Know Real-Time Weather and Weather Forecasts using Gismeteo


Gismeteo is a weather extension for Google Chrome that helps to know real-time weather information and weather forecasts globally. You can easily know about the current temperature, humidity, and wind speed of certain locations.

All you have to do is click on the icon of the extension, and it will show you real-time weather on Chrome Browser. It even shows you the detailed forecast of the weather 24 hours from the current day.

The icon of the extension is very beautiful, and it is easy to use. You can also change themes and even make your own designs. You can add locations, Real-time weather, and weather forecasts on Google Chrome for free.

Key Features of Gismeteo

Here are some key features of Gismeteo:

  1. It helps you know real-time weather.
  2. It helps you add your favorite location to know about its weather conditions.
  3. It helps you view the weather forecast of the present day.
  4. It shows current weather conditions, humidity, wind speed, and temperature.
  5. By using available themes and icons, you can also make your own designs.

How to Use Gismeteo to know real-time weather?

It is super easy to use Gismeteo to know real-time weather. Follow these easy and simple steps to start.

  1. To start, add Gismeteo using the link. You may access it after adding it in the upper-right corner of your Chrome browser.
  2. To view the weather, click on the icon, and the interface will open up on your screen. Here you can see the current temperature, humidity, and wind speed.
  3. The interface’s upper left corner has a button for seeing the current weather. You only need to click on it for current weather information. In the center of its interface, It shows whether the weather is sunny, cloudy, or partly cloudy with beautiful icons.
  4. It shows the weather of the present day at the lower part of the interface. So, you will be aware of the weather condition the day.
  5. If you are interested in the weather condition for three days, seven days, or two weeks, there is also the option of that at the bottom. You just need to click on the preferred option.

How to Add Location, Set design, and adjust settings?

You can easily add your favorite locations and change designs as you like. To do it, you must visit the settings of the extension. You can find a setting icon at the bottom right corner of the interface.

You can also access the setting option by right-clicking on the extension icon. Then click on the options available. When you are finally on the setting page, you will have options to:

  1. Select themes that you like.
  2. Choose any icons that you want.
  3. Search for your favorite places in the search box in the lower left corner to add them. 
  4. Perform different actions and adjust different settings according to your preferences.