4 Common Packing Errors for Moves and How to Avoid Them

packing errors for moves

Every year, more than 40 million Americans move home. This equates to around 13% of the population, a significant number. The vast majority of moves are local, with 65% of people moving within their own county, while 17% are within the state, 14% are interstate, and 4% move abroad.

If you are planning to move home, then packing is a big part of the process. In this blog post, we will highlight common packing errors for moves and how you can avoid them.

These include not planning ahead, not partnering with a moving company, not getting rid of unnecessary stuff, and incorrectly packing boxes. Let’s get started.

1. Not Planning Ahead

Moving can be hugely stressful, especially if you are moving a significant distance. There are many different things to consider when planning a move, not just packing. Therefore, it’s essential that homeowners give themselves plenty of time to plan for their move and create a packing schedule.

As much as it is a physical exercise, packing is also a mental one. We recommend that you mentally prepare for packing well in advance and that you gather the necessary items to make the task as straightforward as possible.

2. Not Hiring a Moving Company

Whether you are moving to a new state or just down the street, it pays to partner with an experienced and reliable moving company. They will ensure that all of our home’s possessions are safely transported to your new home so you can avoid the disappointment that comes with accidents.

A moving company will also have the necessary insurance so that, should an accident occur, you will be covered for any damages. Click here for local movers you can trust.

3. Not Getting Rid of Surplus Items

One of the side perks of moving home is that it gives you a good chance to say goodbye to any possessions that are surplus to requirements. After all, there is no point in filling your new home with stuff you won’t use.

Rather than simply packing everything you own into boxes, take the time to determine which items you really need and which can be donated or thrown away. You’ll be surprised at how many items can be gotten rid of before you move.

4. Incorrectly Packing Boxes

Many homeowners, when packing for a move, simply take random items and put them into whatever moving box they have lying around. This will make unpacking your possessions more complicated at the other end of the move.

Instead, we recommend that you go from room to room, one at a time, and be careful to put similar items in the same boxes. You should also put labels on boxes so you know exactly where everything is.

Common Packing Errors for Moves You Should Avoid

Whether you are packing personal items or household items such as cutlery, the above tips will help you to avoid making mistakes during the process. Before you know it, you will be all settled into your new home and ready to explore the area.

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