What does R NBA mean?


Congratulations! If you are a Redditor and you like master basketball you might be an R NBA.

An R NBA is an excellent statement of the Redditors who follow the NBA. If you are looking for the best techniques to watch NBA online then you should go and check out this complete article which enlists all the best sports game streaming sites that provides a live stream of NBA games and high spots.

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In simple terms, an R NBA is a Redditor who is an NBA follower. This term can also be used for other Redditor subreddits and their followers.

The word “R NBA” was originally used by the subreddit
/r/NBA, created by user stoner Churchnut in march of 2013. the first post on this subreddit was named“don’t watch games.” about how nothing in their perfect brain would want to watch any basketball game till they had no choice but to do so(as it was not worth watching).


REDDIT R NBA frequently refers to users of the subreddit /r/nba. The names arrived from the fact that numerous people relate to this community as their “R” group or their favorite team group if they are avid followers. The term also shows how deep it goes concerning knowledge and resources available on Reddit.

The subreddit has been around for nearly ten years and it was started in 2008. It has over 500000 subscribers from all over the world including America and Canada. It makes sense because so many countries are present in this group, bringing something unique to the table when it comes time to Discuss topics related to basketball like trades and free agency.

You can find other R NBAs on r NBA and the subreddit’s Discord server

You can find different R NBAs on /r/NBA and the subreddit’s discord server. Discord is a voice and text chat converse app that’s like a forum but with voice and text messages. It’s for drooling about basketball, but it’s also best for concerning sports game results and trades.

R NBA can also refer to other R* subreddits and followers.

R NBA is also related to other R* SUBREDDIT and followers. For illustration, if you are an area Houston Rockets addict you might say you’re “an(R) NBA addict.”
You could also use this expression as an adjective “I am going to r/nba again.

A Redditor who is both an NFL and an NBA addict might refer to themselves as an R NFL, R NBA, or both.

You might relate to yourself as an R NBA if you are an NFL addict but also a basketball fan. However, you could call yourself an RMLB, if you’re an NBA addict and a basketball addict(like me).
The only difference between these terms is their origin: the first one comes from Reddit’s r/nfl community and refers to those who are fans of both the NFL and NBA—the ultimate being more current among sports fans than the former.

Someone who frequents the forums for both games might say, “I’m getting a lot of hate in r/nhl and r/nba.”

The forums for NBA and NHL are very different. However, they’re just game communities where people partake in their opinions on the games and ask questions about them if you are strange to them. You can find a lot of information in these groups. Still, they also have some detractors who will attack anyone who posts anything they don’t agree with or dislike their opinion on particular content.

As far as I know (and please correct me if I’m wrong), there’s no rule against someone posting in both forums at once; however, if you’re going to post in both communities at once, you must know what kind of topic is allowed in each community so that your posts don’t violate any rules and laws or get deleted by admin.

Reddit is a social news website where people can partake and are concerned with colorful motifs about sports. The best method to get started is to visit reddit.com and browse for a minute. You will find a subreddit related enough to the topic you are thinking of, from politics(r/politics) to sports(r/nba) and food(r/food).

Both terms can also be used outside of the environment, just like if someone is talking about Reddit and says,” oh I know the r/nba jack.” It means they know someone who knows and is interested in the NBA forum on Reddit.
The term R NBA and R*NBA are not only limited to just about the Subreddit of the same name. However, that can also be used interchangeably with its more well-known counterpart, if further subreddit has an analogous name (r/R NBA). For illustration “I saw this great video clip about how to make hot cakes as opposed to viewing them online or cooking them at home kitchen-well it’s great to not say a word at all!

An R NBA is just a person on Reddit who likes the professional basketball league known as the National Basketball Association (NBA).

An R NBA is just an individual on Reddit who likes the professional basketball league known as the national basketball association. It’s an abbreviation for “Reddit NBA” which refers to the users of Reddit /r/NBA and those who affect their discord server.

The name comes from users ‘use of this term, which began in /r/NBA when they’d describe themselves as “raptors” or “redskin”. Currently, it’s common for people to be called “raptors” or “gentlemen” by other users online-but only if you are being sarcastic.

How can I watch R NBA for free?

The NBA is a league that has a lot of exciting sports and games. Every year it has some great and boring games. So, where can I watch NBA live streams?

Moreover, if you are looking to watch NBA live streaming on your computer and laptops, then your best bet would be to go to Reddit R NBAstreams.com/ all NBA NCAA games are live streamed free of cost on NBA streams.

You can also enjoy NBA live streams by using a VPN if you want to watch all the games from any area in the world.


A Redditor might relate himself to RNFL and R NBA or both if he is a follower of both NFL and NBA. Someone who frequents the forums for both games might say, “I am getting a lot of hate in both r/nhl and r/nba.” On Reddit you will say, “I am going to upload this in r/soccer” or “I am going to upload this in r NBA” etc., which means that they are going to make a new post on one of those forums to start a concern related to a particular thing.