Zyra Cool Downs Abilities League of Legends

Zyra Cool Downs

Zyra is a Champion in the League of Legends (LoL). League of Legends is a famous multiplayer online battle arena game that is developed by Riot Games. It is a professional-level game with a large number of players.

In Lol, Zyra is a champion, which will be explained below. In LoL, players control champions and teams up to play against other team players on the map that is called “summoner’s Rift”. 

The main goal of the game is to destroy the enemy team’s nexus.

Nexus is a structure that is located in its base. Players play in a team to fight against enemy champions, minions and turrets and make their way to the enemy nexus. LoL is a deep and complex game. It has over 150 champions and a number of tools and strategies to choose from.

The game keeps updating new champions, skin and gameplay. The community is the main strength of the LoL, which is always welcoming and helpful to new players. The game also has a robust competitive scene with professional teams. Its tournaments are also held all around the world.

LoL is a game that you can enjoy and is also very rewarding. This game has depth and replay value. Players with different skill levels can play this game as it offers a number of playstyles for different preferences.

Features of League of Legends

Lol is a very popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. It’s been popular for many years because millions of people play this game, and it has a strong player base. Here are some main features of the LoL game:

1. Multiplayer Champion

Players can choose from over 150 champions. Every champion is unique with their own abilities, personalities and playstyle.

2. Team-Based

LoL is a team-based game in which players are divided into two teams, and every team has five members. The main objective of this game is to destroy enemy teams’ nexus, which is a structure located at the heart of their base.

3. Multiplayer

This is an online game in which different players play against each other in real-time.

4. Strategic Gameplay

Players work together as a team and choose different champions with different abilities and personalities to win the battle against the enemy’s team.

5. Constant Updates

This game updates new champions, gameplay features and events regularly. It is a great way to give their players a fresh and exciting experience.

6. Competitive Scene

LoL is a game with a professional competitive scene. It has organized tournaments and leagues that are played at the professional level.

League of Legends is a strategic game that requires teamwork and skills to win the battle. Players enjoy the games and make a strong base.

Zyra Cool Downs

Zyra is a champion in League of Legends who has the ability to cool down periods. A period of time must be passed to use the ability again. Each ability has a particular cooldown period, and this period can be reduced by a certain amount with each level of ability.

So, this is why zyra cooldowns exist. For example, Zyra’s ability, “deadly bloom”, has a base cool down for 7 seconds at all stages. That means you have to wait for 7 seconds to use the ability again. This cooldown period can be reduced by purchasing different items and levelling up the ability.

Who is Zyra in League of Legends?

Zyra is a female fictional character in League of Legends. She is a plant-based being with human-like features. She has long green hair that seems to be made up of green leaves. She has pale green skin and has green eyes. Her eyes are glowing green.

Zyra wears a revealing dress that is made up of leaves and vines. She has long arms and legs that are usually covered with vines. Zyra’s appearance is meant to reflect her plant-based nature. She is a strong and confident-looking character.

Zyra is a champion that deals with magic to destroy enemy champions summoning plants to fight alongside her. Zyra has different abilities like “Deadly Bloom”, which is a long-range skill shot that destroys the entire enemy in the way.

She also has an ability called “Rampant Growth”, which plants seeds on the ground that slows down the enemies. Her ability, “Grasping Roots”, sends roots to the enemy to damage them. Her ability “Strangle Thorns” drops thorny vines to damage the enemy.

She is played as a support champion. She uses her abilities to protect her against her enemies. She can also be played in other roles like mid-laner. Zyra is a flexible character that can be played in different roles. She is effective in protecting her team and damaging the enemy with her plants.

Abilities of Zyra in League of Legends

Zyra has the following abilities:

1. Passive: Garden of Thorns

Zyra can summon a throne spitter plant that attacks the enemy on the battlefield. If any enemy steps on Zyra’s plant, it will die. The plant will be transformed into a Rampant Growth Plant that slows the enemy that walks over it.

2. Q: Deadly bloom

It is the ability that helps Zyra to send vines in the line to destroy all the enemies in the way.

3. W: Rampant Growth

With this ability, Zyra can plant a seed at the targeted location, and after some time, the seed will transform into a Rampant Growth Plant that helps to slow the enemies that walk over it if will transform into a Thron Spitter Plant when triggered by an enemy champion.

4. E: Grasping Roots

This ability helps Zyra to send out vines in the way of enemies to damage and destroy them.

5. R: Stranglethorns

Zyra uses this ability to throw large vines to damage the enemies within its radius.

