Product review of MATHLETICS


The world’s leading online math program. Mathletics is the award-winning companion tool for teachers to help students learn mathematics. Convert how your students learn math with Mathletics, the mathematics program that builds confidence through individualized learning, exciting games, and mastery challenges.

Mathletics is a fun game that boosts children to learn math. Mathletics app is used by millions of students in schools around the whole world, and it is beneficial to kids. It also sent the weekly result of the students to their parents through email.

The new-look site is divided into two main areas for teachers and learners, each of which can be accessed via specific logins.

Positive reviews of users about the Mathletics

Some of the reviews about the Mathletics app from the users that love to use this app are given here:

“I think that it is a super product. Recently, I used it in my school, and I am still learning about this app. Mathletics can be used to elaborate and reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.”

“This product is a great product for use by students. Homework can be given, and the students can practice their multiplication skills. In addition, there is a unit called Live Mathletics, in which students challenge others in the classroom or around the world in calculation skills. It ranges from kg to 12th class.”

“Mathletics is a tremendous resource, offering more than 1,000 learning activities as part of a curriculum tailored to the user’s home country.”

“The one main thing I like the most is that I was able to set up any syllabus content and assignments for the students of my class. Moreover, the students secured more and connected to the digital apps than during the classical lessons. In short, I am delighted with this fun game.”

“I like this app because the teachers can select content and particular tasks for their students to practice skills. According to the student’s needs, the teachers can classify the students into different groups. All school management makes it easy for the teaching staff to check how the students are doing and identify weaknesses. It is so easy to get started and make adjustments.”

“Points gained for each activity earn kids gold bars and certificates, but practice questions are dry and repetitive. However, live mathematics challenges can get exciting as kids test themselves against students worldwide.”

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Negative reviews of the users about Mathletics

“Many games offer rote practice and can be repetitive. However, the animation and overall feel of the program are a bit flat, and students feel bored playing very fast. In addition, our school had mixed parent feedback on this angle of the platform.”

“Mathletics charged £78 me for a second year. I didn’t sign up to renew. I didn’t even use the first year that I paid for. They won’t refund it because I didn’t notice until after their 10-day refund period. I’m a single parent and can’t afford it. Customer service is awful.”

“You are bad at your programming with one of my students has had a correct answer incorrect. The child also used a calculator paper, plus I double-checked it. If this continues, our students will be annoyed and less confident.”

“Mathletics is ok, but it does not teach you much it only tests your skills.”

“While the videos and interactive are great for self-directed learners, Mathletics doesn’t replace the need for a classroom teacher. Kids can get stuck on a topic, answering questions incorrectly repeatedly, without the program adapting or providing support (feedback is limited to correct or incorrect).”