Product review of Ehallpass


Ehallpass is a browser-based online system that manages all pass situations. EHallPass changed antiquated methods of administering hall passes. The system increases school security and helps to simplify classroom management.

Nathan Hammond, a former teacher for 20 years, established a company called Eduspire Solutions, which produced a system called the E-Hall Pass. The school gives quality education in a safe and respectful environment while collaborating with families and the community.

Ehallpass is a digital hall pass system that allows students to produce passes using check-out stations in the classroom, similar to how you would have a sign-out sheet in a classroom. Students may create passes using existing classroom technology, such as chrome books, desktop computers, and tablets.

Congratulations! The good news is that the ehallpass app is now available for download in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

What is ehallpass?

Ehallpass is a part of eduspire’s software for schools. It is a cloud-based contactless hall pass system that includes social distancing tools. Ehallpass has features that help limit vaping and vandalism, a contact control feature to help keep some students apart, and many more.

Ehallpass allows the administration and teachers to provide hallway permission to the students and to track the school’s hallway activities.

The device is considered to boost the accountability of students and staff members and staff security. The product is offered to buy on a per-student and per-year basis.

Students can approach ehallpass through any internet browser and write up a request to leave the classroom. This request contains their destination and why they wish to leave the classroom. Students present the pass to their teachers, and then the teacher confirms it by entering her unique pin password number. When the student comes to his destination, the entering teacher enters her unique pin code, and the first teacher receives a notification message that the student has arrived.

Ehallpass also contains data tracking for the teacher to track data on students’ hallway activity. A timer tracks how long the students spend between being checked out and in. after tracking, this information is sent to both teachers. This tool will run an online queue for problems for visiting the nurse and allow librarians to review students’ behaviour with the classroom teacher. In the end, staff receives alerts for the students who are not checked in to their final destination, enhancing school security.

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