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Bidet Converter Kit

In this article, we will talk about the importance of using a bidet for your health. Although bidet installment can be costly, we will introduce you to another one, the bidet converter kit or bidet attachment. The best Amazon products are at the bottom of this content.

I hope you find this article helpful and that you will easily decide which product from amazon is the best for you.

What is a bidet?

A bidet is a component of a bathroom that is the same in shape as a toilet bowl. The basic function of a bidet is to improve the hygiene of the genitals by using water. The current collection contains a plumbed-in water stream and a drainage opening, making it a plumbing fitting subject to premier hygiene instructions. It supports personal hygiene and is used before and after sexual activity and excretion. Today bidets are the least essential in every bathroom, with a toilet bowl in many European regions.

Ever get tired of pulling your hands to reach for a tissue? Bidets and water help with that issue and are a good alternative for tissue. Additionally, bidets play a big role in protecting the environment and saving money. If we all install bidets in our bathrooms, we won’t have to use tissue paper and toilet paper anymore.

This way, we will save our money, but more importantly, we will save millions of trees that are used for the production of toilet paper and tissue rolls. Plus, it is much healthier to use water for hygiene than toilet paper. Even the cleaning wipes and softest tissue paper cannot be compared with the benefits of clean water for your body’s hygiene.

Who constructed the bidet?

Bidet is a French word that means pony and is believed to have been a French cabinetwork invention in the late 17 century. Still, there is no exact inventor or date of invention.

Ancient antecedents and original purpose of bidet are contended to include use for contraception which in moment’s contraception norms is considered ineffective and has been replaced by capsules.
In 1928, john Harvey Kellogg applied for overload on an “anal douche” in the united states. He used the word to define a system analogous to what’s presently appertained to as a bidet snoot attached to a toilet to execute anal cleaning with water.

In the early 1980s, an electronic bidet was introduced in japan, with names like clean sense, perpetuity, world, and neophyte, and nonelectric ones like Gobidet.

How to use bidet duly?

Utmost bidets are easily used. Just acclimate the water pressure and temperature to your relish, and also place yourself over the stream of water. Some bidets have a button or switch to control the spray. Others have a clump that you turn to one side or the other.

How to dry after using a bidet?

Still, you will want to dry yourself off subsequently if you use a bidet. There are many ways that you can do this. You can use a handkerchief, towel, or, indeed, a hairdryer. Whichever method you choose, ensure you are fully dry before getting dressed. Else you may end up with wet clothes. New generations of bidets have a drying option, but we will discuss that latterly.

Are bidets aseptic?

There is no mistrustfulness that bidets are much more aseptic than tissue paper alone. Tissue paper can leave traces of feces on your skin, and it does not cleanse your anus or genitals the way that water can. In addition, using a bidet after using the toilet can help to reduce the threat of UTIs since it’ll wash away any bacteria that may be present. Overall, bidets are the further aseptic option.

Benefits of bidets

Perhaps you allowed toilet paper the stylish in latrines for hygienic purposes? How wrong you were, terribly wrong. But you cannot learn that until you try a bidet. This item has endless advantages for your hygiene, pocket-wise, and much further. Read on for further details about the benefits of using a bidet and water over the toilet paper. After going through these highlights, we believe you will suppose again about it.

Give better cleaning and particular hygiene.

Remind the marks on your skin after using dry toilet paper. So pathetic it feels. It’s not the end of the world if you are still using toilet paper, but we suppose there is an important nicer option.

Installing a bidet system in our bathrooms is the best result. Unlike Dry toilet paper, a bidet does not leave any residue on your skin after use. Rather, it makes you feel refreshed and incredibly clean. The query feeling is entirely varnished and sets your mind free.

The bidet uses water to clean your anal area, leaving nothing to chance. This means you can remove all the bacteria when you wash your anal area, thanks to water. It’s time to start enjoying the hygienic experience and say bye to any remaining residue on your skin by installing a bidet.

