The Benefits of an Optimized Point of Purchase Display for Your Business


Most marketing efforts aim to help prospective buyers understand solutions to their problems, evaluate products and service options, and decide to purchase. But point of purchase (POP) marketing does things a little differently.

POS displays can increase sales while feeling like a benefit for shoppers through added value, information, and deals.

Increased Sales

Whether a floor-to-ceiling display with pre-filled balloons in the birthday card aisle or do-it-yourself cake decorations in the baking aisle, a well-optimized point of purchase display effectively increases sales by promoting an impulse buy that can be added to a cart. Research shows that products with displays outperform regular-priced items without signs by 19%.

POP Displays are effective at increasing sales because they communicate the unique value of your product on a larger scale than can fit on a small label or box. They also allow you to include key selling points, news, and information to entice buyers.

In addition to generating increased product sales, point-of-purchase marketing is cost-effective. Using a POS system with reporting features, you can analyze and adapt messages from your more expensive advertising campaigns for use on a point-of-purchase display to cut costs.

Increased Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a more in-depth process than just customer satisfaction (CX). Working on your CE is about fostering a relationship with your customers that goes beyond what they can experience with you at your store or through your online content and marketing.

Point-of-purchase displays are important in this process because they allow you to engage with consumers in various ways throughout their shopping experience. They serve as valuable marketing tools that help educate consumers about the products they’re purchasing — whether they already knew about the product or were learning for the first time — and then influence their buying decisions by offering coupons, discounts, or other promotions.

They’re also an excellent way to convert shoppers into brand evangelists by making them feel connected and valued, which only happens when a business truly cares about its customers. This is why an optimized POP display is necessary for any business that wants to keep its customers happy and loyal.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

When a brand focuses on Customer Satisfaction, it often increases sales. This is because satisfied customers are loyal to the brand and spend more on it by buying repeat orders or upsells. Additionally, they promote the brand to their friends and family.

POP displays are also effective at catching customers’ attention in a store. They help shoppers understand the unique qualities of a product or brand compared to its competitors. This helps persuade impulsive buyers to purchase the item in addition to educating them on the benefits of purchasing it.

These marketing tools are also less expensive than traditional advertising campaigns. Moreover, they are highly customizable, helping brands to differentiate themselves from the competition. They can be temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent, ranging from large aisle displays to smaller countertop displays. Some POP display types are even robotic and have sensors that detect movement when a shopper approaches them. This allows them to move the product into the shopper’s view while a voice recording explains its benefits.

Increased Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is your product or service’s level of recognition amongst your target audience. A high level of recognition leads to increased customer loyalty, generating more sales.

Branding your product with a unique voice that resonates with your target audience is key to building brand awareness. Your voice can be funny, witty, sentimental, or whatever best suits your brand personality and values. Working with thought leaders in your industry to promote your brand on social media is another great way to increase exposure and build a loyal following.

Using POP marketing displays to promote your products in retail stores is an effective and relatively inexpensive marketing strategy. Ideally, a POP display is located near the checkout area so that customers are exposed to your product as they prepare to purchase. For example, many retailers use countertop units to highlight fast-moving consumables like small toiletry items, beauty products, or snacks. For a more sophisticated solution, some brands offer robotic POP displays programmed to hold specific products and move into a shopper’s view when motion sensors trigger them.

Increased Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty can be one of the most powerful forces a retail business can harness to drive long-term profits. A loyal customer base is likelier to keep purchasing your product and promote it to their friends. The key to fostering loyalty is providing excellent customer service and maintaining consistent product quality.

POP displays can help you achieve both of those goals. Promoting your products with eye-catching, unique media can make your brand stand out in the crowded retail.

Free-standing point-of-purchase displays can be highly effective for adding on impulsive purchases or converting non-purchasers into brand advocates. These displays can be shaped to mimic the product packaging and are often used to offer discounts or promotions. Sephora, for instance, stocks travel- and sample-sized products in their POS displays to encourage customers to buy additional items that they can easily justify as “add-ons” to their regular purchases. These displays are also an effective way to advertise special limited-time offers. Whether displaying a new product in the sweater aisle or offering a 2-for-1 deal on a jar of canned tomatoes, a well-placed point-of-purchase display can boost your sales and create loyal customers.