Why You Need To Consider Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Before Your Wedding

Dry Cleaning

The most valued memory of your wedding day is your wedding dress. It turned you into a princess as you took your first steps down the hall, and it looks stunning in your wedding day pictures. You’ve come to the right place if something that happened recently has you wondering whether you should have your wedding dress dry cleaning professionally before the big day. We’ll go over situations where a bride would consider cleaning her Dress before the big day, her options, and what to expect along the journey. Let’s get going! 

Why should you consider wedding dress dry cleaning?

A couple planning their wedding might need to consider extending their wedding day and finally have their dress professionally dry-cleaned before their wedding day because the current year is 2023. Let’s go over a couple of common reasons before we get to the most obvious one. 

  • If You Found Great Offers

If you are beginning to plan your wedding, you know there is still a long way to go until the big day. The period between becoming engaged and the wedding day can last up to a whole year and a half for many women! Even while it might not seem like much time in the grand scheme of things, this is a considerable amount of time in the life of delicate fabrics. A wedding dress’ fragile, organic fibres can start to discolour and fade in as little as 6–8 months. 

Consider having your wedding dress professionally cleaned before your big day if you find a stunning wedding dress at an affordable rate soon after getting engaged. We advise performing the “paper towel test,” which involves placing a freshly torn piece of paper towel on the bodice of your wedding dress to check if the shine has slightly waned. It is ideal for this test in a room with lots of natural light. Consider cleaning your wedding dress professionally dry if it has changed from shining white to having an understated (or worse) yellow colour. 

  • The Wedding Dress Wasn’t Purchased at a Local Boutique

A bride might not have bought her wedding gown from a shop for many reasons. These can be wearing a wedding dress previously worn by a mother or grandmother out of respect for family, renting a designer wedding gown from an online retailer, or even buying a wedding dress from another bride. Whatever the origin of your wedding gown, you should get a professional dry cleaning service at your wedding to bring it back to its old glory and to get rid of any stains hidden in plain sight. 

  • If Your Wedding Dress Has a Stain

Imagine seeing a stain on your wedding dress through the plastic dry-cleaning storage bag a few weeks before your wedding. We’d panic as well! Don’t panic, though; you still have lots of time to have your wedding dress cleaned by a professional before the big day. Where did it come from? Most pre-wedding day stains happen at the boutique, sometimes without the bride’s knowledge. It can be dust from the store’s carpet, oil from your hands, or even sweat from when you had the first fitting. Improper dress storage in the weeks leading up to your wedding is another common issue. 

Over the years, Hello Laundry had helped brides with more challenging scenarios, including those caused by natural disasters like floods or smoke damage, and a case in which a little child in the home decided to play dress-up with a wedding gown when mum wasn’t at home. We can restore your wedding dress to its former elegance, no matter what is causing it to look a little less than perfect before your big day. 


It can be scary to take your wedding dress to the same dry cleaner where your father has been taking his clothes for work for the past 40 years. After all, unlike that 100% cotton shirt the dry cleaner is used to working with, your dress was painstakingly made from a selection of the most delicate fabrics available in any textile. Before sending your stunning wedding dress to the dry cleaner for laundry cleaning, make sure that you collect references, before and after photos, and ask the correct questions.