7 Beginner Wig Wearing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

beginner wig wearing mistakes

Are you interested in purchasing a beginner wig? In 2021, the hair wigs and extensions market was worth USD 6.13 billion.

Wearing a wig is a great way to boost your confidence, as you can change your hairstyle as often as you want. Over the years, synthetic wigs have been made to look incredibly realistic, and they’re pretty easy to purchase online.

However, there are a few beginner wig wearing mistakes that you need to avoid. It can quickly become damaged if you don’t know how to wear a wig correctly.

In this article, we’ll teach you some tips that will help you learn how to wear a wig. Read on to discover them!

1. Misapplication of Glues and Adhesives

Many individuals opt for these solutions to ensure their wigs stay put, but one misstep can result in a disaster. Skin-safe glue and adhesive should be used over any other type when choosing wig adhesives. Secondly, always test it on a small skin area before applying it to the scalp.

Once the glue/adhesive is ready to be used, prevent any lumps or clumps by applying a thin and even layer, and make sure you don’t put too much.

Lastly, avoid placing it near the edges of the wig and use tape to keep the ends secure. By taking note of these easy steps and using skin-safe products, you can avoid damaging mishaps with your wigs.

2. Wrong Fitting Wigs

Wigs come in various sizes to best accommodate different head sizes and shapes. A wig that does not fit correctly can be uncomfortable and will distract from the look you are trying to achieve.

To avoid this mistake, measuring your head circumference and comparing it to a sizing chart when shopping for a wig is essential. Additionally, some wig styles will have adjustable bands and clips inside the cap to help get the perfect fit.

If you are unsure about sizing, consult the wig retailer for advice. Choosing a wig that fits correctly will ensure a comfortable, stylish look.

3. Not Blending With Your Natural Hairline

One of the biggest mistakes made by those new to wearing wigs is failing to blend the wig hairstyle with their natural hairline properly. A wig that does not agree with the natural hairline is aesthetically and socially prominent. This can make the wearer feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

To avoid this mistake, those new to wig-wearing should take adequate time to ensure the wig’s hairline looks natural before going out. Tweezers and combs can style/comb the wig’s hairline to align with the natural hairline. It’s also a good idea to check the wearer’s natural hairline in a mirror before purchasing a wig.

This will allow the wearer to purchase a wig whose hairline closely aligns with their own, saving them time and energy when blending the two. If all else fails, a wig specialist should advise how best to style the wig to agree with the natural hairline. Suppose you are looking for types of wigs that will blend with your natural hair color, check out this black wig.

4. Over-Styling Your Baby’s Hair

If you’re new to wig-wearing, the best way to avoid over-styling is to use light styling products, such as a light gel or wax. Avoid excessive brushing or combing, as the hair may stretch and break. Heat treatments should be avoided, and never use hairspray unless necessary.

Taking extra care to prevent over-styling can help ensure your baby’s hair looks healthy and natural. Avoid styling too much at once, and always allow time for the wig to set. Remember to detangle the wig carefully with a wide-tooth comb before styling, and avoid using too much product.

5. Not Wrapping Your Hair Properly

Not covering your hair correctly is one of the most common mistakes beginners make and can lead to discomfort and irritation of the scalp. Before wearing your wig, take the time to wrap your hair up. Use a satin scarf or wrap your hair with a satin pillowcase to lay down your natural hair and keep it secure and protected beneath the wig.

This will also help to prevent shedding and create an even more comfortable surface for the wig to sit correctly on your head. Ensure the edges of your hairline are tucked in well and that all your hair is secure.

6. Choosing the Wrong Hair Density

It is essential to match the density of the wig to the natural thickness of your hair to support the wig as it is being worn. Light of density will cause the wig to move and fly away from the head due to poor grip, and too much density can be challenging to manage and look unnatural.

The wig should fit snugly against the head, and if any gaps can be seen between the wig and the head, it is the wrong density. To avoid this mistake, it is essential to ask your hairstylist about the perfect thickness for your wig and to get one tailored to match your hair’s needs.

Investing in professional help to ensure you get the perfect fit and density will ensure you get the most natural experience from your wig.

7. Not Cutting the Lace Edges

This is important for achieving a natural hairline and making the wig look like it’s genuinely growing out of your scalp. Before putting on the wig, you should cut off any extra lace from the perimeter of the wig. Make sure to cut carefully and slowly because too much stretching can affect the weave of the wig.

Before cutting, you should also practice on a different piece of lace. Using sharp scissors to cut through the lace cleanly and precisely is best. Using tweezers for odd angles and curves is also a good idea.

When cutting lace, always take small snips at a time, and trim slowly until the desired shape is achieved. Taking your time when cutting the edges will ensure that the wig fits perfectly and looks natural on your head.

Avoid These Beginner Wig Wearing Mistakes

The world of wigs is delightful and sophisticated; you must ensure you don’t make any beginner wig wearing mistakes. Ensure you get the right products for your wig and size to avoid basic missteps and rock your look. Get started on your wig-wearing journey today!

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