6 methods to fix Nintendo switch that’s not connecting to the television

Nintendo Switch

It is common to explain the Nintendo Switch as a “hybrid” gaming system. Nintendo switch lite has three form factors, it is compact, lightweight, and dedicated to handheld play. The Nintendo switch can be used as a handheld device, has three USB ports on the switch dock, and can be connected to a tv. However, connecting a Nintendo switch to a tv is challenging; you cannot plug in a single cable and call it connected, as it is an extensive process. Because of this, some players may explore that their Nintendo switch is separate from a tv. Don’t be tense. It is not a big issue.

Those players who love to play on a larger screen should connect their Nintendo switch to a dock that may be connected to a tv. Most users should be okay with getting things set up; exceptions exist. Moreover, every Nintendo switch comes up with a joy-con grip. The comfortable grip brings the left and right joy-con grip controllers together to make one comfortable controller.

If you are also facing the same issue connecting the Nintendo switch to your tv, we will help you in this detailed article.

Why is your Nintendo switch not connecting to the television?

There is more than one explanation for why your Nintendo switch is not connecting to your television. Let us discuss some of the reasons that cause this issue.

The Nintendo switch was plugged in, but the television was set to the wrong input, similar to four different HDMI inputs, which might confuse you about the television’s input. Although each will be assigned a unique number, it is easy to mistake them.

Either the cables you are using are imperfect, or you must use the correct cable.

You have the Nintendo switch plugged in the wrong way. Too many little adaptations might break the issue you are passing.

You either need to reset the Nintendo Switch or the AC adapter.

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Is the Nintendo switch not connecting to the television? Here is how to fix

So let us discuss the solution to this problem. There are many reasons behind this issue; it has multiple solutions. You must try all the given methods and see which helps you.

1. Use the correct cable switch.

The dock is generally used to connect your Nintendo switch to your tv. The switch AC adapter (USB-C) and a regular HDMI type 1.4b cable are needed to power the dock. However, you will get both of them for free if you buy a brand-new system.

A word of caution is that using cheap cables may lead to a severe malfunction. Some unofficial jetties and power cords may damage the switch permanently. It would help if you had to use the original Nintendo cables to keep your game protected.

2. Plug in the cables in the correct order

Still, you may mistakenly believe that the two devices are only compatible if you plug in your Nintendo switch and television cables in the correct sequence. This unusual sequence is the most frequently cited reason people claim their switch dock is malfunctioning. So, the video won’t display until you first plug the switch dock’s power adapter into the dock and plug in the HDMI cable.

Given is the proper method to follow,

  • First of all, remove the switch from the dock.
  • And then, plug the USB C to the AC adapter of the switch into the dock by using the slot labelled “AC adapter.”
  • After that, connect the AC adapter’s other end to the power outlet.
  • Connect the HDMI cable’s end to the dock’s “HDMI out” slot.
  • When you are done, plug the other end of the cable into your television while paying attention to the marker indicating which input to use.
  • Once you are done, put the switch back into the dock. However, the system will start to charge, and the video will be displayed on the television if everything is set up according to the given detail.

3. Try to change the resolution of the television.

You might try a different resolution. This setting is accessible through the television’s menu options. Try to lower the resolution and check whether the switch is visible.

4. Reset your console

Some software problems, if any, may get solved by a soft reset of your switch. However, you can fluently break it if the issue is related to the software.

It is so simple and easy that you should try it each time this press gives you trouble. To switch off the switch, just press and hold the power button. It may take a long time, so be prepared to hold it for at least 15 seconds.

Turn it back on using the same power button. Check whether it works out by putting the switch in its dock and making the cable connection. The Nintendo Switch itself is not motion controlled. There is no way to turn motion controls on or off for the entire switch and every game you play.

5. Try different television or dock.

Last but not least, if you have access to new tv, try connecting your switch to a different screen. However, the former television was the issue if the switch worked. However, try changing the dock for your switch if you still need to be fixed to connect to the new television. And if it connects, your former dock was the issue, and you need to get the new one.

6. Check your HDMI cable properly.

Still, the cable should be checked first if your television is not connecting to an HDMI cable. Corroborate that the cable’s legs are in perfect shape and that there is no damage at either end of the connection. The television and Nintendo switch dock’s ports should also be inspected for damage.

Also, you should check out HDMI 1 if your cable is broken and you need to repair and replace it. 4 cable or better-quality cable that meets. You have to use HDMI 2.0 connection for the OLED model interpretation of the switch, as the model supports HDR. The display is the main difference between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo switch OLED model.


That’s all you can do to make your Nintendo switch connect to your TV. I hope the above methods solve the issue of the Nintendo Switch not connecting to the television. If it does, you need help; you must take your device to customer care service. They will find out the best solution for your device’s issue.

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