Make a meme and earn money through these 10 effective ways

Make a meme

People say memes are a waste of time, but they also waste their time watching memes on social media. People say you cannot make money with memes, but when you create a meme, Facebook makes billions. Although there are several other ways, you can make a meme and earn through them.


Here we will explain every method in detail and gives you the best examples of people or brands doing the same.

How to earn money when you make a meme?

You already know how to make a meme and why memes work. We are not here to justify to you that, but what is more important is the business aspect.

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How can you start your meme business:

you can capitalize on different business models, including but not confined to selling meme products, starting a meme marketing agency or a meme platform, or just making a meme for brands.

How you can sell memes:

the disaster girl meme sold for $500,000, and the bad luck brian meme sold for $36000. Suppose you are good at creating original memes. You can also sell your memes.

Moreover, we are not saying the meme business is too easy; it is not. It needs your time, struggle and creativity, etc. Therefore, before getting into the meme business, You must ask yourself, “Am I committed to making memes?”

Meme as a product business model

Actual Speaking, memes sell – not just on social media, but on Amazon too.

Clients purchase meme t-shirts, mugs, and mobile Covers and even pay for books, courses, trends, and whatnot. These clients include consumers and businesses just like (Businesses love to be a part of the trend as well)

Technically, you can divide meme products into two different types;

  • Physical meme product
  • Digital meme products

Physical meme products

You can start an e-commerce brand or a completely develops e-commerce store to sell meme products like covers, t-shirts, mugs, etc. You can also sell these meme products directly on your sites or through a third-party marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

But be careful; – you can’t sell copyright stuff. While memes come under fair use of the copyright law (they can’t ask you about posting memes on Facebook), the copyright owner can ask about making money out of meme Merch. Although there is a side step (but not legal advice)

  1. You can sell products that create a parody of original memes,
  2. Find the memes that are not copyrighted
  3. Search meme templates that can’t be copyrighted
  4. Create your meme with your original format.

Best examples of the most famous e-commerce brands that sell meme products are spreadsheet, tinder, zoom, etc.

Digital meme products

Meme earning is not limited only to physical products. You can also create digital meme products like eBooks and courses. Digital meme products are well-known among online users and can earn you good money.


popularity and meme marketing are topics of interest people pay to get insights into their posts and the web. You can do a course on websites like Udemy, skillshare, etc., or start your course web store to sell your courses.


if you promise, click on the meme industry and offer the information, trends, insights, or guidance in the book type. There is a market that is ready to pay for it.

Memes as a service business model

If you are too good at making memes templates and original meme formats but don’t want to start your own meme product business, you can also sell your memes as a service. You must make a meme for the customer and charge them for the service. The best is you can start a meme marketing agency and become a Freelancer who creates a meme for clients.

Here is another option for the business that you can start is:

Meme design monetization

You need to give the designs to the products brands and end when your designed product sells. Different print-on-demand websites, like Redbubble, Zazzle, spring, etc., are there that accept new designers and are ready to help you build your store and sell on social media and other online platforms.

Meme account monetization

If you have a social media account profile with good followers, you are already an influencer who enlarges your followership in various ways. You can Monetise by selling something to your followers or by promoting other Accounts and products of different brands on your channel. For selling, you can direct them to several websites using social media properties or by directly putting the link in your captions and stories. Given below are some ways to meme account monetization

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Merchandise sales
  • Courses
  • Sponsored posts

Meme content monetization

While meme account monetization requires thousands of followers, you don’t need the same to monetize your meme content. All you need is good-quality content and music knowledge of search engine optimization and social media optimization.
Sources of meme content monetization

  • Youtube
  • IGTV
  • Facebook

Join a platform that pays for memes

There do exist platforms that pay you for just making memes for them. Some famous platforms are Meme Chat and Picture Punches. However, while you can depend on such platforms for extra pocket money, you can’t make a lot of money using such platforms for now.

Sell your original memes as NFTs (nonfungible tokens)

NFTs or Nonfungible tokens are initial works that can’t be exchanged. These are famous formats, text boxes, videos, audio, or anything digital that has value.
NFTs operate on the blockchain, and memes are also their part. Doge was once a meme. The NFT was sold for $4 million in June 2021.
So, if you’re an original meme content maker, you can sell your memes as NFT if they get popular or start a trend.


People love memes and are very cheap to make a meme. You need a pc Microsoft word, and you can start earning money through these little jokes in less than 15 minutes. Furthermore, if you learn to make a meme Properly, you can create other things with more commercial value. So don’t wait and go for that. Get creative and sell them. And you will be surprised how good it works!
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