Rose couture nail bar and 9 other best studios to get nail art in DFW

Rose Couture Nail Bar

Trends change with time, but the one thing that is here to stay is delightful and artistic nails! If you choose a flowery touch, funky patterns, or crazy tips, nail art has taken social media by storm, and nail art is the perfect fantastic addition to any Instagram feed. Whenever we discuss the best stylish nail art studios, DFW is no less. And we are here to tell you which ones were obsessed with based on price, vibe, and positions.

1. Rose couture nail bar

Rose couture nail bar is a luxury boutique nail salon located in the hill shopping centre. Rose couture nail bar was designed to provide a couture chic-like environment. They have massive followers on Instagram due to their beautiful nail art and sets. Hurry up! Bring your nail games up with the rose couture nail bar by booking an appointment online or through DM. But first, you must check out their feed and stories on Instagram to choose which nail technician’s style truly fits your fashion taste. Do not forget to go out in the holidays, where they serve seasonal drinks like Christmas mimosas with candy cane garnish.

Classic manicure: $22
Nail art: $3 and more

2. Aura nail bar

The aura nail bar provides the best in spa manicure and spa pedicure services in a relaxing nail bar environment. The aura nail bar is located in the west village near the rustic. The aura nail bar is best for everyone living in the area or who works at the Richards group for easy access! Aura gives off zen vibes with beautiful natural lighting. It makes it easy to relax and reduces stress while your nail technician works their magic! You can go anytime you want unique nail art, but appointments are preferred.

Classic manicure: $18
Nail art: $5 to $15

3. Nailed

Nailed is the nail bar in the heart of Oak Lawn and nearest to the fan-favorite lucky’s café. Spend your worst day by converting it into a cuddling day at a nail bar. They are not only experts in nail arts and creativity, but people also rave about their facials and massages. Carry them to Italy with their inspired scenery, and do not leave your pedicure seat where the massage comes to you. Stay for the complete treatment and get a full set of one-of-a-kind nails while at it. If you already have a picture of the design you want, don’t forget to bring it. Nailed nail bars do prices based on intricacy!

Classic manicure: $17
Nail art: ask upon arrival

4. M SPA

M SPA salon is located next to the central market. Those who live in Plano and are satisfied to drive a little more must check out M SPA. This salon offers nontoxic nail care, organic spa pedicures, and more. You can get your perfect spooky nails here. This is a beautiful all-red salon, more minor in the area, but still cute. With all-natural components being a priority for over a decade, when you come to M SPA, you will be happily surprised by the lack of chemical odours!

Classic manicure: $20
Nail art: $15 to $25

5. Luxe nails

Luxe nails bar is the best quality salon that delivers the highest level of services and professionalism. If you are the one who lives near or on Lemmon, this is the best point for you! In case you have not made an appointment for yourself. First, the luxe nails & spa staff will massage you during the waiting session, making it a 10/10 experience! This is the best place for you! Fall in love with their modern interiors and all-white themes while you sip on a cocktail and let the nail artist bring your idea to life.

Classic manicure: $20
Nail art: $15 to $25

6. Oscar nail lounge

Oscar nail lounge is located in Lancaster square; this is another Plano nail lounge that is highly rated and well-known for its longer nail designs. With lots of space and appreciative drinks given to you with all services, Oscar nail lounge can be the perfect day trip for you and your girls. Go and explore their website for all nail designs and make the call to make an appointment for your peaceful day.

Classic manicure: $18
Nail art: $5 and more

7. Onyx nail bar

Onyx nail bar is the one that is famous for its colorful lighting and fresh cleanliness, and it is the perfect place for you if you live in a highland park. It is in the heart of Texas. You can also come here with your friend’s group and get all services. This onyx nail bar is famous for its art and is well known for its eyelash extensions, facials, and therapeutic spa! You can enjoy the best services at the onyx nail bar in the town. Book an appointment for your next vacation now to leave feeling brand new!

Classic manicure: $17
Nail art: $5 to $10 per finger

8. Nail art by MS PATTYCAKE

Are you looking for the best nail art at home without going anywhere? Nail art by MS PATTY CAKE is the perfect mobile nail salon service that makes it too easy to get your nails done wherever you want. It is an award-winning, cute, and talented nail art on demand in Dallas. You have to book an appointment through Instagram or on her website. She will come to you and set up in your house, office, etc., anywhere you want. This nail art by MS PATTY CAKE is the best service for inner birthday parties and bachelors parties because you can quickly get ready in the location of your choice and comfort!

Classic manicure: $25
Nail art manicure: $40 to $50

9. The mermaid season

This mermaid-animated salon on Belmont Ave is not only bomb at nail art but is largely Instagrammable with neon signs, bright pink chairs, and underwater accents! Feel like a mermaid, get some extensions to compliment your fun nails, and then take a picture outside in front of their mural! They provide you with the glamorous mermaid feel with their excellent services.

Classic manicure: $65-$75
Nail art: $60-$80

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