20 lively anything but a backpack day ideas

anything but a backpack day

Oh hey! If you are looking for the perfect anything-but-backpack day ideas, this is the best place. Here we discuss all 20 lively items you can carry to your school instead of a backpack and ideas you want to know for spirit week.

Is your school celebrating anything but a backpack day during spirit week this year? And anything but a backpack day is when all students come to school with various funny household items instead of school bags. There are no actual rules except these two, it cannot be a dangerous item, and it cannot be a backpack!

In case you want to roll around the stroller all day, bring around your books in an oven, or paddle through the hallways anywhere, we have protected you!

What anything but a backpack day is?

If your school is doing anything but a backpack day, you will have to explore what it is in reality, so here is the answer to all your questions. Anything but a backpack day is our favourite spirit week theme ever because it allows all the students to be creative and think outer the backpack.

So, anything but a backpack day is a themed day on which all students carry different funny household items to school instead of their backpacks and books, and this day is celebrated during spirit week.

Celebrating this spirit day has become trending because of how creative students get with it. Every year students carry more interesting and funny items like bird cages, plastic bottles, and shopping carts.

When is anything but a backpack day?

In most schools, anything but a backpack day is in their spirit week. But every school has its different date on that they do anything but a backpack.

This may be:

  • The first week of school
  • The week before the homecoming dance,
  • Or maybe the last week of school

It would help if you had to check your school activity calendar to see when they plan on having this amazing themed spirit day.

Rules for anything but a backpack day

If you are going to attend anything but a backpack-themed spirit day, then you have to check the rules peacefully.

Every school has different rules and regulations, so before going to the themed spirit day, check your school’s rules and policies.

Moreover, there are some common rules that we have explored for this spirit day. You cannot bring the following items with you,

  • Anything dangerous or harmful, like weapons or contraband
  • Anything that will distract from school activities
  • Any stolen items like stolen shopping carts

Otherwise, if you are unsatisfied with your item, you should always check with your school ahead of time. You do not want to waste your day and be sent home back for having an unsuitable and banned item.

Anything but a backpack day ideas

Here are some best and super fun ideas about the items that you can bring to school on anything but a backpack day:

1. Dog crate

This is such a hilarious idea to bring your stuff in a dog crate for this big day.

2. Laundry basket

It is the easiest way because laundry basket is available in your homes. It is perfect for this day’s idea and has enough space for all your school supplies.

3. Toy car

Please put all your stuff in a toy car; it is the funniest idea.

4. Bucket

Using a bucket is perfect because it has a handle and is also big enough for your school supplies.

5. Pillow cover

Simplest and easiest way to carry your stuff is to bring them in a pillow cover. It is still funny and easy to carry.

6. Stroller

I love carrying around all my school supplies in a stroller. It is the easiest and most fun idea!

7. Shopping cart

By having permission to use a shopping cart and not stealing it from the shopping stores, you can use it to haul all your stuff around for spirit day.

8. Oven

The oven as a backpack is another fun idea. It won’t be very pleasant to carry around, but you’ll also get lots of laughs!

9. Sled

Bring your stud around in a sled if you want lots of fun.

10. Cooler

Another idea I have seen time is to use a handy cooler as a backpack.

11. Mop bucket

Hahahaha, this is a hilarious idea! And it is also the funniest way of grabbing people’s attention—rolling the mop bucket from class to class. And also there are so many rooms in your school.

12. Fishing net

The super funny and unique idea is to bring your things around in a fishing net for the day.

13. Baby car seater

If you have a baby car seat at home, use it now as a backpack for anything but a backpack day! This seems so hilarious.

14. Traffic cone

Try using a traffic cone; it also seems like having fun with this idea!

15. Vegetable basket

It is also the easiest way. Put your stuff in the basket and carry them to your school.

16. Bindle hobo stick

The cheapest and funniest idea is carrying your things around in a bindle. All you require is a large stick and a piece of cloth.

17. Lawn mover

Another fun idea for this anything but a backpack day is to carry your school stuff in a lawnmower.

18. Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow has a wheel and handles that make it easy to carry. It is not only funny, but it is also convenient.

19. Create

Choose a lightweight and easy-to-carry crate. It is another creative backpack idea for this spirit day theme.

20. Suitcase

The suitcase is lightweight, has wheels, and keeps all your stuff safe. It is also one of the best ideas.


Anything but a backpack day is too much fun for everyone; I hope this article about anything but backpack day ideas is helpful for you in clearing your issues and problems related to this big day. Moreover, if you have any questions or information about this, feel confused to share it with us in the comment section. Thank you!

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