Fashion Hacks for Any Budget or Taste

Fashion Hacks

Some of us have difficulty putting together good-looking outfits. It doesn’t help that you can spend $25,000 on a pair of shoes. It’s easy to get the impression that looking fabulous means spending big. 

We’re here to tell you that this is, fortunately, untrue. If you’ve got the funds to spend 25 grand on a pair of Jordans, have at it. But the rest of us need to rely on fashion hacks to get us looking our best.

Yes, you can coordinate, accessorize, and expand your wardrobe with luxury fashion on the cheap. Keep reading, and we’ll teach you some fashion tips so you can dress your best without overspending.

Consider Designer Consignment Stores

A designer consignment store is where you can purchase vintage, designer pieces for cheap. “Cheap” in this context means “less than normal price, but still rather pricey.” 

Don’t expect Dolce and Gabbana or Gucci items to be marked down at $25. You can, however, find a perfectly fine second hand Chanel bag for less than average price. 

Don’t be afraid to shop around if consignment store prices are too high for you. Many stores offer fashion savings so they can move their products.

The prices are lower than standard, but you’re still getting verified authentic, luxury fashion clothing.

Find Fashion Coupons

It doesn’t hurt to search for fashion coupons regardless of what store you’re shopping at. The whole point of offering coupons is to engender loyalty. Stores want your patronage, so they give you reasons to stick around. 

They provide coupons, so you’re encouraged to keep shopping with them. But, it can be tough finding all the coupons for every store you visit. Luckily there are coupon finders like Honey, Groupon, and 

Match Hardware and Coordinate Accessories

“Hardware” is items like buttons, zippers, buckles, or chains – extra items attached to clothing. Accessories are things like belts, jewelry, sunglasses, and purses. 

Matching hardware and coordinating accessories help achieve a cohesive look. Keep in mind that your hardware and accessories don’t have to correspond with each other.

For example, if you’re wearing a peacoat with silver buttons, choose shoes with silver buckles, or forgo other hardware. Your earrings don’t have to be silver, but they do need to coordinate with the outfit. 

Say the peacoat is slate grey. You can choose red or black earrings to compliment the coat. The colors also will match the hardware. Everything needs to play off each other. 

Use Neutrals 

“Buy neutrals” might be the most valuable fashion hack you will learn here. If you don’t own neutrals, consider buying some to expand your wardrobe.

Bold colors have their place, but neutrals never go out of style and go with almost everything. Try for some navy blues, blacks, browns, grays, muted greens, and taupe-colored clothing. 

One of the most reliable fashion hacks you could ever learn is matching bright, bold colors with neutrals. Perhaps consider a pink shirt with a muted green jacket.

A yellow shirt with navy blue or black pants is a superb combination also. High contrast can add interest to an otherwise simple wardrobe for little money. 

Shop in the Children’s or Men’s Section

We all probably know someone who shops in the children’s section or a woman that visits the men’s clothing. You may have done it once or twice. The children’s section is a fashion savings haven for small-framed people. 

The clothes are cheaper, and you’re liable to find an outfit or accessory no one you know has. Shopping in the men’s section is a matter of preference or necessity for many women. 

Some prefer the less “overly feminine” items they find amongst men’s wear. Others may appreciate the larger hoodies and jackets. They may need bigger shoes or shirts than what women’s clothes often accommodate. 

The clothing may not be cheaper, but it does appeal to many, and like with children’s clothes, you may find apparel others have missed out on. 

Browse Flea Markets

The term “flea market” may invoke images of slap-dash stalls and cheap items. However, you can find many reputable dealers and lovely clothing and accessories – new and vintage – at flea markets.

It’s not uncommon to encounter a stall with name-brand purses and shoes. The furniture, jewelry, and art are often trendy and upscale too. It wouldn’t be too shocking if you found old parlor room sets or vintage china.

Finding any of these things means the prices may not be as reasonable as you’d like. Higher quality goods mean the more expensive you can assume prices will be. 

Be Careful Mixing Patterns

Many fashion blogs will tell you to try mixing patterns. While that is a legitimately good fashion tip, it only works if you know what you’re doing.

Combining patterns requires a deep understanding of color theory, balance, and composition. It’s a highly technical skill. In other words, you’ll look ridiculous if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Take a complex pattern and ground it or coordinate it with more basic clothing. A tried and true method would be a cheetah print with black or brown pants and perhaps gold or red accessories and hardware. 

Choose Fabrics Wisely

Some fabrics look and feel better than others. You’d be surprised how much better higher-quality textiles will make you look. Expand your wardrobe with wool, cotton, linen, silk, and Tencel. 

Natural materials are sustainable and durable. This means they last longer, and the substances are easy to maintain. Better fabric saves money in the long run. 

Refine Your Style with These Fashion Hacks

One most valuable fashion hacks you’ll ever learn is you don’t need a fortune to look fabulous. Expand your wardrobe with neutral colors and find fashion coupons to save on clothing and accessories. 

Use consignment stores to save on luxury fashion items, and don’t mix patterns unless you understand the process. 

Did you find this article intriguing? Perhaps you learned something you didn’t know before today.

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