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Would you like to read your partner’s story anonymously? However, you do not wish to show your identity. Is this a possibility? Yes, it is possible to use by pixwox application. In this post, you will learn what pixwox is and what the benefits of utilizing it are. Continue reading to find out more.

Pixwox is an online application for browsing Instagram posts, stories, and profiles. It allows you to save any photographs or movies that you want. Pixwox also allows you to edit photographs and movies and share them with your friends. It is a web-based editor and viewer.

Pixwox allows you to organize and share your photos and videos by organizing them into albums. Girl, life, sports, happiness, beauty, love, fashion, art, cuisine, travel, and more hashtags you can look up are just a few examples.

It is a terrific service that allows its users to swiftly download postings while also browsing the most recent updates of other users. Pixwox’s fantastic feature is that you may rapidly access other users’ articles, posts, photographs, and so on without logging in.

It can download a large number of photographs or movies at once, saving you time from waiting for them to download. However, you may use the Pixwox app to repost your favorite movies or photos on your Instagram story, along with your own hashtags and captions.

How can you use Pixwox?

It is easy and straightforward to use. Simply go to the Google or Play store. Log in to your account after downloading. Several portions have now appeared on the screen.

1. Photographs

You will manage your Instagram photos in this section. Adding a new image, resizing an image, and selecting an image from the file manager are all examples of how to manage photos. Your image can be resized by % scale, width, or height. If you are certain that your photo must be 500 pixels wide, enter 500 pixels into the “Width” field. The height will be chosen automatically to avoid visual distortion.

2. Albums

You may build an album of your images in this section. It is simple to do by dragging photographs from the file manager and arranging them as desired.

3. Textures and frames

You will adjust the aesthetic portrayal of surface variations of images in color, shape, and depth in this part. You can also use frames as you see fit.

4. Filters and effects

In this section, you’ll alter the brightness and color saturation, apply effects such as blur and de-saturation, and save the edited Instagram photos as projects or profiles.

5. Collaboration

You can share the downloaded stores or posts with another user in this part.

What are the Benefits of using Pixwox?

  1. You can download restricted content from the Internet without logging in or enrolling for an account.
  2. Pixwox doesn’t disclose your identity to third parties.
  3. If you wish to see your partner’s activity history, you can do so with this app.
  4. Pixwox is safe and secure, and it does not reveal any of your personal information.
  5. It has a user-friendly and interactive interface.
  6. Pixwox provides a safe environment for browsing and downloading information.
  7. When you use Pixwox to browse a profile, no one knows you’re looking at its profile post, tales, or reels.
  8. Pixwox is completely free; no payment is required.

What are the Drawbacks of Pixwox?

Because every coin has two sides, Pixwox has some disadvantages.

  1. There are a lot of negative reviews on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram.
  2. It is difficult to locate the partner’s account, which is rarely discovered on this app.
  3. The identical register is used by other spammers and scammers.
  4. The feedback and ratings on the website are limited.
  5. It is a free utility, although it is not often used.

How can you View or Download the Instagram stories with the Pixwox website?

You must follow some procedures in order to view or download Instagram stories using Pixwox.

  1. To begin, copy the required account username from which you want to save Instagram posts, stories, and so on.
  2. Now, in your computer browser, navigate to Piwox’s official website. Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge are among the most popular browsers.
  3. On the Pixwox main screen, you’ll notice a search field; paste the copied username or enter the username of the individual whose story you want to view or download. Now, click the search icon to the right.
  4. The screen displays all of the stories or posts.You can download them as well as watch them.
  5. To download a story, click on the link that appears in the story below. This is the finest app for anonymously checking your partner’s Instagram stories or posts.

Alternatives to Pixwox

1. Insta Stories

It’s an excellent anonymous Instagram story viewer. Insta Stories Viewer is a free program accessible on the Instagram social network that allows users to read Instagram stories anonymously. It is a secure and safe tool.

The best feature of this amazing application is that you can access the user’s stories even if they have been deleted or are no longer visible after 24 hours. It gives you a wide range of stickers, surveys, and story filters.

2. Dumpor

It is the best tools for seeing Instagram stories, photos, and locations that have been hashtagged and geographically tagged. There are no limitations to downloading data from dumpor. It has several features:

  • Instagram photo downloading
  • IG content downloader
  • Download videos from Instagram
  • Instagram downloader in several languages

3. Instalker

The instalker app is a free and simple tool that allows you to view your partner’s Instagram profile, posts, and so on. You can effortlessly see Instagram stories in secret, without notifying the account user, and in complete privacy. Its primary goal is to swiftly determine who is tracking you and who has visited your accounts.

4. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram will not require you to sign in with your Instagram account if you want to save a user’s tales. Nobody can see the photos and movies you download, and no one gets notified while you are doing so. 4K Stogram is a must-see for Instagram users.

It offers an easy way to gain offline access to thousands of Instagram photographs. You can get this for free from the 4K Get page for PC, Mac, or Linux. The safe application 4K Stogram allows you to save and back up your Instagram account, photos, and videos.

5. Zoom You

It’s a profile grabber. It is an excellent tool for browsing, viewing, and downloading Instagram user profile images, videos, and stories without having to follow them. It is a totally free program that is simple to use for beginners. Unluckly, this program does not allow you to read an individual user’s old or deleted postings.

6. Instasave

It is one of the best Instagram tools that is used to view a user’s profile, stories, and reels of the user. It is a fantastic website for Instagram users who want to view their partner profiles anonymously. 

You can visit the website and begin downloading your desired content from your selected Instagram account. You may download material from the popular photo-sharing website Instasaved around the world.

Other sites like Pixwox

  • emdigital.ru
  • gfycat.com
  • gofundme.com
  • primewire.mx
  • celebmafia.com
  • wikifamouspeople.com
  • aomnl.com
  • modelsociety.com
  • acidcow.com
  • zvezda.today


Pixwox is excellent software for altering photographs and videos, as well as viewing other people’s Instagram stories and posts. Hopefully, the information was useful to you. If you have any queries, please ask them in the comments section. 

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FAQs: Is Pixwox a secure app?

Pixwox offers a safe environment.This website is safe to use in conjunction with the Instagram Charge Less app. This site has a high trust score based on an automated evaluation of 40 different data sources.

Can I download videos from Instagram?

Yes, you may use “SaveInsta” to download videos from Instagram. It is a website that helps you to download Instagram videos effortlessly. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Locate the Instagram video you wish to save.
  2. Select “Copy Link” from the three dots in the top right corner of the post.
  3. Navigate to “SaveInsta” (or any other video downloader website of your choosing).
  4. Copy the URL and paste it into the downloader’s search field.
  5. Select the video quality and then click the “Download” button.

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