The Importance of eLearning and Why the UNG D2L is a Revolutionary Form of It

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E-learning is booming, and vocational training is high on the government’s priority list, particularly for job searchers. A few hours of training in an eLearning program like UNG D2L can help you shift jobs, get a job contract, or even advance your integration.

In today’s business world, where the digital age is continually expanding, continuing education also helps maintain knowledge and abilities up to date.

Why Online Training is a great option for Your Career?

Technical abilities are becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Because technology changes so quickly, skill development is becoming increasingly vital for job retention. Nowadays, in the workplace, using and strengthening your professional abilities is both a necessity and a competitive advantage.

Similarly, an increasing number of people are deciding to pivot their careers and diversify their abilities. It is a method of gaining new abilities while also gaining access to professional development.

Self-paced learning through digital learning

There are numerous online training options with various training tracks, including continuous professional training (initial training), in-company training, and short courses… allowing everyone to receive training!

The biggest advantage of online training is that you may learn at your own pace and according to your own schedule. There is no face-to-face interaction. The E-commerce training program, for example, makes everything available to everyone with an internet connection. Distance learning is the way of the future!

eLearning helps stay relevant in a rapidly changing world

The rate at which the world is changing makes conservation a significant challenge. Textbooks soon become outmoded, resulting in enormous costs for schools, students, and businesses. This is detrimental to skill development.

Students are taught knowledge that is already out of date. The material of an eLearning course can be readily and quickly changed in real-time. This is especially helpful for job seekers who need to move rapidly through the job search process.

Instead of having to update and publish costly and ecologically unfriendly guides when new information and technology developments become available, content may simply be added or updated.


One of the many eLearning programs on the “market” is extremely popular in the United States. The UNG D2L eLearning advances because it assures learners can traverse their course more effectively than previously. They will also learn how to use various tools to aid in teaching and learning activities. All tutorials regarding it can be found on the UNG D2L eLearning webpage.

How to participate in UNG D2L eLearning?

First and foremost, you should go to the UNG D2L eLearning homepage because it contains all of the relevant material. There is a link to register on your own. It is located on the right side of the site. You can find not just registration links but also video tutorials and eLearning resources. If you are having problems “dealing with them,” please contact Deti at deti(at)

All courses that are currently available are listed under “My Courses.” If you can’t identify a certain course, click “view all courses.” The course you seek (as long as it is offered by UNG D2L) will undoubtedly be available. Course-specific instructions can be found under “Finding and Pinning Courses.”

Some tips and tricks from the Online Student Success Team

The Online Student Success Team has supplied some helpful hints and tricks that any student might employ. Detailed information about them can be found on our Getting Started with eLearning(at)UNG web page. If you are still having problems, the best solution is to contact deti(at)

1. UNG D2L eLearning helps those who are not very computer literate

There is no need to be concerned about a lack of computer skills because every student has access to technology tutorials prepared by the Goodwill Community Foundation. This is a tutorial package that instructs the usage of the internet and its supporting resources such as Microsoft Office, basic programming knowledge, and so on.

2. There is free online tutoring 24/7

Every student can easily access free online tutoring 24/7 through Smarthinking. Smart thinking can be accessed directly through the D2L UNG course (online) and also at GoVIEW (for those who are studying in eCore classes).

IT Services Media

IT Service Media is provided by the manager for each student who has difficulty in the:

  • UNG password reset.
  • Access to portal software.
  • Two Factor Duo (2FA) authentications.

In the meanwhile, the IT UNG Service Desk is available for additional support beyond the three listed above. Help is available via email (helpdesk(at) and phone (706.864.1922).

Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor aids in quiz lockdown.

This is a browser designed specifically for locking environments. The environment lock in question is the environment lock used during quizzes to prevent third-party meddling and cheating. This is a browser with cutting-edge AI technologies.

3. Very sophisticated smart thinking

This is, once again, a free online tutoring program. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. In other words, every student enrolled in the UNG D2L course can access it at any time. Math, Business, Writing, and Spanish, the second most widely spoken language in the United States, are all supported courses.

4. Platform with a Top Hat

This is a type of learning platform that encourages students to participate by taking quizzes, voting in polls, sharing ideas, and doing other things that promote two-way communication while learning.

5. Turnitin as a plagiarism prevention tool

This is a sophisticated plagiarism detection mechanism. Turnitin will be integrated into each instructor’s teaching activity.

6. Blackboard Ally as an alternative format

Finally, Blackboard Ally is the greatest option for any student who needs alternative access to all of the content given by UNG D2L.

According to some of the descriptions above, UNG D2L is a revolutionary form of eLearning that covers many aspects of online learning, makes it easy for every student, and eliminates cheating at the same time.

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