15 Fully Free Reverse Phone Lookup services with Name

Reverse Phone Lookup

Whenever you constantly receive a call or text message from an unknown caller, you might get so curious about the unknown number, who is there, and why they are calling you.

It becomes easy to find out who called using the free reverse phone lookup services. In the former times, when someone wanted to track a person or phone numbers, they approached the local authorities and went through with the time-consuming reporting process.

Reverse phone lookup services names

In today’s advanced world, you can now use the free reverse phone lookup services we have given in the following; few of them are here that we discuss in this article:

  • Truepeoplesearch – disclose the scammer behind the unknown call number
  • Numlooker – gives you a detailed depth background of personal information about the caller
  • Peoplefinders – get authentic criminal records of anyone quickly.
  • Truth finder
  • Instant Checkmate
  • Spy dialer
  • Spokeo
  • Find people fast
  • People finder free
  • Search people free
  • Us phone books
  • White pages
  • Fats people search
  • Real people search
  • Coco finder

True People Search

One of the fully free-of-cost reverse phone number lookup services is a genuine people search that gives you the best correct information. When you try to get personal information about someone using this free reveres service, it will provide you with complete details about their background history. So you can depend on this service to find someone’s Name from your phone books.

True people search does not require a user to log in to an account to use the following services. You can use all of the benefits of true people search applications to check the background of unknown caller numbers without any formality. It gives you a fast response to every search you make. It is the best free reverse phone lookup service.

It can be helpful when you know the person’s phone number and residential address. Contrary to other app services, this service gives you all the related information according to the search. It obtains data from public and social media records.

Num looker

No more investigation is left, like, “is there a free way to look up a phone number?”. It is a free service to check someone’s Name or other pieces of information. It is the best option as it can give you all the activities of an unknown or known caller.

The consumer report includes the person’s full name, family member, criminal record, email, or other educational records. Using Num Looker you can get a 100% authentic search.

Furthermore, you can use num looker to get rid of many of your problems, just like exploring a person’s real identity to ensure your security. It does not require any sign-up to search for a phone number.

People Finders

People Finder is the most known people-searching database in today’s business world. It is the best reverse phone lookup free service that has served users looking for accurate data from above 6000 data sources. People finder is a prospecting tool to find sales leads and search for people in a massive database of millions of business professionals.

People Finders will help you by providing an individual’s complete background. As a result, people Finders delivers the best information in the minimum time. You can also use the narrow-down option if many results appear on the screen, and you want to narrow down the search according to your requirement.

Truth Finder

Truth finder is one of the reverse phone number lookup apps with publicly available data. Truth Finder’s website can be approached in many other ways as it contains public records that make its database massive.

Truth Finder has an authentic tool that has the property of self-monitoring. A user’s search result is a report with detailed and valuable information about a person. However, it might sometimes show outdated information due to its massive database. Nevertheless, in addition to multiple online reviews, we can confirm that TruthFinder is a legit background check service.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is the best free reverse phone lookup service to find a phone owner’s Name and other valuable details. Instant Checkmate will give you an extensive and detailed report of information. Instant Checkmate is a public records search service that gives you the power to perform online background checks instantly.

The report from the instant Checkmate contains the full name, work history, all residential or email addresses, educational background, criminal record, etc.

The reason that makes this app better than other completely free reverse phone lookups with name services is its customer service. In addition, it can be used with both android and iOS mobile phones.

Spy dialer

Spy Dialer is also a free-to-reverse phone lookup website that collects millions of people’s phone numbers, including VOIP, cell phones, or landline numbers. Spy Dialer is the new fastest, best reverse phone lookup free service available on the web. It is a data broker. Spy Dialer is the totally 100% seriously free reverse phone lookup used by millions of people. No membership is required for it.

This website does searches with the help of email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and landline numbers to provide you with the correct information. Spy Dialer is 100% free for users and better than Google phone number lookup, cell phone trackers, and caller ID.


Spokeo is a free lookup phone number website that lets you know a person better. You have to search for a person by phone number, Name, email address, or residential address. This way, you could know more about your family, old friends or mates.

The billions records of Spokeo contains 130 million property records, 120+ billion social media networks, 600 million court records, 89 billion business records, 6 billion consumer records, etc. Hence, this makes Spokeo search quickly for anything you search. It also updates its data accordingly for better search results.

Find people fast

Find people fast is a free reverse phone lookup with name service that provides you with in-detail information about a person. The resultant information includes an individual’s full name, pictures, property details, email address, criminal records, residential addresses, etc. all the data is also available in online public records.

Using this easy-to-use application, you can quickly get an individual’s information with 100% correctness. Find People Fast verifies the real identity using an advanced system of algorithms.

People finder free

Relying on the proficiency of service, your search for the necessary background of a person could be financial, personal, or professional. In all cases, all you need is an excellent search engine like people finder free. Moreover, you can access billions of public databases using their vast information network with the help of this service.

When you search, the server of People Finder Free will provide you with an easy-to-read report. You can open the information in your web browser or download it. It is entirely free.

Search People Free

You can find all the personal and professional, detailed information of the person by just entering their Name and phone number. It provides even the slightest details like traffic tickets, sex offender data, vital records, arrests records, relatives, and other standard information like Name, age, etc.

It is also entirely free to use. The platform allows you to certainly get hold of information without logging in.

US Phone Book

A free-of-cost phone number lookup service like US Phone Book lets you know the owner of a phone number. All you have to do is, enter the phone number in the required field and get the details according to your need. US Phone Book searches from billions of records on each search and shows the number’s location and all other information.

This service supports all residential, business, cell phones, and landline phone numbers for search.

White runners

It is also a free service. With a large amount of information about a person, we can narrow down the search results to find people quickly. The standard report shows search statistics, scam/fraud ratings, lien records, maiden names, carrier information, etc.

Its database contains over 260 million phone numbers for better search results. In addition, searches that you make are shown publically.

Fast People Search

Fast people search is the most immediate reverse phone number lookup application that provides you with complete background history information with a bit of information. The data available on this website is collected from public profiles, public records, and other third-party sources. Fast People Search offered 100% accurate results.

Real People Search

It is the most demanding free phone number search service to reveal a person’s excellent or lousy background history. Everyone wants to see a loaded report with only some detail about a person. Natural People Search is the best choice for such people as it provides standard information in a statement that is easy to read across every search.

Using Real People Search, you can look into new acquaintances, trace someone from the past, research your details, check online dates, know about neighbors, etc. It gives basic steps everyone can efficiently perform to search for a person.

Coco Finder

Cocofinder is a search engine that offers free reverse phone lookup name services. It is the best-looking search website that provides you with the fastest results about someone’s information.

Using this service, you can quickly look up someone using their cell phone numbers, email addresses, or even residential addresses.

The famous free reverse phone number lookup service gives high accuracy over the information a user is looking for. The resultant data includes a variety of detailed information. Above all, it has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to use and easily understandable.


In this detailed article, we answer a question of a standard user, “is there a way to lookup phone numbers for free?” We have introduced you to the 15 best free phone number lookup services to help you find a person’s background information. All you need to do is, use simple details you know, like a person’s Name, phone number, or address, to find the complete background.

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