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Smart Square hmh

You’re trying to get to the Hackensack Meridian Smart Square hmh right? We have your back. We’ll not only assist you in logging into the portal in this article, but we’ll also give you some useful information.

Employees that want to check their staff members’ schedules using sophisticated technologies like payroll systems, EMRs, HRISs, and attendance systems, need a powerful shift scheduling functionality.

One of Avantas’ top labor management packages is called Smart Square, and it caters to the healthcare sector. Employers’ scheduling tasks are made significantly simpler by collaboration with Hackensack Meridian.

To access the software, a link has been compiled. If you’re having trouble logging in, take a look at other data as well.

What Is Hackensack Meridian Smart Square hmh?

An American healthcare company called Hackensack Meridian Health runs a network of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities in New Jersey. It is one of the biggest healthcare organizations, with more than 36,000 staff members and more than 7,000 doctors.

Using a variety of scheduling, forecasting, and analytics capabilities, Smart Square software helps healthcare organizations in Hackensack optimize their clinical and business operations.

The program enables healthcare facilities to optimize their personnel, lower labor costs, and improve patient outcomes while providing real-time scheduling and visibility into staffing demands. The technology enables managers to schedule workers promptly, fill open shifts, and guarantee there are sufficient resources on hand to satisfy patient needs.

Features of Hackensack Meridian Smart Square hmh


Utilizing this, managers may build and distribute calendars for their staff members while taking into account variables like availability, requests for time off, and necessary skill sets.

Time and Attendance

The portal also makes it possible for employees to keep track of their time and attendance for their shifts using a variety of tools, such as biometric scanners, web-based clock-ins, and phone-based clock-ins.


As implied by the name, it offers managers in-depth reports and analytics that let them keep tabs on important figures like labor expenses, compliance, and productivity.

Staffing optimization

It makes use of advanced algorithms to assist managers in determining the ideal staffing levels, ensuring that there is an appropriate number of people on hand to provide patient care.

How to Log in to Hackensack Meridian Smart Square hmh

It is simple to log into the Meridian Smart Square interface because all you need is your employer-provided username and password. Verify that you don’t misspell anything or have your Internet connection lost.

After logging in, try again if you encounter any errors or a blank page. To access your account, simply follow the procedures listed below.

  1. On your computer or mobile device, open a web browser, and go to the Meridian Smart Square login page. There are two choices available to you: “Continue to Smart Square” and “Alternate Login.” If you have an organizational account, select the first option; otherwise, select Alternate login to sign in using your employee username and password.
  2. After making your choice, touch the login button and enter your login information.
  3. To confirm your identity and maintain the security of your account, you might be required to respond to a few security questions.
  4. You can check your schedule, track your time and attendance, and access other features once you’ve logged in.

Contact your employer or the person who gave you all the information if you have any trouble logging in or if you forget your login information. You may receive help to locate your employee ID number from your HR division or the Smart Square support stream.

How Do I Change My Meridian Smart Square hmh Shift Schedule?

This software is a fantastic solution if you want to schedule a shift or know who you’re working with. It enables you to request a shift change and view your schedules.

To request a shift change that will work with your schedule:

  1. Activate a browser and enter your employee ID and password to connect to your Meridian Smart Square account.
  2. Click on My Schedule in the upper left navigation menu after logging in.
  3. Click the Shift calendar in the My Schedule section. The screen will show your weekly schedule.
  4. The box will now appear when you have chosen the new date.
  5. Select the type of request you wish to submit in the Shift Schedule box at this point. Choose the dates, provide an explanation of the change, and then submit. If your boss has agreed to or rejected your request for a shift change, you will find out quickly.

How Do I Reset Hackensack Meridian Password?

If you can’t remember your password for Hackensack Meridian? By selecting the “forgot password” option, you can reset it. Call your leader or the Smart Square team if you can’t find the link, and they can give you your login information.

Your account will be accessible as soon as your entries are accepted.

How Can Team Members Elect Benefits Program?

Within 31 days of the date of hire, you can enroll in benefits through Meridian Health. You must access MyWay-PeopleSoft on a computer or mobile device to complete the enrollment process for the benefits program. To enroll in the benefits program, adhere to the directions below.

  1. Visit MyWay.hmhn.
  2. Enter the User ID and Password that were provided to you by your neighborhood IT or leader.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, select the “My Benefits” option.
  4. Go to the Benefits section and select “Benefits Enrollment.”
  5. Complete your enrollment by tapping “under the Open Benefit Events.”

Hackensack Information Portals

For retirement benefits, visit

For performance and learning, visit

For Health Plans, visit

Resources can be accessed by current and former team members at

To view hmh shift schedules, visit

Final Remarks

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