Who is Archie Heaton? Everything about his life

Archie Heaton

Let me describe something about Archie Heaton and his life today!

After the launch of the Netflix series Stranger Things season, Archie Heaton gets the latest focus on social media. People excitedly took an interest in knowing more about him and his life. In reality, Archie Heaton is the son of Charlie Heaton, who played the role of Jonathan Byers in the Netflix Stranger Things season.

So let us explore more about Archie Heaton and his life in this article and read this article till the end to know about everything about Archie Heaton.

About Archie Heaton:

Archie Heaton is the son of Charlie Heaton and Heaton’s ex, Akiko keeps Matsuura, a Japanese drummer known by the name Keep.

Akiko Matsuura spent her first 18 years of life in Osaka, Japan. She worked in many rock bands in the UK. Matsuura played drums with the big pink and had a side project called sperm javelin.

Archie Heaton was born in England. His birth date is 19 May 2014. His birth star is Taurus. His parents are Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura.

Archie Heaton is eight years old, was born in the UK, and held British citizenship. Archie Heaton has lived with his mother, Akiko Matsuura, since his parents divorced. When Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura divorced, Akiko got the guardianship of Archie Heaton, and it comes to guardianship. Moreover, there are no further limitations for him. Archie Heaton has the right to meet his father, Charlie Heaton, whenever he wants to meet. Charlie Heaton visits his son occasionally and attempts to give time to him and spend time with him.

Before popularity

Archie Heaton’s parents, Charlie and Akiko, were a part of a band called Comanche, and they met at the big pink while attending the art school in London. They met and got attached during their time together as a part of the band.

Age and citizenship

Archie Heaton holds British nationality, and Archie Heaton is 8 years old. He is a Japanese drummer and performer born in England, so he contains British society. He is half Japanese from his mother’s side.

Archie Heaton’s personal life

As we described before in the above article, Archie Heaton is the son of Charlie Heaton. Father of Archie Heaton grew to stardom after he played the role of Jonathan Byers in the Netflix series Stranger things.

Charlie Heaton lives in Los Angeles due to his acting career. Before making fame as an artist, Charlie Heaton received a position as a musician and drummer. As we all admit how, many followers look at the bias’s personal life of English creators and performers throughout the whole world. And English creators and performers have hundreds of thousands of followers.

And now the major issue of Charlie Heaton is that he is losing his and his son Archie Heaton’s privacy, Charlie Heaton, has been boosting his son out of the common perception.

Most of Charlie’s fans and followers were not aware of this reality till before 2017; few people knew about Charlie’s parenthood and his son. From when the followers of Charlie Heaton realized the truth, they always took an interest in knowing about Archie’s mother. Who are Archie Heaton’s mother and Charlie’s wife? Let us tell you the whole truth.

The toddler is now performing lessons in addition to his training in primary school. Archie is the only son of his parents. He takes part in sports activities and is a fun-friendly baby. He also plays soccer and basketball.

Mother of Archie Heaton

Akiko Matsuura is the mother of Archie Heaton. She is so famous worldwide for her second name, Akiko Keex Matsuura. She is 42 years old and lives in London with her son Archie Heaton. She is famous for being the ex-wife of well-known actor and drummer Charlie Heaton. She is an actress and a Japanese drummer and plays in various bands. She is so popular for her stage antics. She does many pieces of stuff on stage. She is a lead vocalist of the Comanechi band and a very talented artist.

She is working hard for her son’s responsibility and her dreams to release her single. She is a very responsible, hard-working, and personal lady; most of us do not recognize many main points about her private lifestyle, like her parent’s name or her training center. She is a perfect singer too.

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Archie Heaton’s Parents divorced shortly after his birth!

According to the colleague who worked with Charlie and Matsuura, “Both were teenagers when they first met each other. They both work for the band Comaneci. Soon as they became parents, they could not keep their relationship going, so they separated.”

Another source said that although it’s been years since their divorce, they have not discussed their romance or why they broke up. The reason for the break up is pretty nonpublic and in between them. No one is aware of the real reason for their breakup. But there is also the fact that they separated due to the age difference.

Archie Heaton’s net worth:

Archie Heaton is one of the rich-born kids. Thanks to his famous parents, Archie Heaton has a net worth of around $1.5 million.

Net worth: $1.5 million
Salary: under review
Income source: family members
Cars: no car now


Akiko matsuura is the mother of Archie Heaton. She is 42 years old and lives in London. The whole world also knows her by her second title, Akiko keeps Matsuura. She is a famous actress and drummer.

Archie Heaton is the only son of Charlie Heaton.

Charlie Heaton later began dating his stranger things co-star, Nataliya dyer.