5 Basic Cooking Techniques You Need to Master

cooking techniques

We’ve all been there. After a long day, you want to make a quick, tasty dinner. But all you have is a bag of frozen vegetables, a package of chicken strips, and a can of cream of mushroom soup.

Or maybe you like to dabble in creative cooking but often find your creations don’t come out quite as planned. What you need are basic cooking techniques that can help you whip up any meal you want. 

What to learn more? Then, read on to learn about five basic cooking skills you need to know.

1. Boiling

Boiling is the process of cooking foods in hot liquid, such as water or broth, over medium-high heat. Boiling is a great way to quickly cook vegetables, grains, and pasta for a delicious meal. It’s also often used to make stocks, stews, and soups.

It is also a great way to blanch vegetables and fruit. This is a technique used to first plunge them into a pot of hot water and then briefly into cold water to keep the color and flavor of the produce.

2. Sautéing

Sauteeing brings out the flavor of many different ingredients used in cooking. It is a great foundation for a lot of recipes. Learning this technique alone can help you master dishes like peri-peri chicken livers and garlic mushrooms.

To master this cooking technique, it is important to make sure the pan is hot and has a thin layer of fat before adding your ingredients. Once everything is in the pan, use one spoon to stir the ingredients. Then, bounce them across the surface of the pan to prevent sticking before transferring them to a warmed serving dish.

3. Grilling

Grilling is considered to be an art form, and mastering it requires some special skills and knowledge. To become a great griller, you need to master the basics of cooking on your grill.

This includes controlling the heat source, understanding food safety, and knowing how to cook different types of food.

4. Roasting

Roasting is an easy yet delicious and comforting cooking technique you need to master. This versatile cooking method uses dry heat and can be used to cook everything from vegetables to meats, poultry, and fish.

The dry heat brings out the natural flavors of the food and can give a delicious and crispy texture. 

5. Baking

Baking can range from loaves of bread and rolls to cakes, cookies, and pies. It can provide the foundation for meals, snacks, and even desserts.

Knowing the fundamentals of baking is the key to creating all sorts of recipes, regardless of their complexity. Temperature, time, and consistency are all important factors when baking. Understanding each is the first step to executing the perfect dish.

Master These Cooking Techniques Now

Cooking is part of life and is essential to surviving. With basic cooking techniques, you can master any recipe and cook like a pro. These cooking tips will unlock new boundaries, allowing you to become a true chef.

Start honing your craft by mastering the fundamentals of cooking. Try it today. We promise you won’t regret it!

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