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home with keki interior design blogger

Home with keki interior design blogger is one of the most famous interior design bloggers on social media. Those eager about the beauty of their homes and home’s interior design will find this blog helpful. Home with keki interior design blogger shares some honest tips on decorating your home and remodelling your house.

Home staging company, “home with keki interior design blogger” has a strong online presence on social media and well read interior design blog. About ten years ago, keki started her house staging company, but her interior design slowly overtook it. Everyone on this earth deserves to live in a lovely house; there are too many things you can do to enhance the beauty of your home and wait for you and anyone visiting, even if you are looking at your budget.

You may follow social media blogs on home interior design, just like home with keki interior design blogger. Regardless of everything else, cleaning and organizing your home are always the first steps to improving the quality of your home.

Some of the home with keki interior design blogger ideas for decorating home

This article provides some constructive ideas on building a home out of the slim wallet. Follow the home with keki interior design blogger and read the examples that show that style does not have to be expensive. This blog has discussed some of her interior design, paintings, house renovations, and market updates. You can use the tips of home with keki interior design blogger to decorate your home.

Some of the ideas from home with keki interior design blogger for decorating your homes are given below:

Change the shower curtain.

The shower curtain in your bathroom is the most decorative object, sometimes unnoticed ornamental. Begin by watching for a new curtain to hang if the room seems too old.

Plant in a pot

Faux plants are the cheapest and can be used to produce a stylish décor. Find a good choice, and then present it charmingly on a stand or in a customized pot.

Set up sales alerts

If any items you need are too expensive, you can’t buy them because the price is out of your price range. So get them on sale sessions. It is very easy to set up sales alerts on the websites of every brand. As soon as the price drops on that item, you will get notified through email from participating brand stores, like Amazon.

Make an end table on your own

A decaying end table may look brand new with a little paint art and creativity. For example, consider applying gold paint to the corners of the plain black piece. It will give amazing results.

Make wall art out of plates.

If you have any extra crockery that is not in your use, you can use them for some beautiful, stylish wall décor. Place a few plates in a group on the wall for a fast result.

Repaint the kitchen cabinets

Repainting your kitchen cabinets can give one of your home’s busiest areas a quick enhancement, just like painting an accent wall. Just pick up a brush and decide on a colour.

Get a woven basket

Woven baskets are low in cost and are available from any vendor. A woven basket gives a boho look to an area, provides space for different objects, and helps cover the mess.

Become eclectic

Why are broad designs often easy to copy in a variety of settings? When It comes to the newest trends in home decoration, mixing instead of matching is the idea behind this approach. It won’t be essential to purchase a unique side table or a particular shade of green, so shopping for furniture and décor will be more affordable.

Exchange the hardware in your kitchen

Quickly updating your kitchen in a way that won’t break the bank needs just the purchase and installation of some hardware. Explore some sites relevant to the problem to find affordable handles and knobs that may make a difference in the look of your house.

Beautify your entrance

Welcome with the basic console table if your home lacks a vast entrance. If you want an appearance that is both the latest and traditional, select a conventional table and hang unique modern art over it. You can also produce a casual rendition of the gallery wall by leaning different pictures up against the wall.

To the bathroom bring a stool.

Place a stool near the bathtub and make it easier to organize the space, but it will give the place an air of refined elegance.

Place wall sconces

It is too much easy than it sounds to replace some lights with switch-in sconces. Moreover, you will have a more beautiful display that you may customize.

Change the furniture places.

Changing the furniture places is free of cost decorating idea. It simply needs a little effort, energy, and imagination. It gives a fresh vibe when you change the furniture place.

Make a vase from a wine bottle.

After having lunch parties, save some wine bottles and turn them into a beautiful vase. To remove the labels and tags, use some hot water and soap. The remaining slim vase is suitable for making some fragile stems.

Buy various kinds of candles.

Candles are also very affordable and can make a big difference in a room’s mood and environment. Buy some candles with lovely holders. Make your space a new happy place.


There are so many ideas that you can use to increase the beauty of your homes. Discussed above in the blog are some homes with keki interior design blogger ideas that are commonly good nowadays, according to your budget, and affordable. By reading this blog, you will better understand some concepts of home with keki interior design blogger.

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