These abilities allow Zyra to deal damage to enemy champions and allow her to control the battlefield. Zyra also protects her allies using these abilities. To have a maximum effect on the battlefield, it is very important to use her abilities effectively.

ACD in League of Legends

In League of Legends, ADC or Attack Damage carry is a champion that deals physical damage to an enemy champion. ADCs are ranged champions who deal with consistent damage over time. They have abilities to kite and reposition in battles.

ADCs are usually played at the bottom lane of the map with other champions who help and protect them and kill their enemies. ADCs have the ability to take down enemy champions and objects. They are an important part of a team’s output.

ACDs must produce minions and secure objectives in order to be more effective, as they rely on their abilities to do damage and position themselves in the fight to avoid being caught by enemy champions.

Some examples of ACDs are Jhin, Sivir, Ashe, Xayah and Vayne. Each of these ADCs has unique and different abilities, and choosing the right ADC will make you win the fight in the game.

Best ACD to Pair with Zyra

Zyra in League of Legends is a support champion who uses her abilities to kill her enemy and protect her allies. Pairing zyra with a strong ADC can be a powerful duo to cause significant damage and control the battlefield.

Here are some ADCs that you can pair up with zyra in League of Legends:

1. Jhin

Jhin is an ADC and could be a great choice to pair with Zyra. Who has a kit to allow him to make great damage and control with his slows and traps? His ability, “Curtain Call”, can kill the enemy that has been rooted by Zyra’s ability “, Grasping Roots”.

2. Sivir

Sivir is a ranged ADC and is also a strong choice to pair with Zyra. Sivir has a kit that includes a spell shield and AoE ability, “On the Hunt”, that can be used to clear minions in the fight. Her spell shield can protect her from her enemy so that Zyra can focus on rooting enemies with her ability” Grasping the Roots”.

3. Ashe

Ashe can also be very powerful when paired with Zyra. She has a kit that contains a stun and a slow. Her ability, “Enchanted Crystal Arrow”, can be used to start a fight or to lockdown an enemy champion that Zyra can root with her ability “, Grasping Roots”.

4. Xayah

Xayah is also a ranged ADC that can also be helpful to pair with Zyra. She has the ability “Bladecaller”, which is used to escape fights and kill the enemy. Her ability “Featherstrom” can knock up enemies for Zyra to root them with her ability “Grasping Roots”.

5. Vayna

Vayne is an ADC and could be a strong choice to pair with Zyra. She has a kit that allows her to quickly reposition and deal damage with her enemies. Her ability, “Final Hour”, allow her to finish her enemy with damage, while zyra can root the enemies with her ability “Grasping Roots”.

FAQs: Zyra Cool Downs

What is Zyra’s base cool down?

Zyra’s base cooldown is the amount of time that players have to wait to use the particular ability again at level 1 without any cooldown reduction (CDR) or ability power bonus. Following is Zyra’s base cooldown:

  1. Deadly Bloom (8 Sec)
  2. Rampant Growth (13 Sec)
  3. Grasping Roots (12, 11, 10, 9, 8 Sec)
  4. Stranglethorns (130, 115, 100 sec)

How can I minimize Zyra’s cooldown?

Following are some ways to reduce Zyra’s cool down:

  1. Increasing Zyra’s ability power can reduce her cool down by percentages.
  2. Items and runes that give Cool Downs Reduction or CDR can reduce Zyra’s cooldown abilities. Players can have 40% of CDR.
  3. Some material in the utility tree can also give CDR.

How to use Zyra’s cool down effectively?

To reduce Zyra’s cooldowns, it is important to manage Zyra’s damage output and utility. Here are some tips for using Zyra’s cooldowns effectively.

  1. Try to pay attention to your abilities and use them in the proper way and at the right time.
  2. Zyra’s passive “Garden of Thorns” can reduce the cooldown by 1 second, and it can also help in reducing the cooldown of her other abilities.
  3. Use spells, such as ghosts and flash, to escape the danger. These spells are also effective in reducing cooldowns.
  4. Zyra’s “Stranglethorns” has a long cool down and can be a game-changer. Try to use it effectively in order to kill the enemy and win the battle.


Zyra is a strong champion in Leagues of Legends, and with the right team and strategy, she can win the battle. She can be played as a bottom-lane player. She uses her abilities to control the battlefield with plants and vines. Zyra cool downs effectively if managed wisely. It is better to stay behind minions to disrupt enemies and protect yourself.