Whole Elementalist Lux combinations – league of legends

League of the Legends is a team-based game with over 140 champions to make epic plays with. It is one of the world’s most famous video games, created by Riot Games. League of legend’s latest ultimate skin, Elementalist Lux combinations has 10 different elemental variations, but you would not have access to them all at once.

How to unlock all Elementalist Lux combinations –league of Legends

You will start every match of the game in light form. You can also collect elemental power slowly by destroying enemy champions. Once you have collected enough energy, you can select between fire, water, air, and nature. After that, you can combine your selected choice with another. Meanwhile, you can only select the same element once.

The main basic elements are fire, air, water, and nature. You will be capable of choosing two elements from these basic elements. After combining two of your elements, you can unlock a new element.

Here we will discuss a list of all the element combinations:

Fire +air = storm combination
water + air = ice combination
Fire + nature = magma combination
Water + nature = mystic combination
Nature + air/water + fire = dark combination

Every element of these ten element forms has its recall, music, model, effects, emotes, VO lines, and particle effects. The terrifying thing is that each form of Elementalist lux has its laugh.

There is no fixed price or release date for this skin, but we will keep you informed on any Elementalist lux news as it arrives.