How did Squidward die? Tiktok trend explained

how did squidward die

How did Squidward die? Who is Squidward? Are you curious about the trend? Here is everything in this content you need to know about.
Squidward from the American animated series SpongeBob SquarePants has an inner connection with all of us. But immediately, he is being taken too seriously. Many people correlate Spongebob Squarepants with pleasure in their early life and childhood.

Squidward Q tentacles are one of the ten main characters of the American animated series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Although this comedy is identified for its kindheartedness and joy, it also contains some highly relevant topics or episodes.

Meanwhile, various people may recognize the depressed Squidward as a grownup, and most children refer to the free-spirited Spongebob.

Squidward often tries and does the things that many adults wish they could. Squidward has every reason to be depressed.

And his every wish is mostly a result of his ineffective working situations and always a useless effort to find peace and calm everywhere.

A new TikTok craze involving nickelodeon’s fictional character Squidward Q tentacles has started to expand through the app, and it may lightly weird you out. People start to record their reactions in the camera after searching the question ‘how did Squidward die?’ on google.

Moreover, people are shocked after watching a video, and different people are doing this trend to make fun, but instead of making fun, we think it is scary stuff to show in a cartoon.

Let’s learn about all of these facts in deep depth.

What is tiktoks ‘how did squidward die trend?

It has become the latest trend for TikTok makers to record video of their reactions before and just after searching this question on google online, and the question is:

How did Squidward die?

The first search result assumed that in the deleted episode of Spongebob Squarepants, which is titled ‘Squidward suicide,’ also called ‘red mist,’ the creatural octopus character is reported to represent killing himself with a shotgun in his mouth.

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How Did the Phrase ‘How Did Squidward Die’ starts?

It developed from the creepypasta site, which characteristics creepy types of stuff but not pasta. They are, in a nutshell, relative to urban horror stories that have been widely spreading on the internet. The producers make paranormal stories to terrify the viewers, and the stories are often short kind.

The unrecognized user from the 7chan’s/x/ paranormal website is claimed to be posting this traumatic Squidward suicide story. This is so sad to know.
While interning at nickelodeon, the user reminds being asked to view a copy of the episode’ fear of Krabby patty’ with a group of other persons.

Contrary to the title read, ‘Squidward suicide,’ the animators liked to keep working on the project since they thought the episode was a joke.

What is in the video?

Wao, you are so brave, you want to know, so I will tell you because it feels nice to be scared and have others share with you as well. So the given content tells you what happens in the video:

So the episode starts with the title written as Squidward suicide, followed by a pan of Squidward poorly playing his clarinet.

Beyond Squidward’s house, he is shortly disturbed by Spongebob and Patrick giggling. Squidward screamed at them both to keep quiet until he was done practicing for a concert that had unfortunately gone wrong.

However, as the audience hooted at him for his dreadful performance, everyone appeared to have red eyes like when you cried for 2 hours constantly, including SpongeBob and Patrick.

Squidward is shown in his bedroom, shamed and embarrassed, crying with his head on his knee. Although the crying sound did not like Squidward’s, it was more sounds as a horror ghost crying and yelling no idea.

Squidward’s face then gets shown to the camera after a while in this scene. And I am not sure if the person who created the video went insane.

Or if there was a video error at the moment. But the video shot begins moving rapidly, and weird voices start coming from the background.
When the screaming stops, if listen to it properly or not but a deep voice says ‘do it!’ from the background off-screen, and the camera pans out to expose Squidward with a shotgun in his mouth.

And just after the second, Squidward kills himself, and the camera pans out once again to display his body on the screen before the clip ends.

I just want to know whether the individual who shoots this scary video is okay because the video clip exposes that he has some shocking stuff going on in his head.

No, I was not going to stop the article here, but I have to stop, unluckily. No, I am not feeling scared; it’s just that it is 2 am, and sitting alone in the dark room, so please bear with me.

Did you find this disturbing? Oh no, are you the one who made this scary video? Ha ha! Please do let us know in the comment section.

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