Help prevent pruritus ani

Dry skin is frequently painful and leads to being uncomfortable. Ever endured dry skin in the anal area? If yes, that’s a feeling you are always hysterical about; if not, try as much as possible to avoid it. It causes soreness, itching, or bleeding, and skin gash in the last part of your body. You would worry about that. That is called pruritus ani.

When suffering from this problem, anything rough, Let’s alone hard, would worsen the whole experience. This is where bidet comes in as the perfect result giver. The bidets will break all these Pruritus ani problems and make you feel a bit comfortable.
Still, water will ease the pain and help heal rapidly; if suffering from this problem and if not suffering, then it also helps prevent incursion.

Help prevent hemorrhoids

Another problem that’s nearly analogous to pruritus ani but affects the veins by swelling. Perhaps you may have seen a friend, workmate, or family member giving defenses for not taking a seat, or indeed if they sit, they are comfortable. That is, occasionally, a sign that they could be suffering from hemorrhoids. It’s the last experience you could want to go through.

Do you want to make the situation worse by using toilet paper? Don’t
Even answer that. Rather avoid all these by installing a bidet in your bathroom. Help and cure hemorrhoids without straining by using a bidet.

Help in treating and precluding constipation

Constipation is a problem we all have to deal with at a given time. Thanks to the bidet, you can cure and prevent-if suffering from constipation. Bidet pressure can stimulate and relax the sphincter muscles, leading to a further easy bowel movement. Take a step and set up a bidet in your bathroom to prevent all these pitfalls.

Can treat the dreaded UTI infections

Bacteria produce these UTI infections in the urinary tract. Unfortunately, cleaning the area to clear and avoid bacteria is not a piece of the cutlet. That’s why you need a bidet that cleans the places completely, specifically with a frontal cleaning point that cleans from front to back. It’s time for a better toilet experience, install a bidet, and avoid all gratuitous nuisances.

Effective for general genital health

Ever felt that infectious sex appetite while far from home, where it will be easy to take a shower right after intercourse? If you install a bidet in your office bathroom and have that appetite, nothing can stop you from quenching the thirst. Also, you don’t have to worry about bathing. Bidet is accessible for washing your private body parts after the sex or those receiving periods. Also, a bidet can help in treating “jock itch” by keeping the area neat to keep off bacteria.

Bidet converter kit (converting toilet to bidet)

Do you feel like installing a whole bidet system is precious but still want to upgrade your toilet to a bidet? We had allowed that and came up with a bidet converter kit to give you another choice. This is an alternative to the bidet system and offers all the bidet functions.

Moment’s offer of the bidet sets is large, and it is not easy to decide on the manufacturer. The set can be electric or nonelectric. Nonelectric sets are cheaper, but they also have smaller functions compared to electric sets.

The sets have further advantages compared to a whole bidet system. With minimum trouble, unlike classic bidets, bidets conversation kits are easy to clean, and such kits have the option to do so automatically. Bidet converter kits include bidet attachments, bidet sprayers, and bidet seats. There are more reasons you should use bidet converter kits if you are not okay with the bidet system.

Benefits of bidet converter kit (bidet attachments)

Apart from the genital health benefits associated with bidet, there’s further to a converter kit, and those extra benefits are what we are going to look at. Bidet converter kits are perfect for turning your toilet into a further aseptic and eco way to clean. Also, the bidet attachment is known as a handheld bidet sprinkler, an extension of your toilet that can be installed directly in your bathroom. Bidet converter kits are also well known as bidet seat attachments.

Cheap to set up and use

The bidet converter kit installation is less expensive. Electric bidet kit offers comfort and convenience, and if you like them but don’t have a big budget, that is not a problem. Buying and installing this appliance is cheap if you want to change the whole bathroom.

You can find a variety of bidets from the perfect sellers on Amazon at affordable prices. Imagine forgetting about toilet paper by just including products in your existing bathroom. This means there is no new space needed to fit the kit. The bottom line is that bidet converter kits are an advanced alternative to the classic bidet system.

By attaching the kit under the bowl and making way for the kit’s proper functioning, you are now advanced to a bidet user. It is too much easy to use and enjoy all the advantages of a bidet system. Imagine just like that you’ve not remembered about the toilet paper expenses. Of course, water is the cheapest option. Basically, with one buy from Amazon, you’ll make long-term savings.

