Why does your company need Nimonik legal compliance software?


Every organization has binding compliance obligations, and in many cases, they can number in the hundreds. They cover a wide range of items from standards, commitments regarding contractual agreements and performance, regulators, and much more. Unfortunately, most start-up organizations or companies do not pay close attention to each of them, so in many cases, they may be surprised by the unpleasant consequences that arise.

In this regard, they (the companies) need an AUTOMATIC solution that allows them to be reminded whenever they break the rules. The automatic solution in question is of course in the form of a program embodied in what is called legal compliance software. Legal compliance software is one of a handful of software that must be owned by every competing company in this modern industrial era.

Nimonik inc. provides legal compliance software equipped with legal compliance audit solutions, each of which can be adapted to regulations and standards that apply to certain areas/countries. The legal compliance software is designed so that it is central to all applicable laws, codes, regulations, and industry standards. Basically, what Nimonik provides is an integrated compliance program that is easy to adjust in line with real needs in the industry field.

Why Nimonic?

Nimonik is an EHSQ software development company specializing in integrated compliance solutions, and environmental health & safety. What makes Nimonik stand out among similar companies is that it offers quite comprehensive data. This certainly makes it easier for every company that uses Nimonik legal compliance software. Nimonik is 100 percent dedicated to providing compliance management software, which differentiates it from other software development companies. He has quite a lot of experience because since more than 16 years ago this company has developed compliance management systems for various companies and organizations around the world.

The big brands working with Nimonik

A company can be judged by its reputation from the profile of its clients. So far Nimonik has worked with big brands such as Adidas, Boeing, Caterpillar, Coca-Cola, and many other market-leading brands. This certainly proves why this company is so trustworthy. With more than 400 jurisdictions, 400 thousand regulations, and 40 thousand industry standards, there is no doubt that any company or organization leader cannot find a compliance management system as complete as that provided by Nimonik.


With Nimonik legal compliance software, every company can:

– Supervise and manage any obligations set by external parties.

– Supervise and manage every internal obligation that comes from permits, contracts, and procedures that will be, are being, and have been carried out.

– Keep track of changing industry regulations and standards. Please note, every few years there is generally an update of industry standards in a country, and thanks to Nimonik, user companies can track those changes so they don’t fall into the trap of failing to keep up with new standards or obligations.

– Plan any actions that do not violate both internal and external obligations.

– Access over 2000 free checklists.

– Perform offline audits on mobile devices. This is very useful if the user is not covered by the Internet network.

– Create audit reports that can predict trends and even identify “problems that are undermining the company.”

A proactive and effective compliance management system is very beneficial for every company in navigating modern industrial competition. The system can prevent the company from unpleasant consequences, which in turn will lead to an increase in the company’s operational efficiency. For your information, countless companies have collapsed due to problems related to their failure to comply with obligations, both external and internal. Using a compliance management system created by Nimonik can prevent your company from such classic problems.