Product review of Minecraft education edition

Minecraft education

The new version of Minecraft education will help you in learning. If you love to use Minecraft, you will love this version. In the case of forest protection, chemistry, computer science, Mathematics, and much more, you can learn educational topics in a fun way.

There is no tutorial world in the new Minecraft. Every qualified educational organization can buy Minecraft education edition licenses through volume licensing. In case of direct purchase, if you have office 365, you may already have licenses available.

What Users love about the Minecraft education edition

Following are some reviews about the Minecraft education edition app given by different people:

“I would use the Minecraft education edition app to reinforce and teach digital citizenship. Minecraft allows students to work in unity, competitive ways and get their problem-solving solutions together. Teachers control students’ cooperation and give feedback when needed.”

“Minecraft for Education is best! This game-based platform engages students to learn and be creative while having fun. Their creativity appears by nature when they get wrapped up in games. Using this in a classroom setting could make fun and motivation to compete for making things and constructing them.”

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“I like that they can express their creativity while still learning according to the lesson plans. It’s fun to express what you have taught them and a good way to set up a cooperating classroom.”

“The educational edition version of Minecraft, with the Classroom app and the new coding add-on, has allowed me to explore a much larger range of STEM topics than I did with traditional Minecraft. In addition, the lesson plans and maps available motivate me to let the students try more.”

“I use Minecraft Education Edition to develop a cooperative learning environment in my classroom where students get together and teach each other the skills they need to be successful in the Minecraft world. In addition, as much as possible, I have allowed them to do their research, produce and upload their content to teach others what they have explored about the Minecraft world.”

“Highly engaged students, adaptable to any subject field; great improvements to teacher controls.”

“The tool is excellent for all Science fields. The teacher can generate various kinds of journals that can be used as opinions. Minecraft education edition could be for virtual laboratories, virtual scavenger hunts, and even for creating different scientific models. Students can work individually or in groups, depending on the task. Minecraft education edition is a very engaging and fun tool for students to learn and practice what they have learned in class.”

“I would use Minecraft education edition as a treat/chill day activity with middle school students. It would be great to allow them to engage with a creative digital medium—especially one they are probably already familiar with and fond of—as a break from the monotony of traditional schoolwork.”

“I am confident using this program in my teaching as it manages to teach kids without making them feel like they’re still in a classroom. In addition, the new coding adds a STEM factor, encouraging a new generation of programmers, engineers, and architects.”

“Using Minecraft EE, just like the game, is a difficult task initially due to the ability to keep students on track. Ironically, teaching using a game often requires similar knowledge and skills as when designing a game, particularly regarding objectives, goals, and guiding student behavior.

What I mean by this is when using it to teach, students might get distracted or focus too much on the game and too little on what they are learning. Good game designers “trick” their players into “wasting their time” by actively engaging them and distracting them from the idea that their time is being “wasted.”

This means that a good game engages its players by diverting focus from monotonous tasks. This is precisely what a good teacher needs to do, especially when using a game. It is essential to predict how students will behave and utilize that assumption of behavior to design an experience that creates a better learning environment.”

What users dislike about Minecraft education edition

“I can’t join my friend in their world, and now I cannot play because it’s saying my school password is wrong. It’s completely messed up. I thought waiting and reloading would help, but nothing worked.”

“The chemistry items are decent, but when I installed “Real Life Items” and “Classroom Tools Mod,” there was no Beta Feature Turn on. Please add this option, for I have a big class project coming, so I would be very thankful if you added this setting.”
“The reason to give one star to this game is that every time I sign in, it always says sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in. So please fix this as soon as possible.”

“This game is terrible. I enter the password, but it is wrong! I wouldn’t say I like this game. And Yesterday, I played this again. Everything is wrong; it’s not perfect for me. And I rate these 2 stars seriously Bad; please Fix this!”

“Game is great, but customer service is terrible. I needed help logging into my old account because I needed help remembering what email I used to log in, explaining that I had tried their troubleshooting. Instead, I get a generic answer with the same to troubleshoot that I have already told them I already did, and then they said they needed to investigate even further.”

“It is complicated to acquire an account, and it takes forever to load. It won’t let me update it and wasn’t very pleasant. The only good thing about it is that you can build whatever you want and be online with your friend when it is the 1% time it will let you in with them, and now it won’t even let me install it, so I from now on I wouldn’t say I like this game don’t install this. It is a waste of time.”