What Is an Immediate Denture?

immediate denture

Research shows that 26% of US adults over 65 only have 8 teeth remaining or less. One in six adults over 65 has already lost all their remaining teeth.

If you are missing teeth, you may have considered an immediate denture. This is an option that people have if they need false teeth.

This is a bit different from normal dentures that you may already be familiar with. This guide will help you to understand what an immediate denture is and if it is a good option.

Keep reading to find out what an immediate denture is and how it is used.

Immediate Denture Definition

Temporary dentures or an immediate denture is a tooth replacement option. This could be either a complete or partial denture that is available on the same day.

Because of this, you could walk into your dental office and walk out with an immediate denture. This is very different from other types of dentures that take longer to produce.

These dentures also go by other names including interim dentures and natural dentures. They all stand for the same thing, a denture you can get the same day you need it.

Why Choose an Immediate Denture

You may be wondering why this denture option is a good fit for you. This is a good question to ask since not every kind of denture is going to be ideal for everyone.

The main benefit of an immediate denture is that you don’t have to go without teeth. If your last teeth are removed, you will have a replacement that same day.

This is a huge relief for many people who do not want to go without their teeth. Immediate dentures are also more accurate since they’re designed on the natural teeth that you had prior to the removal.

An immediate denture also acts as a Band-Aid, protecting your gums after tooth removal. If you want to get an immediate denture, you can find denture services linked here.

Is an immediate Denture More Expensive?

Now that you know more about an immediate denture, is it more expensive? After you have had your dental procedure, this probably sounds like the best option.

But you do need to consider the cost of these dentures. An immediate denture is a bit more expensive than more traditional options.

It is also important to note that some changes will need to be made later on. These changes will perfect the denture so that it fits your healed mouth perfectly.

This is done with a reline, or you may choose to get a new denture entirely. The option you choose will determine the additional cost of this option.

Immediate Denture: The Complete Guide

If you are having the last of your teeth removed, you may want dentures. An immediate denture is one of the best options if you don’t want to go around without teeth.

An immediate denture is ready the same day that you leave your tooth extraction.

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