Failsafe Ways to Grow Your Salon Business

Salon Business

If you own a salon business and are planning on expanding it, it can be relatively easy, so long as you have a loyal client base and a hard-working team behind you. With this guaranteed business and manpower, the following tips will see your business expand and gain more customers than ever before.

Grow your clientele

Growing your business essentially boils down to gaining more customers. And this you can do by offering more services, reward schemes or a promotion that will attract customers who want to try something new. 

In order to keep track of your customers and your performance as a business, it’s important to record how many customers you treat each month. This is a Key Performance Indicator that is very important if you’re trying to get further investment. 

Offer more services

The beauty about a salon is that there are countless services you can provide, all of which will attract more business. First of all, ask your regular customers which other services they would be interested in. This could be as simple as asking them in the store or just sending an email survey to get some quick feedback. 

If you offer more services, remember that you will need to invest in more quality equipment. From hair products to extra seating and high tech equipment like a pedicure chair, these upgrades will make all the difference and will elevate the experience for the customer. 

Run a promotion

No-one can resist a bargain, so offer a promotion for all prospective customers. This way, you will get them into your salon and then, hopefully, it will become their regular for all things hair and beauty. 

Promotions can be anything from a discounted service to free gifts or an event at the store. Invite competitors and potential customers and treat them to a free glass of bubbly. It’s a great way to get your name out there into the community!

Train your staff in upselling

When it comes to beauty, there’s always another treatment you can try or another product to work into your daily routine. By training your staff in the art of upselling, you can boot your profits significantly. When done right (aka, not too obvious), it works wonders. 

Alternatively, showcase your products around the shop so they’re clearly visible and attract attention. Placing some at the till is always a good idea because your customers will always encounter them there.