School zone violations

School Zone

There are some special laws related to the safety and security protection of our kids in school and the surroundings of the school zone. These rules and regulations are subject to change without any message or notice by the legislature. This is a short guide to give information about the few common crimes that took place around the school zone and in schools.

Following are some basic laws about school zone, which we discuss in short detail for you:

  • High Speed in the school zone
  • Routine of using cell phones
  • Pass by school bus
  • Flashing lights of school zone

High Speed in a school zone

A high-speed reference in a school zone is generally a significantly higher charge of fine than a speeding reference issued in the surroundings of a school zone. In these zones, the amount of both acceptable costs and court expenses are very high. The fine schedule, per law, is 1 mph to 9 mph over the limit: $50 (no warnings are issued for school zone violations in Florida) and 10 mph to 14 mph over the limit: $200. 25 mph to 19 mph over the limit: $300.

But you can still fulfill the driver’s safety course and deferred temperament for dismissal of your reference. A general school zone speed limit in most US states is between 15 mph and 25 mph (25 and 40 km/h) unless otherwise posted. Many times, school zone signs have the “When children are present” notice.

Routine of using cell phones

Generally, it is not legal to use your cell phones while driving any vehicle anywhere in the school zone or around the school property. However, the Texas legislature enlarges this law to also involve parking lots or any other school property besides the school zone. The statements that are increased by the Texas legislature are:

You may; anyhow,

  1. Use a hands-free wireless device.
  2. Use your cell phone while your car is set in a parking area or position.
  3. Or use a cell phone to make an emergency call only in an emergency.

Otherwise, you cannot text, talk, or send messages using the non-hands-free device. In addition, while driving, you cannot check your emails or Facebook status on your tablet and mobile phones. Many statements support the fact that distracted driving is a real danger. Using a hand-held cell phone has long been known to cause a great deal of distraction for drivers and the main reason to harm others around them.

Pass by school bus

The legislature session of 2013 increased the minimum fine charges amount for passing a school bus. They were fined up to $500 with separate court expenses for the first time for breaking the law. For a second time offense, the least minimum fine amount has been increased to 1000 dollars with court costs.

If you are charged a fine for this offense, surely contact the court for your total amount of charges (fine and court costs). It is not legal (in all 50 states) to pass a school bus actively loading or unloading passengers. Giving on any side of the school bus can lead to a fine anywhere from $500 to $1250 or more in Texas.

Texas law commands drivers must stop when a school bus extends its stop sign or turns on its flashing red lights. When a school bus is stopped, drivers traveling on any side of the road must come to a complete stop. If the roadway is separated by a physical barrier (like a raised median, for example), drivers do not have to stop for the school bus.

Flashing lights of School zone

School zone flashing lights alert drivers that they will enter a 40 km/h school zone and that they must slow down their speeds. Traveling at 40 km/h reduces the risk of an accident and the severity of a sudden crash if it occurs. The flashing lights also warn the motorcyclist to slow down and look for the children walking to and from the school.

Meanwhile, the flashing lights of the school zone are ruled by the Texas transportation department. The Texas department of transportation (TXDOT) determines where the lights are set, at what time the light turns on and how many times it will be, and at what and when the lights are turned off. Most recently, the information we had for the school zone times is given below; anyhow, be careful that these times are subject to change at any time without any notification from the authority.

Timings of the school zone are different for each level of school:

Elementary School

7:20 am – 8:10 am
3:00 pm – 3:35 pm

Middle School

7:25 am – 8:15 am
3:20 pm – 3:55 pm

High School

7:25 am – 8:15 am
3:39 pm – 4:14 pm

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