Why Do Christians Celebrate Christmas?


For two thousand, people around the world have been noticing it with folklore and practices that are both devout and profane. Christians celebrate Christmas day by remembering the birth of ‘’Jesus Christ’’, a mystic leader who advises from the basis of their devout.

Christmas is all about Christians that God is sending his son into the majestic world as part of this intention to bring reclamation to people everywhere. Celebrating Christmas is a personal belief that must be patent between you and the Lord.

Christmas Celebrations

In this article, we will discuss regardless if Christmas is biblical and why Christians celebrate

When should Christmas be celebrated?

Many people ponder that Christmas is celebrated on December 25, and that’s all
there is to Christmas. Nevertheless, for many people worldwide, in different Christian
lore and countries, Christmas lasts for a longer time – and it’s even celebrated at
different times.

December 25 and the evening of December 24 are the dates when most
people celebrate Christmas
; there are other dates on Christmas Day as well!!

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Christmas Traditions

It’s the cheering Christmas traditions that we adore and repeat year after year that make the
festivity period so unique, but did you know that giving and receiving Christmas cards, putting
up your Christmas trees, sharing greetings, and your favorite Christmas décor ideas, along with
another famous tradition trunk back many years. But these days with the growing world people have started using technologies like electronic devices in decoration and keep sharing e-cards for Christmas greetings. And people love to get their customized calendars with pictures of their loved ones for the new year each December. You can also get a customized calendar to gift your friends by visiting ilfotoalbum.com.

Here we will discuss a few Christmas traditions:

Red, Gold, and Green

Christmas traditions are all about color schemes. If we want to make a ‘’traditional’’ feel, we
choose red, gold, and green. Inevitably, this Christmas custom has its germ in religion: the red
recommends the blood of Christ; the green color is a sign of everlasting life; gold is one of
the presents from the Three Kings.

Christmas Trees

The coniferous tree has traditionally been used to celebrate pagan and Christian festivals for
thousands of years. Pagans used limbs of it to embellish their homes during the winter solstice.
The Romans used coniferous trees to adorn their church at the festival of Saturnalia, which, in
time became Christmas.

Christmas Cards

Victorian businessperson Sir Henry Cole ordered the first Christmas card in the UK in 1843
because he was too busy to write greetings to all his friends. A thousand cards of Cole were
printed, and he sold all those left over for 6d. Their popularity grew Immensely when the royal
family started sending Christmas cards.

Advent Calendars

Advent begins the Christmas season and starts four Sundays before Christmas. As
we know, advent calendars begin on December 1 and count down 24 days to Christmas Eve.
The countdown already started in Germany in the early 19th century. The first advent calendar was
created in 1851.

Mince Pies

Mince pies were filled with dried fruit, spices, and meat. They were brought to Britain in the
13th-Century. Mince Pies were the first oval shape to embody Jesus’ manger. Traditionally, we must eat one Mince Pies on each of the twelve days of Christmas to
ensure 12 months of good luck.

Father Christmas – or Santa

St Nicholas stayed in Myrna in the 4th century, the Pagan angel of sailors and children. He was a
legendary person, made a saint when he died, and granted his feast day on December 6. In the
beginning, his name was Sinterklaas, but as time passed, when he was a Dutch squatter in America, his name evolved to Santa Clause.

Church attendance

Christmas is an important Christian holiday and entertainment day. So it is compulsory to attend
church on Christmas. Christmas Day or Eve is the main Christmas tradition. It was the time
when many people didn’t attend church regularly – it was also – Easter. Church attendance
remains more vital for women in the West.

Christmas bell

Bells, mainly church bells, have heritage been associated with Christmas for a long duration of
time. The church day starts at sunset in the Anglican churches. So, the Christmas bell service is
the first service on Christmas day after sunset. This is the symbol of the start of the service. The
most common Christmas bell in the song is ‘’Jingle Bells.’’

A festival of nine lesson

The most popular coral service is the festival of nine lessons from King’s College in Cambridge,
The UK. This service occurs at 3.00 pm UK time. This idea revolved around the UK and became
a famous service to hold at Christmas events. Many churches had their services, but everyone
followed the pattern of A Festival of Nine Lessons.

Christmas around the world

Here we see how Christmas is celebrated in different countries and cultures around the world.
So few countries are here:

Christmas in Angola

In Angola, Christmas is celebrated at a very high rate. 50% of the population is Catholic and
25% are a different kind of Christian. On Christmas day, attendance in church is essential.
There are Midnight services on the Christmas holiday, this is broadcast on National TV, and the
people who are not able to go to church can watch them from home. After the church services,
the essential Christmas meal is eaten. Family and friends visit houses of each other.

Christmas in Argentina

Argentina is the only country whose weather is hot at Christmas. Preparation was started very
early in December and even in November. Houses are decorated with wreaths of red and white
flowers. Christmas trees were decorated on December 8. Many people put a cotton ball on

Christmas day to show snow! Artificial trees are more common in Argentina. People give and
receive gifts from each other, whereas Christmas cards are rare in Argentina.

Christmas in Belgium

Children in Belgium trust that Saint Nicholas will bring them presents on December 5th and 6th.
Children place their shoes near the fireplace and leave drawings or biscuits for Sinterklaas and
also leave a carrot for Sinterklaas’s horse. The visit to Sinterklaas is a fantastic occasion for
Christmas. Before Christmas, people go to the market to buy Christmas decorations, gifts, and
food. People are also going to ice skating with friends, which is another kind of happiness.

Christmas in Canada

In Canada, people belonging to different cultural backgrounds live, and due to this lot of
Christmas traditions are celebrated. Many Canadians send more than gifts to friends and relatives; people choose one gift to open and save the rest till the next Christmas day. The most
common Christmas meal in Canada is roast turkey with vegetables and mashed potatoes with

Christmas in China

In China, Christians are only about 1%, so due to this, most people know only a few traditions of
Christmas. Christmas is only celebrated in the big cities of China. Teenagers people are
celebrating Christmas in cities, and it’s a time when newly married couples will give gifts to each
other; it’s like Valentine’s day in China. Some of the people have a Christmas tree, and those
were made of plastic or décor with paper flowers, paper lights, and paper chains.


Every nation has its religious festivals. Christmas is the religious festival of the Christians. On
On December 25, the community of Christians celebrates Christmas full of zeal and zest. On this
day, everyone enjoys the Christmas holidays by dancing, eating, and singing. People share
greetings and gifts on this happiest occasion because Christmas is also known as the festival of
happiness. So it’s the time for Christians to show their love for God.