The water pressure and temperature are under your control.

The set changes your whole bathroom experience. Bidet Attachments allow you to adjust the water temperature (warm, hot, cold) and control the water pressure. Isn’t it the best choice when you completely control and adjust the warm and cold water as you like it the most?

Think of this new experience and explain why you should not fastly have this option in your bathroom. We especially believe that this option means a lot for those who like lukewarm water.

Heated seats and malleable dryer temperature

Wow! Being seated on a warm or heat-controlled seat when excreting? What a feeling! The bidet converter kit gives you just that. You can control the heat temperature of the seat and dryer to your choice, whether you like lukewarm water or hot. However, you can leave the original temperature if it suits you perfectly if you don’t like the warm water.

Moreover, the seats have a dryer, so after cleaning your anal area, you can control the dryer’s temperature and need not use toilet paper at any given time. Who would detest that experience? Then get the system and set it up in your bathrooms, because due to the possibility of water control and with all these possibilities, you will surely have the perfect experience.

Palpitating and puffing water spray

You have relieved your body from the disturbing waste and overpraised the anal area contemporaneously. This makes the whole bathroom visit worthwhile. Bidet converter kit offers palpitating and puffing water spray during the cleaning session. You have to admit that puffing with water spray does not sound bad. Great way to comfort your entire excretion system. 

We will show you the perfect bidet converter kit from amazon based on our experience.

Purrefectzone sprayer

This is a nonelectric attachment. Purrefectzone handheld bidet sprayer is incredibly easy to set up and use. The installation processes of this product will take you lower than 10 minutes to complete without any professional help. This bidet sprayer can be installed either via a bathroom mount or the wall.

How to use a handheld bidet?

Purrefectzone bidet sprayer is designed to make your work light and stress-free. Once you install this nonelectric attachment in your bathroom, your work will become easy. With water spray, you can clean your child, wash your dog and wash furthermore with ease. Another great thing about this handheld moveable sprayer is that it’s completely malleable, which means you’ll have total control of water spray pressure.

All you do to increase or reduce pressure is press the democrat, and you’ll get the asked water pressure.
Once you install the purrefectzone handheld bidet sprayer in your bathroom, you’ll never again use toilet paper. Buying nonelectric this product from amazon won’t only save you hard-earned cash but will also save the environment.


  • it’s easy to setup and use
  • completely malleable product
  • lovely wash experience
  • made of stainless steel
  • it fits 99% of all US toilets
  • no leakage


  • you may need to hire a professional to set up this product


Another interesting Amazon product, If you are looking for great function, durability, and the perfect aesthetics in a bidet, then LUXE Bidet Neo 120 is the right option. This is a nonelectric attachment. Its shiny design, combined with the high-quality stuff that it is made of, will constitute the overall look of your toilet.

In addition, this bidet is made of high-quality pressure valves with steel tubes and ceramic cores as opposed to plastic, meaning that this bidet converter kit will last long. These characteristics set this product different from similar ones that you can find on Amazon.

The hygienic nozzle guard gate it is prepared with will enhance your aseptic experience. After each wash, the nozzle automatically repeals behind the guard gate to ensure it is safe until the next use. In addition, LUXE Bidet Neo 120 is incredibly easy to install. It comes with all parts, tools, and an instruction booklet to help you get your bidet up and running within minutes.


  • quick and easy to set up
  • luxury look
  • durable
  • low cost
  • perfect nozzle system
  • environmental friendly product
  • great wash experience
  • malleable water pressure
  • easy to use


  • you need to have an elongated toilet, not round

Clear rear Buttler toilet attachment

Clear Rear Buttler toilet attachment is also a famous product on Amazon. This toilet attachment is made of high-quality and durable materials that will last a long time. Therefore, this bidet attachment is ideal for people who are looking for a long-term investment category. If you want toilet paper to become a thing of the past, you must install this device.

