Duotrigordle wordle- how do you participate in the Duotrigordle game?


Let us discuss the detailed information about the new puzzle game specially designed for those interested in words. You can also play Duotrigordle wordle and have so much fun. Duotrigordle wordle is a popular game and is gaining momentum around the world.

If you like puzzle games and solving word problems regularly, try this one. This game requires 32 words that you have to guess. It is a very difficult game based on words created using Wordle. It is a more challenging kind of Wordle for real word puzzle lovers.

Here we will give you more information about the latest puzzle game, Duotrigordle wordle.

What is meant by Duotrigordle?

This game is similar to wordle puzzles and is the best way to communicate ideas. It is updated after every thirteen minutes on your devices. It is more different in terms of timeframes in comparison to another wordle. To allow players to play two times a day, the player cannot go on if the trials have been completed. At first, the game had forty attempts, but it is down to only thirty-seven. It is a brand new wordle variant that was created based on octordle and Hexadecordle and some other.

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How do you take part in the Duotrigordle game?

Here are some tips to help you successfully play the Duotrigordle game.

  • Firstly, go to their official website.
  • The player inputs the letter they guess. And it is automatically that the guessed letter is put in the row to form all three remaining words.
  • The colour of the tile is noted to be more prominent during the game.
  • The green colour represents that the letter setup is correctly positioned.
  • The yellow indicates that the letter setup is correct but needs to be in the right position.
  • That colourless box indicates that the letter is not included in the word.
  • For the Duotrigordle Wordle, the same process is used to determine all 32 words by using the colour patterns.

The player concentrated and writes one letter to come up with one word at a time. The colour of the word is shown for all words on the grid. The players must find the 32 words quickly by focusing on the colour of the tiles. Players can also play the game in trial mode before the official game.

Who created the Duotrigordle game first?

Bryan Chen developed the Duotrigordle game. He studied computer science at the university of waterloo. He loves making projects. The game was created when he was thinking of making the players happy. This game is a mixture of many puzzle games played with words. He requested his fans and players on his Kofi account to help finance his project to upgrade it.


After too much research, it was concluded that the Duotrigordle wordle game is a unique kind of word puzzle game the players must solve. The updated puzzle is launched two times a day at different times. If the first puzzle was created at night, the second one was launched at noon.
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Also, you can get more information about the Duotrigordle wordle game at their official website!