Experience the Allure of Amethyst Rings (2023)

Allure of Amethyst Rings

A dazzling ring with amazing gemstones is a must-have when you want to look elegant. But is it only a diamond you’ll always have to cling to? The answer is no, as other interesting options are available that you will admire. So, you can count on amethyst rings; that’s another vibrant option. Moreover, such rings are also available in various shapes and designs. Amethyst is not just a colorful stone; several interesting facts are also related to it. Let’s take a look at them first.

Some Interesting Facts to Know About Amethyst

1. Historical Importance

The craze for this precious stone is not a brand new story, as various famous historical figures admired it. For example, the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci was known to admire this gemstone.

2. Its Bright Purple Color

Did you know that an amethyst stone gets its stunning purple color for a reason? They are made of iron dioxide, which gives them a lovely color.

3. Can be Given Any Shape

You can always give it a shape of your choice, whether for your necklace or your ring. It is possible to cut amethyst into various sizes. Also, this stone is really strong, like a diamond or any other gemstone. So you can stay worry-free about its durability.

4. Keep it Away from Heat

You must be in love with its purple hue, right? So, remember that this vivid purple color can turn yellow when exposed to heat. Therefore, you must stay extra careful and keep it away from heat.

5. A Way to Combat ‘Euphoric State’

The word ‘amethyst’ has some fascinating ties to Greece. The Greek god of wine is connected to the name of the stone. In Greek, the word ‘amethystos’ means a remedy for intoxication.

Types of Amazing Amethyst Rings One Must Consider

1. Amethyst and Moissanite ring

These two gemstones are the names of two priceless stones that together form a masterpiece. This particular ring is an example of excellence and elegance. The unusual glow of the gemstone is also a magnificent display of something breathtaking. Also, its expertly polished frame will never fail to impress you. Additionally, it is unquestionably comfortable for your fingers.

2. Oval-shaped Ring in Stainless Steel

It’s possible to give this gemstone any kind of shape. That’s why a dazzling oval-shaped amethyst ring is also available on the market that you’ll praise. Moreover, the oval-shaped stone is mounted on a stainless steel band. Therefore, it’s guaranteed that there is no need to be anxious about its durability. Also, its cluster theme symbolizes togetherness, making it a more meaningful jewelry piece for you. Therefore, look for this kind of ring next time you shop personal jewelry.

3. 3-Stone Ring in Platinum Bond

A ring crafted in platinum bond is a great choice when looking for long-lasting jewelry. This three-stone ring design is praiseworthy because of its unique design. Also, its shine for a longer period is a guarantee. This ring’s three stones are arranged in a row and are certainly aesthetic excellence. The three stones represent the past, present, and future, and it can be a great engagement ring. Its smart design makes this ring easy to carry, which is another option you must not ignore.

4. Birthday Special Ring

Various birthday special amethyst rings are available in numerous designs. If you are looking for something special for your birthday, you will not be disappointed. Additionally, you will never run out of options, whether you want a fancy cut or a classic round or oval-shaped ring. Again, silver amethyst rings are also available if you want something in silver.

5. Amethyst and White Zircon Bypass Ring

This amethyst ring is just one of many stunning, elegant collections of amethyst jewelry available. This ring crafted in sterling silver is long-lasting and also dazzling. Its bypass pattern includes two stones on each side of the shank. The zircons have also enhanced its beauty, which you’ll appreciate.

End Note

Even though there are many priceless jewels on your wish list for distinctive rings, adding the name of this stone would make it complete. But choosing the right one among various options may seem difficult for you. Therefore, you can rely on the options we’ve listed here, which are, in fact, the most recent. So, keep your goal in mind and choose the best option to help you achieve it. You’ll definitely become a head-turner when you find the right option.