My little Babog family lifestyle travel blog: the perfect blog for parent tourists

my little babog family lifestyle travel blog

My little babog family lifestyle travel blog will share every important information related to family, lifestyle, and travel. Hang out with your babies and pets, especially during travelling for holidays as a parent, can be irritating, especially if you have just started a journey. You may need help figuring out what to do or how to manage things for travel because no one gives you Advice.

Just keep in mind, if it is your first experience travelling as a parent, you should have to do research online on your questions and confusion to know about what to do or how to get ready. But after researching online, you might come up with different ideas from various travel bloggers that make it so confusing, and you need help figuring out what to do at the end of the day.

So, reading several blogs daily about travelling as a parent won’t confuse you at the end of the day. They share daily experiences of traveling as a parent and all the necessary material. My little babog family lifestyle travel blog is the one you should have added to your reading list. You can relax if you want a world tour with my blog experiences. This article discusses all you need to know and how it helps you.

My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog: What is it all about?

The owner of my little babog family lifestyle travel blog is mom Preethi. My little babog blog is a travelling blog for parents who wants a world tour with their kids, family, and pets. She started travel blogging at a young age with their kids, and now it is one of the world’s most famous travelling blogs. My little babog family lifestyle travel blog has also been featured in interviews from top media platforms like Forbes and New York Times.

Recently, they gave some advice for parents who want to travel with their kids and how they can. The bits of Advice are:

  • Parents should make plans for themselves and tell their kids they are travelling.
  • Parents should be quick during travel with their kids. The reason behind this is that travelling with children can take time and it is demanding. They should take their time. It is necessary for their kid’s mental health.
  • And the last one is parents should begin small. They should start traveling only a short distance. Some kids will be irritated and won’t want to continue the long-distance journey.

Packing Advice for parents from my little babog travel blog

While getting ready to travel with your family, you might need clarification about the packing for your kids and yourself. Hence, on my babog family blog, they also give instructions on what parents can pack when travelling with their babies, toddlers, or on their own. The given Advice includes the things for your packing.

  • Packing for toddlers: you can pack their favourite toys, a mini DVD player, or a kid’s tablet. It will be the best option because it contains all their favourite cartoons and TV shows.
  • Packing for your baby: my little babog family lifestyle travel blog suggests you pack some of your baby’s favourite smoothies and binkies. Additionally, you might need to find out if you can get the diapers, napkins, and wipes you usually use for your baby. Hence, the little babog family lifestyle travel blog recommends you pack those alone when ready for travel.
  • And lastly, you will also want to pack for yourself. This is relatively easy because you might already know what you need. But remember to take a camera with you because the camera is the one important thing that keeps memories such as pictures or videos while travelling.

The most common way to carry a camera is to hang it around your neck or on your body, which frees up your hands, makes it easier to enjoy your trip, and allows you to record wonderful moments at any time. Using a custom lanyard is the most effective way to hang not only the camera, but also cell phones, keys, and other important items on the chest. Do not worry about being stolen! Using custom lanyards can help you save more space and attentiveness to accompany your children.

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My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog Traveling Advice: How you can spend less money

Aside from the things you should pack for yourself and your kids and other necessary items you need to know while travelling with your family, the babog family blog also provides some useful tips on spending less and saving more money while travelling for holidays.
Those travelling for the first time might find it difficult to keep up with unexpected expenses. They will need the best food, stay in the best hotels, and have the best fun. But with a small budget, they enjoy their tour as they want and still save money.

So here is some advice for planning your travel budget in a friendly way with your family.

1. Make a list of all things you want

For the best and happy trip, you must list everything you want to achieve. All you require must be in question, for example, questioning yourself if you will spend time at the joy land and how much time it will take you there.

2. Search for good and profitable hotels and flights

find a good comfortable hotel to stay in that is low costly and not so expensive, with an easy flight that takes you there with your kids.

3. Priorities in your daily activities

know what you want to do; also, you will have to think about how your days will go through. Do you want to be visiting every activity point daily? And how much do they cost?

4. Be wise when transporting

find affordable services for you and your family and be wise during transporting from one place to another.

5. Bring in some snacks

your kids might be hungry at any time during the journey, so you have to bring some snacks. You can give them the snacks you bring in until you get the better food.


My little babog family lifestyle travel blog is the best for your travel guide if you are first time travelling with your family and kids. You have to learn from the experiences of others, especially parents who travel with their families. On my little babog family lifestyle travel blog, you will learn about their gadgets, money budgets, and experiences. This article is helpful for all of you in planning your family trips with kids.