WHAT IS THE MEME AROUND“How long do idiots live?”

how long do idiots live

How long do idiots live is not a wrong question.

Still, you might be thwarted if you are brazened with this question. You might ask yourself, what a weird question it is.

But this is nothing out of this world. Since the world wide web (www) was constructed since the net has been a curious place.

There is a commodity peculiar about objectivity and the pledge of an online community. This prominent, albeit weird place, has been a place of entertainment and argument.

One of those entertaining categories is memes. But, of course, there is nothing relative to memes, leading to numerous other internet inventions!

How long do idiots live?

How long do idiots live? The basic answer to this weird question is 12 to 15 years. There is nothing behind such a hilarious question.

It is a part of online meme culture that people uploads on various media platforms. The children are fools here. The timeline’s attribute is the topic of children being teenagers.

Most people have all types of life experiences. You may know them or not, but the most important thing is you are one of them!

Online platforms do not lack foolishness, clowning, and mischievousness. The level of annoyance and irritation that objectivity awards swing between harmless and thoughtful.
But generally, being irritating and filmy is expected on the internet. And these characteristics frequently do not belong to children.

When you hear something related to “how long do idiots live?” they take part in the meme culture. It is a nasty way of saying this.

Children are fools; when they become teenagers, they will leave the foolishness, which takes 12 to 15 years of age.

The meme has gone viral twice in 2021 and again in 2022.
The roots of ‘how long do idiots live.’ Google has been awarded the origins of the ‘how long do idiots live’ meme.

There is no lack of creativity in the human brain. They come up with strange questions that everyone has thought of, but no one explained.
Before the arrival of the internet, if you have any questions, you will visit the library. If not, then you could die out of the suspense.

But now the world is so advanced; the internet always helps you in every step of life. You can find all the answers to the question in your mind using a Google search. It is super easy! If you have any weird questions and burning one, search on Google web.

You must type your stupid and weird question without worrying about the grammar or punctuation in the search bar and wait to watch the Google magic and results.

So this was how the question ‘how long do idiots live’ came into being. Most people around the world decided quite together to ask it numerous times.

People repeatedly asked this question to the Google engine, and as a result, Google had to keep the repository for the answer to this question. So now, if you type this weird question on the search bar, Google will give you captivating answers.

How long do idiots live 12-15 years?

It is easy to say stupid to anyone when you only know them from the meme or the post they make or share on the internet. However, coming across friends on the internet is harder, and doing anything stupid is still more challenging.

Boomer humor is included with the funny comedy behind the question ‘how long do idiot lives?’ boomer humor is something that the old internet users are. They are possibly in their late 40s and 60s and would share online.

This type of humor often reduces and leads toward stereotypical jobs. Meanwhile, the question ‘how long the idiot lives 12 to 15’ meme as an answer on Google web was not a boomer joke.

Children can sometimes be irritating, unreasonable, and foolish, but they become mature and better than their older versions with age. And it takes 12 to 15 years of age.

But how long do idiots live is the real question, and it tells that it ends with the age as the kids become teenagers.

But that is far from the actual reality. So why blame it all on teenagers? Even adults are no better than them.

‘How long do idiots live for’ meme

Over time, the conception of the meme has developed and grown. Producing and participating in memes was one of the primary effects of making a community online.
Meanwhile, the aim of the internet when it was first launched was to produce a global will. It is still new. People did not know what to make of it.

They did not learn how to connect with people and share parallels. Facebook was not developed until 2004, and the internet has been kicking around since 1983.

Initially, people would not post comments or write inconsistent stuff about niche motifs on online forums and websites. While the utmost of these forums would be lost to extinction and some stuck around.

Media, literature, sports games, and horror weird movies would oscillate on these forums. People would take the content they set up on one platform.

As a relevant trend, sharing and engaging, fun facts became well known. As posting images and videos became popular, so did the sharing frequency.

Soon it becomes wide to transfer any thought, thing, information, picture, videotape, or design over social media platforms.

This is a sum-up version of the production of memes. This is where how long do idiots live for memes come to play?

The meme- how long do idiots live

How long do idiots live in the viral meme circulating in the numerous situations of hell that’s TikTok? Tiktok is one of the most popular applications amongst the youth and teenagers across the world.


It is the media platform where you can upload and partake in memes and short film content. The quick film content is composed of music, and numerous tik tokers perform and dance in the sharp video features.

This app is popular amongst the young generation due to the short length of the video and its vacuity in significant communities. Therefore, various groups of people can share their relative interests with you.

The creativity you come up with and having fun facts while creating the videos is also a fantastic point of TikTok. That’s why the media things went viral fastly on this platform.

The meme how long idiots live 12 – 15 is viral because of the numerous times people have highlighted this on their media.

The further people view and click on it, and it goes viral. Going viral highlights many features of the account. However, if the content of the video is shocking and attractive, it becomes viral.

Using TikTok is very easy; the ease of searching, short timing, and participation helps out. That’s why how long do idiots live meme went so viral, not only one time.

The Meme-ability of how long do idiots live 12-15

There is something ridiculously satisfying about laughing at someone; it is a dark and implied version of satisfaction.

While numerous would hesitate to admit to it, everyone has shared. They are gaining unrealistic satisfaction from seeing someone act stupidly, and also being made fun of calls back to a sensation.

Tiktok attracts kids and teenagers. There is a public perception of foolishness in everything teenagers, and kids do online. So the memorability of this post makes sense. Bullying is a bitter fact of reality that people can’t get out of it, and children and teenagers are more susceptible to that online.

Making fun of kids is shared online. People are very comfortable reminding kids that they are foolish and that everything they do or like is wild and idiotic. So the meme how long idiots live is a meme with multiple depths.

Weird answers on Google

When people ask funny questions, Google has weird answers for them. You can type any question that comes to your mind.

It can be random and sometimes informative, like.” will it rain on me today?” These questions do not make sense in themselves.

There will be some answers to your questions in the search box. For example, how long do idiots live in tongue-in-cheek humor? Memes of this type have gone viral before.

One of the meme types is ‘is Monalisa….’ This meme is so funny because of the absurdity of the search result. For example, write ‘is Monalisa on google. In most searches, this type of question gave rise to memes, and the first option that pops ups in the search box is ‘is Monalisa single?’
The mindset to look up medical treatments is prevalent. People search for physical attractions on the internet. Meanwhile, they have given rise to new memes as well.

People visit the web MD before going to the doctor, so things like this also help create and participate in memes.

Kids and emos?

There is a type of the ‘how long do idiots live 12-15’ meme. That includes emos and, to a lesser extent – glams.

These distinctions have occurred outside the internet but have become more assimilated and alternative. Emos are a short-hand for emotional and dramatic kids.

There is a particular kind of aesthetic style to them. The glams are edgier and follow a dark aesthetic.

People on the internet love to run wildly with small things. So, there are other posts or variations of the viral meme. That has to do with how long emos or glams live.

Final thoughts

Memes are fun, but bullying and shaming are not. Be careful about that. Google is mostly the butt of jokes in many of these memes. However, the random answers to your questions are funny for various people.

Your uploads and posts become famous if the watching people understand and share the same kind of humor as you have. Just as the meme how long do idiot live became famous on the TikTok platform.