How to Deal With Losing a Parent

losing a parent

Trying to figure out how to handle losing a parent in this lifetime?

Losing a parent can be one of the hardest experiences you go through. Not only does it change your life in ways you may not expect and forever alter it, but it can also introduce guilt and sadness.

Thankfully, there are ways to parse it all, ways to make it more manageable, and ways to honor them while moving forward. If you’re ready to start healing and finding your way in this new chapter of your life, keep reading.

Allow Yourself to Talk about Your Emotions

To keep yourself from being overwhelmed while mourning, it is important to allow yourself to talk about your emotions. This can be done with close friends or family members.

Talking about the emotions you are feeling can help reduce any feelings of guilt or frustration while at the same time allowing you to process and accept the loss. Remember that it is perfectly normal to grieve, and it can be helpful to accept support from those around you. Loss is a difficult experience, but allowing yourself to talk about it may help to ease the pain of the process.

Start with Therapy

Starting with therapy can be a great first step in dealing with loss. Working with a trained therapist can provide a safe space to process the emotions that come along with loss. During these sessions, you can explore feelings and find healthy tools to cope with your grief and move forward.

You can also talk through feelings of guilt, regrets, and any unresolved issues with your parent. Working with a qualified therapist can be an important part of the healing process and provide invaluable guidance and perspective. You can begin grief therapy here, this will help you learn about the process of grief that empowers you after loss.

Celebrate Their Life by Telling Stories

Whether it’s funny anecdotes or memorable moments you both shared, the telling of stories helps you keep those cherished memories alive. Sharing these stories gives everyone that participated precious insights into the life they had the privilege of knowing and being a part of. 

Keep Up with Your Regular Life Activities

To cope with the immense grief and pain of the loss of a parent, it is important to continue your regular life activities. This may seem difficult when in the depths of grief, but it can be healing and provide structure and meaning to life. Activities such as regular exercise and social media usage can help to distract and put your mind into focus.

Writing in a journal, and engaging in creative activities can help to process the grief and make it easier to manage. Doing simple things like eating healthily, going out with friends, and exploring new experiences can help to make life more enjoyable.

Decide Your Own Way to Deal With Losing a Parent

Losing a parent is a painful and difficult experience, but with the right support and understanding, you can come to terms with the loss and create your own coping strategies. Whatever you decide, remember that recovery is a process, and it’s ok to take your time and accept support when you need it. Seek out resources and support systems to find the best way for you to cope.

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