Physics Wallah Live: Learn Physics The Fun Way!

Physics Wallah Live

Physics Wallah Live is an online learning platform for learning physics. You can learn how to do and understand physics from your device anywhere in the world. The course does not require you to sit in a room using chalk and a blackboard. Instead, it allows students to work independently at home or at work.

Physics Wallah Live – Online Sessions

Physics Wallah Live is a live audio/video session of physics lectures on Facebook, Youtube, telegram, and Twitter. In these sessions, all the doubts about physics that the students face in their daily life, i.e. school, college, or competitive exams, are solved.

These sessions have been going on for the past 2 years, and you can check out the archive if you missed any classes. Physics Wallah Live is for IIT JEE, NEET, and other competitive exams. A team of experienced teachers manages the classes. The best part about these classes is that there is no time restriction to be followed as it happens 24*7, i.e. anyone can attend the lecture anytime they wish to, irrespective of time zones.

As we all know, JEE and NEET are around the corner, so we mainly focus on problem-solving problem-solving skills to build strong fundamentals during these classes right now. You can join us by following us on our social media platforms or by joining our telegram channel “Physics Wallah Live”

Why Join Physics Wallah Live?

Physics Wallah Live is a fun way to learn physics and calculus. It’s like having a tutor on your phone.

Physics Wallah Live is designed to help you learn calculus, physics, and other math concepts by playing games with the help of our Physics Wallah.

Mathematicians and physicists developed the app for mathematicians who want to learn about physics and other math topics. It was created to bridge the gap between math and science, which are often considered two separate subjects.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for all the 12th-grade science students who have always been dependent on their teachers to solve every problem and who are afraid of even thinking about a new question that they have never seen before.
I guarantee you that by the end of this workshop, all of you will be able to solve any type of question and have the confidence to attempt questions that were earlier forbidding for you.

Physics Wallah Live is the perfect way to learn physics. Designed for people who want to learn about physics and how it works but don’t have time to sit through a boring lecture or textbook.

Physics Wallah Live uses a combination of video and text to teach you everything you need to know about physics in an easy-to-digest format. You can watch videos and read the text at your own pace, so you can spend more time learning what you want—not what your professor wants!

What can you learn using Physics Wallah App?

Physics Wallah lives a physics learning application designed to help students learn physics in a fun and engaging way. The app provides a virtual tutor who explains concepts and equations in clear and straightforward terms, which will help students understand the concepts easily. Physics Wallah Live is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

It combines engaging video lectures with step-by-step instructions and practice problems to make learning physics fun, easy, and effective. You’ll be able to learn about:

-Physics concepts such as mass, energy, momentum, and force

-How those concepts relate to everyday life (i.e., why the Earth doesn’t fall out of orbit when you drop an apple)

-How to solve physics problems in real life (i.e., why you shouldn’t try to jump over a puddle)

The app also comes packed with an extensive library of videos on familiar topics like Newton’s Laws of Motion and Optics, which can be accessed via the menu options at any time.

The goal of Physics wallah Live

The goal of Physics Wallah Live isn’t just to educate people about science—we want them to have fun with it! We’re here to help you understand the world around you through science, but we also want you to be able to use this knowledge in your daily life. So whether it’s helping you build a better understanding of how the universe works or just getting tips on making your next science experiment more successful, we’re here for you.

Physics Wallah Live is a platform for online learning during the COVID pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the number of people unable to attend classes at traditional institutions. In response to this, our team set out to create an innovative platform that would allow students to continue their education while unable to attend school.

Our goal is simple: we want to help students learn while they are at home or on vacation. This allows them to continue their studies when they cannot return to school.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for many people, but there are several ways to stay healthy and safe during this time. One of the best ways to do this is by studying online.

Learning online means that you can learn any subject from anywhere in the world—and that’s not just convenient for you but also for your family members who may be unable to travel due to COVID-19.

If you’re interested in studying some of the subjects that will help you prepare for the future, like physics or biology, there are several ways in which you can do it. You can find videos available on YouTube, lectures available on iTunes or other platforms, or even live classes if they are available (and if they’re offered at your school).

