How I Find Pleasure In The Most Unexpected Places


Are you looking for a better way to get pleasure? I never thought I’d see myself writing on that topic, but here I am. Pleasure is something we all crave but rarely get enough of it. And when you do get that pleasure, it only feels suitable for a moment or two. So what’s the secret to finding more pleasure in your life?

Find pleasure in learning languages.

It’s not so much that I enjoy learning languages as I enjoy the process of learning them. The feeling of being able to understand something from another culture is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. It’s like the feeling you get when you finally solve a complicated math problem.

Learning a language is about more than just learning vocabulary and grammar rules; it’s about understanding how people think and feel and what it means to be human. When you speak another language, you can feel like an alien among your kind for a moment or two before you realize that everyone else on Earth is just like you – only better at hiding their humanity behind words and symbols.

If there were ever anything worth doing in this world, it would be learning new languages.

Find pleasure in starting to learn something new.

I’ve always been a curious person, and I like to learn new things. Curiosity is one of the most valuable traits you can have. It’s much better to be curious than to stay ignorant.

I know some people say that curiosity kills the cat, but I think it’s more likely that curiosity keeps the cat alive and well.

When you are curious, you always have something interesting to look out for or do. It’s about finding out what it is and ensuring you do it.

Find pleasure in exploring a place.

I have a very unusual way of finding pleasure in the most unexpected places.
I love to explore a place by walking around and looking at the signs, graffiti, and other things. I always wonder what I will find next.
Sometimes it’s just an attractive building with some interesting graffiti on it. Other times it’s an abandoned building with no one around for miles. Sometimes it’s a beautiful piece of art that someone has painted on a wall or fence. Sometimes it’s just a lonely bench where you can sit and think about life or sit and stare at the clouds passing overhead.
It doesn’t matter where you go; as long as you are there doing something different than what everyone else is doing around you at this moment in time, then you will find pleasure in it somewhere along the way.

Find pleasure in having a snack that is just what my body wants.

Eating is a way of connecting with my body. It’s a way of saying, “I’m here.”
I enjoy having a snack that happens to be just what my body wants.
I can’t always predict what my body wants or needs, but I can predict how it feels when it’s hungry, complete, and satisfied.
I can find pleasure in eating because I know that if I eat something that is not right for me, it will feel wrong. But I also know that if what I eat is right for me and I eat it anyway, it will feel right.

Find pleasure in the idea that somehow spring will always come after winter.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship that makes you feel good, then you know what it’s like to be delighted by the idea that somehow spring will always come after winter. That may sound trite, but it’s true.

The idea that there is a better tomorrow than today can make your heart sing with joy and optimism. This powerful emotion drives us forward and makes us want to do more. And when you’re feeling good about something, it’s easy to get excited about it and want everyone else to feel the same way.

When you’re feeling good about something, it’s easy to get excited and want everyone else to feel the same way.”
And that’s why I love spring so much: It promises better days. When winter finally ends, everything we have been waiting for has arrived: The sun comes out; the birds chirp; flowers bloom; trees leaf out; grass grows; trees bud; people smile again; life begins again.


The best way I’ve found to deal with the stress of life is to let go of your expectations. It doesn’t mean you can’t set goals for yourself or that you shouldn’t strive for the things you truly want. It simply means that you have to allow yourself to be satisfied by unexpected pleasures. Surround yourself with the things and people who make you happy. And if a pleasure takes you by surprise, revel in it—don’t run from it. Let it transport you away from the pressures of everyday life, if only for a brief moment. Allow yourself to feel pleasure, even in unexpected places.