How Is Construction Equipment Used at Sites?


When we think of construction cranes, we imagine the towering machines that can lift dozens of tons. But early cranes were much simpler. In medieval times, for example, humans operated a crane via a hamster-like wheel.

Construction equipment has improved drastically since then, especially with how users operate it. There are now machines for very specific tasks that keep humans out of harm’s way. So how is construction equipment used at construction sites these days?

Read on for a brief guide on how the construction process works at a construction site with modern machines.

Most Common Construction Equipment Used: Excavators

If you have only ever seen one specific type of heavy construction equipment, it has likely been the excavator. The excavator is a giant digging machine, the sort popular in children’s toys. It uses a toothed bucket attached to a long, articulated arm.

Excavators are essential to moving earth. They can carry loads of several tons, making them vital to dirt removal and material collection.

They are easy to learn and quite versatile. Excavators can use their arm to pull themselves out of pits, or even row a tugboat. They also work well with fleet management, such as EquipmentShares T3 telematics.

Asphalt Pavers

Most construction sites require employees to lay asphalt. This may include the roads leading up to the site, or parking lots within the site.

Asphalt pavers are a three-in-one machine. They carry a load of bitumen, heat it, then lay it on the paved road surface. Granted, they do require a group of people to operate and monitor them.

Boom Lifts

These are a type of scissor lift, also known as cherry pickers and basket cranes. You see them everywhere, not just on construction sites. They allow anyone to safely reach tall heights without scaffolding or ladders.

Construction workers use boom lifts in just about every capacity possible. They use it to reach difficult areas or touch things up once the scaffolding is already down.

Boom lifts are relatively inexpensive while also being easy to operate. They maneuver themselves up to the location and have built-in safety features when lifting.


A sister to the excavator, these also help with earth-moving. Rather than extracting (excavating) the earth, they push. They have a rectangular, angled front that allows them to shove through tons of dirt.

Dozers usually work at the beginning or end of earth moving. They either initially plane a foundation, or finish it off.

Dozers, like excavators, are easy to operate. Aside from exercising caution, most people can learn to use them very quickly.

Learn More about Construction Equipment

The construction equipment used in construction sites across the world is highly specialized these days. You have dozers and excavators for earth-moving. Then you have boom lifts and asphalt pavers for putting the final touch on a construction project.

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