How To Keep Mechanics Safe In The Workshop

Mechanics Safe

A career as a mechanic can be incredibly varied and interesting. However, it can be a very dangerous job, especially if the correct safety procedures are not in place or are not followed. 

To cover your business for accidents and injuries financially you should consider taking out insurance such as SMART Repair insurance. Here are some helpful reminders to keep everyone safe in your workplace. 

What are the risks of working in a workshop?

There are countless potential hazards when working in the auto repair trade. One common cause of accidents is slips and trips. There tend to be lots of different tools and machinery in a garage and when these aren’t stored properly then they can cause injuries. 

Another risk is from items falling from above. This can include things falling from cars, or even jacks failing and the cars themselves dropping down. 

How to properly equip your team

Properly equipping yourself and your team is an important safety measure as it can reduce the harm caused in an accident. 

When thinking about the right protective equipment, making it part of the uniform helps to keep everyone on the same page. Wearing items such as steel toe cap boots can be sturdy and long-lasting, as well as help to protect your workers’ feet if something were to fall. Boots such as these should also have non-slip soles which will help in the event of something being spilt on the floor. 

Additionally, you should make sure that any protective equipment is serviced regularly to make sure that they can keep you and your staff as safe as possible.

How to keep your workspace safe

As well as keeping your insurance up to date, there are a number of things you can do to keep your workspace as safe as possible. 

Making sure that any spills are cleaned up immediately should be a priority for all staff. Ensure that there is adequate equipment to clear up any spillages whether it is water, oil or fuel. 

Keeping your staff fully trained in all of your safety procedures should be something that you should keep on top of. Lapses in knowledge, or old information, can make it more likely that an accident will occur.  

Tools should be stored properly to ensure that the risk of tripping is minimised. Make sure that everyone is aware of where all the tools live and encourage staff to put things away when they are finished using them.