tunnel rush features

  • Never-ending colorful tunnels and caves
  • One hundred challenging levels to win.
  • High-speed loading
  • 3 different levels you can choose from easy, medium, hard
  • Both single and double game mode
  • Simple and wise interface
  • First-person tunnel running
  • Top-notch sound and bright neon colors

Tips and tricks for tunnel rush

  1. You must avoid danger and prepare yourself to face a threat.
  2. Make sure you are going the right way.
  3. Tunnel rush also has rotating barriers, so make sure you are sliding before their arrival.
  4. Tunnel rush has a simple gameplay that involves running through the tunnels while facing obstacles along the way. It seems so fast, but you have the time to avoid the obstacles or hazards and save yourself.
  5. Playing for practice tunnel rush allows you to choose the difficulty of the level so you can choose the access mode for practicing skills and moves.
  6. You can stop or restart whenever you want. In case the tunnels are slipping and moving so quickly that it scares you, take a quick stop to thoroughly review the shape and location of the obstacles coming to you. This action will surely help you to be ready for the next challenge.

Keys to playing Tunnel rush

  1. Classic mode
  2. Two players mode

Classic mode

In classic mode, only single players will explore too many levels and adventures, from easy to hard. Higher levels contain more difficulties than lower levels.

Two player mode

The two-player mode allows you to invite your friends and siblings to join the race. The one who survives at the end becomes the winner.

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