What Are the Main Causes of Divorce?

causes of divorce

No one ever sees it coming. Suddenly, one day, the unthinkable happens – the marriage that used to be full of joy and love has come crashing down.

People ask, ‘What happened?’ The answer is often that the strain of irreconcilable differences has caused the couple to end their union.

What are the main causes of divorce? We’ll investigate this heartbreaking scenario to bring you closer to an answer.


Infidelity is one of the main causes of divorce. Whether it is an emotional or physical affair, neither is more appropriate or acceptable. A break in trust can cause feelings of betrayal, uncertainty, and isolation while potentially driving a wedge in the relationship.

The emotional turmoil can lead to mental exhaustion, increasing the chances of developing resentment within the neglected partner and leading to the ultimate end of the relationship. Additionally, research indicates that couples who experience infidelity fail to rebuild the relationship to a level of trust even before the incident.

In most cases, the lack of trust is the tangible barrier blocking a successful marriage, leading to divorce. When this happens, children are mostly affected. Parents will agree on the child support calendar for custody.

Communication Breakdown

Poor communication can result in a lack of empathy and understanding between spouses. Suppose one party is unwilling to open up and express themselves or cannot effectively convey their feelings and needs. In that case, it is likely to lead to frustration which can lead to arguments or even resentment.

Communication that is not balanced or involves one person dominating the other will also create a rift. Poor communication can also lead to issues such as one partner feeling unsatisfied or unheard, leading to feelings of dissatisfaction and disconnection.

Financial Problems

Money issues can create an atmosphere of conflict and secrecy, which often leads to marital divorce. Financial problems are often caused by unemployment, poor financial planning, overspending, unwise investments, hidden debt, and gambling. Without proper financial planning and budgeting, couples are more likely to experience increased costs, decreased income, and debt.

In addition, money can be a source of control and power struggles when couples don’t have equal roles in managing their finances. When one partner is controlling or secretive about their financial decisions and behavior, it can lead to arguments and tension.

For couples in marriage counseling, financial problems are often at the root of the problem. Couples must create a shared vision for the future and work together to plan a financial strategy and budget to prevent financial issues from tearing them apart.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence creates an unsafe and hostile environment in the home, which can lead to emotional distress and physical harm. In extreme cases, domestic violence can even lead to death. It is important to understand that domestic violence does not only include physical abuse but also emotional, sexual, and financial abuse as well.

When spouses feel unsafe in their relationship, trust is lost, and it becomes harder to stay together. Moreover, when violence is present in a relationship, it damages the psychological well-being of each spouse, making it harder to have loving feelings or trust the other person.

Causes of Divorce Explained

Overall, there can be many causes for divorce. Whether it be a lack of communication, financial troubles, violence, infidelity, or simply incompatibility, it is important to address these issues before they become too serious.

If marriage issues become too much to bear, it is necessary to seek professional help to reach a successful resolution. It is never too late to save your marriage!

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