Unlike all other bidet converter kits, which are powered by the current, the clear rear Buttler bidet toilet attachment is nonelectric, and this device does not require professional fitting. The installation process is so simple all you need to do in its fitting is to remove the toilet seat, attach the buttler, and connect the water supply.

On Amazon, you will find a clear rear Buttler bidet toilet setup with everything you need, including bidet attachment, T-adaptor, Teflon tape, flexible tubes, and instruction guides to make the installation method rapid and easy. Moreover, the pressure knob it is applied with allows you to adjust the water to your desired level for a relaxed experience.


  • it is ideal for kids, grown-ups, and elders
  • malleable pressure for your comfort
  • incredibly easy to install
  • compact and durable product
  • environmental friendly
  • easy accessible
  • self-cleaning nozzle


  • it does not fit in all types of toilets

Geniebidet seat

It is one of the best-selling bidet converter kits in the market today on amazon and many others. Moreover, it is the easiest to install and use the seat. The installation method takes just 45 minutes to fit, and an expert is not needed.

By touching a button, a nozzle will extend from under the seat to give the water cleansing according to your need. It means you don’t need the toilet paper again when installing a geniebidet seat on your toilet. Geniebidet seat is designed in a way that gives more comfort.

The slow closing bidet seat lid and self-cleaning nozzle will enhance your overall experience. This seat also has women and rear cleaning, unlike some same seats from amazon, which don’t have all these similar functions.

Advantages of geniebidet seat

  • easy and rapid installation
  • nonelectric advanced safety
  • all installation hardware elements included
  • ideal for children, adults, and seniors
  • powerful nozzle system
  • modern, attractive design
  • easy to use
  • multi wash functions
  • malleable soft to strong ambient spray

Disadvantages of Geniebidet seat

  • only fits on elongated toilet models

SB-1000 electric seat

If you are looking for comfort, high quality, and durability, look no more than a smart bidet SB-1000 electric bidet seat. This bidet’s purpose is a multifunction self-cleaning nozzle and oscillation for boys and girls. It also features 5 malleable water pressure, 5 nozzle directions, and 2 water temperature. This means that you can adjust the bidet settings to suit your requirements.

SmartBidet SB-1000 electric bidet seat was designed for ease and comfort and so easy to install. It gives a heated seat with 3 adjustable levels and an On/Off skin sensor that only activates the bidet when someone is seated on it. It also features a warm air dryer with 5 adjustable stages, eliminating the need for toilet paper.

Advantages of SB-1000 electric bidet seat

  • Multi-wash functions
  • Simple nozzle system
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comfortable product
  • Durable
  • Adjustable Functions

The disadvantage of the SB-1000 electric bidet seat

  • Some users say the water spray on this product is not strong enough.

Bio bidet bb-600 toilet seat

It is the best product on Amazon in this category based on the user experience. Bio bidet bb-600 toilet seat fitted with a double nozzle that gives feminine wash and posterior wash, making it best for the whole family.
Other modes include oscillation, massaging, bubble infusion wash, kids, and auto wash. It has so many washing functions. It provides an adjustable heated seat that gives you comfort and enhances your experience. It is equipped with a slow-moving lid.

The bidet seat is electric and extremely energy efficient means that it will not consume much power. It is also good for your environment as it excreted the use of toilet paper. It is the best choice for those who want to achieve the highest level of personal hygiene. Bio bidet bb-600 bidet toilet seat has the best nozzle system on the market.

Advantages of bio bidet bb-600 bidet toilet seat

  • Luxury monochromatic design
  • Multi-wash functions
  • Easy to use
  • Dual nozzle system
  • Multiple cleaning features
  • Great Wash Experience
  • Super comfortable seat
  • It comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • Adjustable Functions

Disadvantages of bio bidet bb-600 bidet toilet seat

  • A quite costly seat


A bidet and a bidet converter kit not only mind your health and money problems; they give you a new bathroom experience. The experience is converted from sometimes an awful to a safe and comfortable experience. Get the bidet converter kit or the whole bidet system from Amazon and have the entire bathroom experience change for a better and healthy life.

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