10 Black Friday Shopping Tips for Beginners

Black Friday

Black Friday is when millions and millions of people from the whole world gather in the store to look for shopping bargains. Why don’t you join them? Black Friday shopping is an excellent opportunity to save money, get more discounts, and enjoy special offers. You can use these tips to find out how to make your holiday shopping experience even better!

Please make a list of what you need and stick to it.

Most people have their shopping lists ready, but even the most seasoned shoppers can get sidetracked. If you’re new to Black Friday shopping, here are some tips to help you stay on track:

Please make a list of what you need and stick to it. Don’t go out and buy something just because it’s on sale. Make sure you have all your needs covered before going out—you might find something better later in the day at a better price.

If your list is too long, consider breaking it into smaller groups so you don’t get overwhelmed by choices and spend too much money on one item that is less important than others.

Shop early in the day. Many stores open at 9 am or 10:00 am on Thanksgiving Day, so people who work during that time can also shop for Black Friday deals! But remember, people who work late shifts or even days starting at midnight!

Be prepared for crowds and long lines.

Be patient with yourself when buying online. It’s much easier than standing in line at a store waiting for someone else to check out and pay because they’ve forgotten their wallet, or something like that happens without warning.
If you’re not used to crowded stores or long lines, this may be overwhelming. But don’t worry — there are ways to deal with these things! Plan by getting there early and keeping an eye out for deals while waiting so you can get into the store without waiting too long or standing in line too long (which isn’t fun).

Bring cash or credit cards (if possible).

There are certain items that won’t be available with in-store credit card purchases, so make sure that you bring cash or a credit card if possible (and especially if there’s anywhere else where you can buy it). It’ll save time overall.

Only buy if something is cheap or on sale.

Buying online is a great way to save money on Black Friday, but there are plenty of reasons why you should still shop in the store.
Only buy if something is cheap or on sale. This is especially true for electronics—you can get a great deal at your favorite retailer, but it may not be worth the extra money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Buy products for their quality and durability. The best deals are often found on products that last longer than others. For example, if you’re looking for a new laptop or tablet, make sure to look at reviews from other people who have used the product before buying it.

Only buy products that are in your price range and fit your lifestyle. If you only have $100 to spend and need a new phone immediately, go ahead and make the purchase. But if you have more time on your hands and can wait until next year when prices will be lower, then, by all means, do so!

Be careful with doorbuster items.

Doorbuster deals are typically limited to one or two items, so you may want to get them if you’re super excited about them immediately. For example, if you’re shopping for a TV, it’s easy to get sucked into thinking that you must have the latest model. But if there’s no deal on an older TV and they’re sold out of the newer model, you need to think twice before buying.

You might be able to save a bit of money by buying an older model during black Friday weekend, but don’t forget that these TVs are generally less reliable than newer models, so it isn’t worth paying extra just for an older model.

Always compare prices online before making a purchase.

This can help you find the best deal on a product if you’re shopping online. If you’re shopping in-store, remember that sometimes stores will have better deals than what’s available online, so be extra vigilant about checking those sales too!

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

You will be on your feet for a long time, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothes to move in. It’s also important to dress appropriately for the weather conditions — if it’s cold outside, wear a jacket or sweater; if it’s warm, wear shorts and a T-shirt. Don’t forget to bring water with you!

Stay safe during your shopping trip.

First and foremost, stay safe during your shopping trip. Use an ATM in a different building than where you’re shopping, and only use ATMs in apparent locations. Make sure to leave valuable items in your car and leave them unattended while you shop. If you have a smartphone with GPS, set it to track your location so that if someone finds your phone, they can locate you more easily.

In addition to staying safe while shopping, don’t bring anything valuable with you into the store — especially if there’s no way to lock it in the car or keep it out of sight while you shop. Keep any electronics on display locked up in the storeroom until after you’ve left; otherwise, they’ll be stolen by shoplifters looking for easy pickings.

Use apps to save money and time.

When it comes to getting the best deal on Black Friday, there are a few things that you can do that will save you money and time. One of the most effective ways is by using apps. Here are a few apps to help you save money and time this holiday season.

To save money on Black Friday, you should use an app called Shopkick. This app will reward you for visiting stores, visiting websites, and making purchases. You can earn rewards like coupons and gift cards that can be used at any store or website.

Another great app for saving money during Black Friday is Venmo. This app allows you to pay people back with your debit card or Venmo balance without having to get cash out at an ATM machine! This is especially useful if someone owes you money or needs something from your home but doesn’t want to ask directly because it might be awkward or uncomfortable for them.

Another way to save money during Black Friday is through Groupon’s deals! Groupon offers hundreds of deals each day, including many on electronics and home appliances, as well as clothing and beauty products.

Bring coupons and your store loyalty cards.

Bring coupons and your store loyalty cards. If you’re looking for deals online, always check the store’s website first to see if there are any discounts available or coupons that can be used in-store. Also, take advantage of loyalty cards from stores like Amazon or Walmart that offer savings on items purchased at those stores.

Shop early. Many retailers will have sales at midnight on Thanksgiving Day, so if you want to score some fantastic deals on Black Friday morning, plan ahead! You might also find some great doorbuster deals around 11 pm on Thanksgiving Day — make sure to check back frequently throughout the day to see which stores offer them first.

Stay up on sales times and dates.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Black Friday and forget to keep an eye on the sales calendar. Keep an eye on your favorite sites and apps, as well as your local newspaper, for the weeks leading up to Black Friday. This will help you stay informed about what’s happening on sale days and when doors open at certain stores.

Check out store websites and social media pages.

Many retailers offer special deals through their websites or social media pages, so make sure you check them out before heading out to shop for yourself! You can also find coupons from your favorite brands on sites like Groupon and LivingSocial (if they’re available). Check out this list of deals from Amazon before heading out shopping!

Black Friday is fun, but it can be exhausting if you don’t go in prepared!

In the end, no one’s going to fault you for not going out on Black Friday. It can be a pretty chaotic experience, even for those who’ve been doing it for years. Plus, if you’re anything like us, then you’re probably opposed to consumer culture and would rather spend your day off hanging out with friends and family anyway; however, if you’re interested in having a little fun shopping but don’t know where to start. This guide at least gives you some idea of what to expect this Friday. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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