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The sky is the limit! And we aren’t just talking about the atmosphere. We know you have big dreams and aspirations. Whether starting a business, finally becoming debt-free, or building a home and family — you deserve it all! That’s why we are here to help you achieve your dreams. We know that sometimes it is strict with all the daily stresses of life, but when you have our help and guidance, things will fall into place quicker than you think!
Here at the savvy ladies NYC blog, I’m going to uncover the beauty, fashion, health, and travel tips you’ve been looking for by covering issues that matter to women. From style to health, as well as travel tips and lots of food for thought about living a good life with purpose.

Tips on being a savvy lady

Be open-minded. Expect people to think differently than you do or act as you do. Men and women are different in what they want and how they want it done. If you want someone to understand your point of view, then it’s time for you to listen as much as they listen.
Be confident without arrogance. A little self-assurance goes a long way if you’re trying to impress someone, especially regarding business.

Don’t put yourself down or compare yourself to others; be confident in who you are and what makes you unique.
Be willing to admit when something doesn’t work out for whatever reason; this will help others understand why things didn’t work out so well for them, either!

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are critical topics in our lives. We need to exercise, eat right and sleep well to maintain good health. Here are some tips on how you can do these things:
● Make sure that you get enough sleep. Your body needs sleep to function correctly and get all the benefits of exercise.
● Eat right every day. You should eat several small meals throughout the day instead of one big meal at night. This will keep your metabolism strong and help you lose weight more quickly.
● Make sure you get plenty of exercise every day, even if it’s just walking around for a few minutes during your lunch break at work or taking the stairs instead of the elevator up to your office at home.
● Use fitness equipment when possible, like an exercise bike or treadmill at home or a gym membership if you frequently travel for work or live far from where there is one near you.

Travel tips and stories

I first realized that my daughters were different from me when they were young. Then, I was a typical stay-at-home parent, so all my time was spent with them.
That changed when they started school and became busy with playdates, sports practices, and other after-school activities. As a result, I spent less time with them and more time on my projects.

I’ve always been creative, so it felt natural to get involved in the online world. It’s been a fantastic journey over the past decade as I’ve shared my adventures with like-minded women who also love travel!

Wearable art and home decor

Our blog is all about the women in our lives and the style of life we want to create for them. We are raising three savvy ladies: our teen daughters. Our blog aims to show other girls that they can be everything they want and do everything they want to do.
We hope our style and content inspire you to be more confident and have more fun!

The dressing and home decoration of a smart lady is a very important aspect, which can directly show your temperament and taste. Our philosophy is to be free and spontaneous, not to be attached to elegance, but not to hide our preferences either. We can pursue niche art or make custom decorations, such as enamel pins, stickers, patches, hats, clothing, etc., which not only embellish our outfits but also show our personality!
At Enamelpins.com, custom enamel pins no minimum with great quality and great prices!

Family and Education

I have three daughters, and the older two are now in school. The younger daughter is a little too immature for kindergarten, but she will start in a few months. I am raising my girls with essential values, which include family, education, and a healthy lifestyle. I want my girls to grow into strong leaders, successful adults, and loving mothers.

I want to instill in them that they can do anything they want. They can be whatever they want if they work hard enough and dedicate themselves to becoming it. The only thing holding them back from achieving their goals is themselves.

Everyone has something unique to offer the world, and this world would be better off if everyone took an active part in improving it rather than just watching from the sidelines. So my daughters will be given opportunities to explore their interests so that when they go off into the world on their own, they won’t have any regrets about not trying things out or being afraid of failure because they know there are many ways around it if you keep trying!


Photography is a big part of our blog. Whether you’re planning a wedding or want to share your life with us, we want to capture the moments that matter most. We love shooting weddings and capturing images of the people and places that make up our lives.
We understand that not every moment can be captured in an image, but when possible, we will always try! When we’re not taking pictures, you’ll see us hanging out with friends or playing with our daughters at the park.

Art and design

The blog is a combination of art and design. The blog’s primary focus is on fashion and beauty, but it includes many other topics, such as lifestyle and food.
The content on the blog is mainly written by myself, but I also collaborate with other writers who share my passion for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and cooking.
I am a freelance writer based in New York City. I have been writing for various publications since 2011.

We love sharing beauty, lifestyle, home decor, travel, and education tips with other savvy ladies.

We love sharing beauty, lifestyle, home decor, travel, and education tips with other savvy ladies.
We are a group of three friends who share a passion for style and design. We are raising our daughters on our own so we understand how important it is to provide them with the best resources possible. That’s why we created this blog.
We hope you’ll join us as we continue to share everything that makes us happy!

We believe that a woman’s age is her beauty secret!

We are an online lifestyle blog for modern women. We believe that a woman’s age is her beauty secret!
We want to inspire you to be the best version of yourself because there is no limit to what we can do in this life.
Our mission is to make you feel good about your age and empower you to take control of your life by embracing your wisdom and learning from your mistakes without letting them define you.

The goal of our blog is to share information and resources as we go through life enjoying all our favorite things!

The goal of our blog is to share information and resources as we go through life, enjoying all our favorite things! We will share our experiences, thoughts, and opinions about various topics. We hope you enjoy following along with us as we grow into adulthood!