Rules you should know about exploding kittens

exploding kittens

Exploding kittens is a number one famous card game from Matthew Inman and Elan lee. People who are into kittens love this game. The goal of this game is to play strategically to explode your opponents while avoiding being blown up yourself. This game is a fun game to play. Meanwhile, there is some confusion over some rules, which is why many arguments in homes.

Let us discuss some rules of playing exploding kittens that you should know about before playing.

Does an exploding kitten finish your turn?

This question causes so much confusion between players, but I am going to end this confusion.

A player in the exploding kitten games draws cards until someone draws an exploding kitten. If a player plays their turn and draws an exploding kitten card and doesn’t have a defuse card in their hands, they have blown up, their turn is finished, and they are out of the game.

Meanwhile, in the second situation, if a player plays their turn and draws an exploding kitten card but also has a defuse card in their hand, then they can play this card and put the exploding kitten card back in the deck of cards. After this, their turn is over now.

If a player draws an exploding kitten as the result of another playing on an attack card (which means they have to draw two cards) and then disables the kitten, this will not end your turn; you must still take your left turn.

What If The Exploding Kitten Is The Last Card?

At any time in the game is, the cancel pile placed back into the deck of cards, so if the exploding kitten is the last card, then the player will continue to play as usual. However, if this is a turn where the player cannot play a skip, attack, or defuse card, they have blown up and are out of the game.

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What Happens If You Nope An Attack In Exploding Kittens?

When the first player plays an attack card and the second player plays a nope card, the turn would go back to the first player to collect a card from the deck. The second player can’t have to take two cards. Nope, cards cancel out the cards under them like it was not played.

Can You Nope A Chain Of Attacks?

The answer is yes. You can, nope, a chain of attacks. If the first player plays an attack card, then the second player plays an attack card, and the third player puts a nope card down, then because of the first player’s attack card, the turn would go back to the second player to take two cards from the deck.

Can You Nope a Nope card in Exploding Kittens?

Absolutely yes, you can also nope a nope card in exploding kittens. However, this original nope makes the nope a ‘yup’. The reason is that the nope card will always cancel out the card placed under it.
And always keep in mind that you can play a nope card before an action has taken place, even if it is not your turn.

Can You Nope A Defuse Card?

In short, no rule states that you cannot find a diffuse card.

Nope card cannot be used in the following situations:

  • When typically drawing a card
  • When a diffused card is played
  • Or when the exploding kitten is drawn

Otherwise, you can use a nope card against everything else.

Can you Play Two Attacks in Exploding Kittens or not?

One player cannot play two attack cards in a single turn—the player’s turn ends after playing a single attack card. Furthermore, in a chain attack, it is possible to play two attack cards.
For example: if a player plays an attack card, a second player can play a second attack card as a return.

What Happens If You Play An Attack On Attack? Or does the attack stack in the exploding kittens

Yes, the attack stack in the exploding kittens. If the first player plays an attack and the second player plays another attack, then the attacks will stack in the given situation. So finally, the first player had to play four turns until the nope card arrived.

This condition is the same when played with two or more people. For example, in three-player games, the stack attack will be passed to the third player, and so on, if more episodes are played.

Can You Nope a 3 of a Kind?

Yes, you can, nope, three kinds. The nope cards can be used for anything with the anticipation of exploding kittens, drawing a card, and diffusing a card usually.

There is a quarrel about asking for a nope card while playing a three-of-a-kind because the other players can nope your request and waste your turn.

There is an idea for playing three of a kind. It is being played; the nope card should be used right away before the player selects the card and the person they’re stealing from; otherwise, they can’t get the appeal.

Does An Exploding Kitten End An Attack?

The straightforward answer is no. an exploding kitten does not end an attack.

Can You Nope A See The Future Card?

Yes, you can also nope see the future card. However, this must be played fast and before the action is taken. Otherwise, you can’t find the card if the player has already seen the top three cards.

Can You Nope 5 Cards?

Yes, you can; nope, five cards. Playing five different cards simultaneously allows you to go through the discard pile and pull out any card you like.

Can You Nope A Skip Card?

Yes, you can, nope, a skip card. When a player plays a skip card, their turn ends without having to collect a card.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in defusing an explosion in your homes and clearing up some rules for playing exploding kittens.
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