Product review of Gimkit


The creator of gimkit is a high school student Josh Feinsilber. Playing a gimkit is just like playing a Kahoot game, but the main difference is that the students can earn by answering questions correctly. It is just like the mixture of Kahoot and Quizlet but has some unique features.

Gimkit is a game-like classroom where students can challenge one another by answering questions on their mobile phones, laptops, and PCs, and students earn money instead of earning scores, and they can invest their money in the game to boost their scores. There is a live game on the web and offline for practice.

What is Gimkit?

In classrooms, the gimkit can be used to introduce or revise concepts. A classroom game needs collaboration, strategies, and knowledge to win and earn. Using GimKit is so easy. It allows students to enter their country, birth date, and area code to participate in a competition. This game can also be assigned to practice on your own.

Furthermore, students can challenge each other and participate as a team or as a whole class. Teachers choose various modes and set in-game boundaries when they introduce gimkit. Meanwhile, in kit collab mode, students help build the game by submitting questions before starting the game.

Teachers can download and view the detailed reports of the students after every game. When the gameplay is assigned for independent practice, it is a very high speed and interesting and functions more like flash cards. It is very easy to start the game when you enter; explore the question sets created by the other users and copy/ adjust them for your use.

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You can also get the existing question sets from other flashcard platforms or a spreadsheet into gimkit. Students can help you in making the new kit in minutes by submitting their questions using the kit collab feature. This makes it easy to put an interactive review game into your lesson with a little preparation. Teachers in the gimkit can also use the assignment feature to give homework to the students.

Teachers set a due date for submitting, and the students must work through the question kit at their own will, answering all the questions in the kit to reach a goal. For those comfortable with other game show apps, gimkit feels comfortable having some unique features simultaneously. Gimkit seems like a pretty typical quiz platform, but after searching a bit more, many unique features come to you.

Earning and power-ups

Money and reinforcement may be the students’ most interesting and attractive things. Students can earn money by answering questions correctly and lose money by giving incorrect answers, and they can also invest their money in updates, power-ups, and boosting their skills. Power-ups contain options like another chance or boosting the earning potential to earn money by choosing the correct answer to multiple-choice questions. You can also turn off the power-ups option if disturbing, but their role makes gameplay more random and attractive. Gimkit was especially a project designed for teachers; the experience is very learning-focused.

Gimkit game modes

Gimkit contains many game modes, some of which are only for a limited time. Classic mode and team modes are very fundamental. Still, others are motivated by some relevant famous games like: “the floor is lava” and “trust no one,” several game modes may support your learning goals better than others and exploring the accurate balance may need trial and error.

Furthermore, if the game becomes too disturbing, use the setup option to turn on/off features and design the platform for your classroom. Remember that there are only two sets of results in the post-game report – how the students worked in the game and how correctly they answered the questions. Sometimes students can perform poorly in gameplay but illustrate a perfect and excellent understanding of the academic content.

Overall, users commonly consent to the Gimkit app.

Student engagement

In addition to high-speed play and trending game theme graphics, the excitement of earning and losing money and investing money in-game will keep students engaged for a longer quiz game than the common quiz game.

Curriculum and instructions

By making use of collaboration features like kit collab, write that! And with several team modes, teachers can give students control of their learning experiences.

Customer support

Students and teachers will find easy access to this platform. Pop-up windows, blog posts, and social media keep students aware of new updates, helpful tips, and instructions.

All free teacher accounts come with a 14-day trial of Gimkit Pro. After that, if you do not want to pay for Gimkit, you can keep using the free version as long as you want.