Rapid guide: how to get your receiptify receipt


Receiptify is an app hosted by Heroku app which scans your Spotify playlists and most listened-to tracks to produce a shop-style receipt graphic. It is a website that gives you an insight into your music streaming habits, allowing you to have a look at what your top streamed songs are from three different periods- all time, the earlier six months, and the earlier Month.

It is the app that helps you explore what music, albums, and artist you play the most on your favourite platforms like apple music, Spotify, or last. FM. the most special feature of this app is it displays your top artist and, songs, albums in shopping receipts, ranking your top 10. It is the best fun tool to get to know all your music tastes.

Receiptify for Spotify users

Spotify is the most famous streaming service. You can steam and download artists’ music from all countries with a low-cost payment. It would help if you had a premium or free Spotify account for receiptify to get data. Nowadays, it is easiest to get a Spotify account, and it even offers premium service for free for the first three months. Still, If you do not have a Spotify account, it is also available on other platforms, such as last. Fm and apple music.

receiptify for apple music users

Receiptify has some limits for apple music users to get your receiptify receipt since apple music users only share your top albums in a fixed time. You do not get to choose top artists or songs or set up your ranking time. The app’s founder, Michelle Liu, explained how apple participated in its users’ data and the receiptify group could not do anything about it. But all is positive there. Still, you can get the receipt as long as you stream music on apple music. As compared to the Spotify, apple music is more recommended due to its high-quality audio.

Recently, apple music just started to give users spatial audio with Dolby Atmos music, which is high-quality music you may find in movie cinemas. It also provides subscribers a one-month free trial until it charges a subscription charge.

receiptify for last. FM

Distinctive from the other two streaming platforms, last.FM tracks your offline music player, similar to iTunes and windows media players. You can connect to the internet only sometimes to get tracked. Years ago, it was very famous among the music addict community before streaming boomed. Last. FM keeps the history of your music playing by every day, Month, and anytime.

How to use receiptify

By following the 6 easy steps below, you will get your receiptify receipt.

  1. Firstly, to use receiptify, go to their main page: https://receiptify.herokuapp.com\
  2. And then, choose your service: whether it is Spotify or last.FM, or apple music
  3. Then, log in to your account
  4. Select your ranking and time
  5. And then, get your receiptify receipt
  6. Lastly, download and share your receipt

How to share your receipts?

Most of the users that have been using the receiptify site have shared their receipts on social media platforms. For sharing your receipts, scroll to the bottom of the receipt on their website, and you will see a button that says ‘get the image.’ Press that button, and it will automatically download onto whatever device you use and share it on social media.


The wait is over! With receiptify, you can easily access your top tracks any time, whenever you want. But Commonly before receiptify, at the year’s end, Spotify and apple music will provide users with their top tracks of the year. Visit our website daily for more entertaining news, updates, and useful hacks. Thank you!