Specific Accident Cases Truck Accident Lawyers Can Assist With

Truck Accident Lawyers

What Do Attorneys for Truck Accidents in Newport Beach Do?

It is essential for victims of truck accidents to seek legal counsel from an experienced truck accident attorney because pursuing a claim following a truck accident is frequently more complicated than pursuing a claim following a car accident. Not simply personal injury attorneys with experience handling cases involving trucks. The following are the most typical areas in which truck accident attorneys assist clients:

Awareness of the rules and laws governing trucking: Understanding the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is crucial for conducting accident investigations and establishing negligence.

Proven, efficient techniques for managing claims related to truck accidents: a tried-and-true method for examining the scene of the truck accident, assembling evidence, getting black box data, and settling with the trucking company.

Obtaining essential resources: Work together with personal investigators and experts in the field, such as medical professionals and accident reconstruction experts.

Expertise in managing several at-fault parties: Being aware that the truck driver or anyone connected to the trucking company could have contributed to the accident.

A Newport Beach truck accident lawyer’s expertise and experience help clients understand and navigate the convoluted legal system. In addition to raising the likelihood that a truck accident claim will be successful, this also raises the total amount of compensation that may be recovered. 

What in California Counts as a Truck Accident?

Personal injury law applies to trucking accidents, enabling the injured party to pursue financial recompense from the truck accident’s cause.

But there are significant differences between the general perception of a truck crash and one involving trucking companies. To recover damages, different steps will need to be taken depending on the type of truck accident.

Sometimes the language used in car accident cases has different meanings than when it’s used casually in daily life. Truck accidents as one of the best examples.

In a personal injury case, a typical motor vehicle collision involving several passenger vehicles, such as a collision between a sedan and a pick-up truck, would not be considered a truck accident. Commercial automobiles would be included in this category instead. 

Commercial trucks are more regulated, usually involve more liable parties, and cause serious injuries and damage because of their size and weight.

They are classified differently from other auto accident cases because of this. It is also the rationale behind the significance of having counsel from a Newport Beach truck accident lawyer.

What Sets Commercial Trucks Apart from Other Types of Trucks
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Personal injury cases such as Newport Beach truck accidents involving truck drivers and car drivers are handled by car accident attorneys. 

It might not be necessary to work with a Newport Beach truck accident lawyer depending on the type of motor vehicle accident. When it comes to personal injury cases, the following are some key differences between regular truck accidents and commercial truck accidents:

Liable Parties

It is possible for multiple parties to share liability in a commercial truck accident. The truck driver, the trucking companies, the owner of the cargo, the individuals who loaded the truck, the automaker, and others may be included in this.

On the other hand, there are usually fewer responsible parties in a normal truck collision. For instance, the driver of the other car or the truck driver may be at fault.

Reasons for the Mishaps 

A typical vehicle-on-vehicle collision is usually the result of a driver error. On the other hand, there are numerous reasons why commercial truck accidents can happen. Fatigued driving accidents may arise, for instance, if a truck driver’s employer puts pressure on them to skip rest periods in order to meet deadlines.

Alternatively, if the cargo is not adequately fastened, the moved items may come loose and leak onto the roadways. In this instance, the trucking companies may be at fault rather than the truck driver.

People who might not be at fault in a typical car accident could be at fault in a commercial truck accident, depending on the cause. 

The degree of injuries 

Compared to ordinary truck accidents, commercial truck accidents frequently cause more severe and permanent injuries. This is so because compared to smaller passenger cars, commercial trucks are heavier and larger. 

Higher medical expenses will follow from more extensive medical treatment due to the severity of the injuries. In this situation, obtaining legal assistance from a skilled truck accident attorney will guarantee that, following the filing of a claim, the insurance company reimburses medical expenses.

Quantity of Losses 

In comparison to lesser auto accident cases, recoverable damages frequently have a higher value. This is frequently linked to increased medical expenses, more auto repairs, and longer work absences that cost money.

When compared to smaller auto accidents, financial losses from commercial truck crashes are typically much higher.

The Statute of Limitations

In California, there are two years from the date of injury to file a claim. However, there is only a six-month window for filing if the vehicle in question is a government vehicle, such as a garbage truck or postal service delivery truck.

Whatever the reason, the courts will usually not grant an extension of time to file a claim if the filing period is missed.

Types of Evidence

In addition to other distinct evidence, truck accident cases will also require evidence from other auto accidents.

The black box in the truck, which records details about the vehicle, including movements, is among the most significant types of evidence. This could include the vehicle’s speed, tire pressure, whether the brake pedal was depressed, and the amount of time since the last stop.

What Qualifies as a Big Truck?

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Truck accident lawsuits can be filed with the assistance of a Newport Beach truck accident law firm due to the afternoon city commute heavy traffic that preceded the accident on the highway.

Since 2014, the number of large trucks involved in auto accidents has been rising steadily, with a peak in 2021.

Large trucks are any medium or heavy truck having a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,000 pounds or more in personal injury cases. The following are the most typical kinds of large trucks:

  • Trailer-tractor sometimes known as an eighteen-wheeler, big rig, or semi-truck.
  • Dump truck typically utilized in the vicinity of building sites.
  • Heavy Hauler utilized for short-distance transportation of very heavy loads.
  • Flatbed is utilized to transport building materials and has no sides or roof.
  • Tanker utilized by fuel companies to transport gas or liquefied cargo.
  • Garbage truck big working trucks 
  • Auto hauler especially made to tow automobiles.

Frequent Truck Accident Types in Newport Beach, California

The assistance provided by a Newport Beach truck accident lawyer will differ based on the kind of truck collision. Strong legal representation is usually required anytime trucking companies are involved (directly or indirectly) in a case. Attorneys for truck accidents specialize in handling the following kinds of truck crashes:

Truck rollover abruptly reversing direction, causing the trailer to fall on its side.

Rear-ending hitting a car in front of you because you were speeding or tailgating.

Head-on Crashes braking too quickly or veering into oncoming traffic.

Jackknife braking suddenly or making a sudden turn that causes the trailer to swing forward.

T-Bone striking the side of another car and forming a “t” shape.

Sideswipe neglecting to look for blind spots before changing lanes and running into another car.

Wide turn making sharp turns that cause the trailer to swing into the lane beyond

Did a Commercial Trucking Accident Cause You Any Injuries?

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It can be challenging to distinguish between the various kinds of car accidents and to figure out how to file a lawsuit. Rose Accident Lawyers can assist you regardless of the kind of truck accident you were in.

Our truck accident lawyers have handled trucking companies and their insurance providers with great expertise. We will look into the truck accident, determine who is at fault, and hold them all liable for the damages in order to have a successful conclusion. 
To get started, contact our Newport Beach personal injury law firm to arrange a free consultation. We will evaluate your accident and determine a case value at no cost to you. Please contact us by phone or online.