The Pros and Cons of Having a Gazebo Wedding

gazebo wedding

Did you know that 86 percent of couples who just tied the knot are in debt?

One of the possible reasons is not considering the pros and cons. This is why so many people love a destination wedding.

Fewer guests, fewer expenses, and no one except the happy couple and vendors knows it’s a gazebo wedding. Don’t be intimidated by a unique wedding day, make it as special as a traditional one.

Keep reading to learn more about gazebo weddings.

Pros of Gazebo Wedding

Having a gazebo wedding can be a very romantic and unique way of having your wedding. Here are the advantages of a gazebo wedding:

Beautiful Scenery

Having a gazebo wedding is an attractive option for many couples looking for wedding venues, as it allows them to get married in an open-air space with plenty of natural beauty to complement the event. It can be romantic, provides an intimate and private atmosphere, and provides a venue for both the wedding ceremony and reception if necessary.


A Gazebo wedding is one of the best wedding options, especially when it comes to photography. The benefit of having a gazebo wedding is that the structure adds great depth, angles, and texture to an image, giving depth and character to the photos. Gazebos provide a unique backdrop that natural settings may not have, allowing you to customize and personalize your photos in unique and creative ways.

Large Space

On the plus side, a large place is perfect for accommodating many of your guests and having more room to host a sizable event. You can hold the ceremony and reception at the same site and have access to all the necessary amenities, like a buffet or a bar. If you are looking for a better option, you can check these gazebo wedding packages.

Cons of Gazebo Wedding

There are also disadvantages that couples must weigh before deciding if a gazebo wedding is right for them. Below are some common cons that you need to check:


When you are having an outdoor wedding, you can’t control the temperature. During the summer months, unexpected rain showers can occur, also unexpected storms can still occur, and worse, a gazebo is not able to protect from lightning strikes, as a result, many may feel too hot or uncomfortable.


A gazebo wedding can be a little more expensive than other types of weddings since there are usually more decorations, décor, and catering needs that need to be taken into account. Nonetheless, a gazebo wedding can be a beautiful and memorable way to celebrate a union, so it is up to each couple and their families to make the decision.


A gazebo wedding can be a beautiful and romantic way to get married surrounded by nature. But, there may be noise interference from nature such as birds and other wildlife. Couples must decide what will make their wedding day special and worry-free.

Consider These Tips for Your Wedding

Overall, having a gazebo wedding is a great way to create a unique and memorable experience for all. But reminder the tips when doing your wedding planning beautiful scenery, stunning photos, large space, and cons like unpredictable weather, noises, and pricey. Pros to consider like beautiful scenery, large space, and stunning photos, and cons like unpredictable weather, noises, and pricey.

For couples looking to make their special day remarkable, researching and planning a gazebo wedding is the best way to go! Start planning your perfect gazebo wedding!

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