Studying online is also a great way to make sure that you’re staying up-to-date with current events related to COVID-19 so that you don’t miss out on anything meaningful when it comes around again!
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for many people, but it has also allowed us to see the true potential of technology.

There have been many ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives, but one significant change that is potentially affecting us all is the way we study online.

Before the pandemic, many people had to travel to their local library or school to study. With more than half of all schools closed during this time period, many students were either unable or unwilling to visit these locations. Now that many schools are open again, students have been using their phones and laptops more frequently in order to complete work at home. This is excellent news for those who want to learn new information or practice their English skills while enjoying some free time with friends or family members.

However, there are concerns about how long this trend will last because of how quickly some people can lose interest in learning new things if they are not actively engaged with their studies on a daily basis (Simmons & Evans). It is possible that those who do not regularly use these devices may find themselves slipping back into old habits once they return.

Physics Wallah Live is a great way to learn physics, but it can be hard to find the time to study. Luckily, there are a number of alternatives that offer similar content but on your own time. Physics Wallah Live is a top-rated online physics video course. It’s an excellent resource for learning the basics of physics, and it’s been featured in many popular media outlets. But there are so many other great resources that you can use to learn about physics! Here are our top 5 alternatives:

1) Physics Book

By far the most popular option, this is a physical book that teaches you everything you need to know about physics. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand manner, and there’s an answer key included at the back of each chapter. You can find a copy at any major bookstore or online retailer.

2) Online Course

This type of course typically includes videos that explain concepts and provide practice problems with answers so you can see how they work before moving on. Some sites even allow you to take quizzes or exams over the internet as well.

3) Podcasts

There are many podcasts available for people who want something short and sweet that will give them just enough information on physics without taking up too much time. These are typically recorded live, so there may be some gaps between episodes. If one isn’t recorded right away after another is finished recording, it could take some time before
Physics Wallah Live is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about physics, but it can be tough to find time to dedicate to learning. Luckily, there are some great alternatives that can help you get the same kind of learning experience while you’re busy with life.

4) Physics Tutorials

If you’re interested in learning more about physics but don’t have the time or energy to practice a whole class at once, try watching YouTube videos instead! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that teach basic concepts like Newton’s Laws and how to use them in everyday life. You can find these by searching for “physics tutorial.”

5) Physics Garbz

If you want something a little more personal than just watching videos or reading online articles, consider enrolling in one of these online courses where they teach you all about physics using games and other interactive tools that help you understand the subject matter better than if it were just taught by textbooks alone (which it often isn’t). These courses are usually offered through universities, so they’re more expensive than other options, but they are very effective when used properly, so we highly recommend them if this type.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Physics Wallah Live is a live-streaming lecture series from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where physicists Mark Thompson and John Willard host weekly lectures on topics in physics. Each lecture covers a single topic in physics and includes a Q&A session with the audience. The lectures are available for free at, where viewers can also submit questions from their phones or computers during the broadcasts.

We plan to broadcast one lecture each week, starting around 10 AM on Tuesdays and continuing until we run out of material! We’ll post the schedule at so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Yes! The name comes from a song by the British singer-songwriter George Harrison: “If I Needed Someone.” In it, he sings about how his friends would come over if he needed someone to help him solve problems in physics—and that’s exactly what we’re going for here!

The Physics Wallah is an individual who has a passion for physics and science. They can be a high school student, college student, or even an adult who loves physics. The qualifications vary depending on the local state laws and year-round schools in your area.

In most states, you need to have completed at least three years of high school and one year of college (or equivalent). If you’re in a state with a four-year degree program, then it’s two years of high school and one year of college (or equivalent). It varies by state, but this is the general rule of thumb

It varies from state to state as well as from school district to school district. You can expect a starting salary of around $20-$30/hour for entry-level positions, but if you have extensive experience or advanced degrees, then that may increase significantly!

We’re so glad you asked. If you’re new to Physics Wallah, or if you’ve been with us for a while, we want to make sure that our community of engineers and scientists has the most up-to-date information on all things physics. That’s why we’ve put together this FAQ page. We hope it will answer some of your questions about what Physics Wallah is, how to use it, and how to get involved.